Apple-Pumpkin Day!🍎🎃

Hello friends, and welcome back to Room 2’s blog!😃(A note and homemade chocolate pretzels from a student.❤️)

We’ve had a busy few days in Room 2 and have not had the opportunity to update the blog! But fear not, we are back! We wanted to take a moment to share with you about our amazing Apple-Pumpkin Days, as well as thank the parents that were able to be here!

It was so beautiful for both teachers and students to see parents be involved! We are all a team, parents included, and last week it showed! Take a look😊📸: 

What a DAY!! Thank you to the parents who were there and also to the parents who weren’t, but who provided us with supplies for activities! Your participation and support truly means the world, and knowing you are in this with us just reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness for Room 2. We are blessed beyond words to have such wonderful parents to work with. Thank you!❤️

Our parents also helped make our room sparkling clean and twinkling. Go Yoshida and Kayla Lee thank you for all your hard work scurrying and hanging up our new twinkling light. It makes naptime wondrous!!!!!

Lastly, we again want to thank you on behalf of our staff as a whole for the amazing Teacher Treats last Friday!!We felt so loved, appreciated, and blessed. What a blessing you all are. Thank you!

We will check back in soon!!! Blessings!

Your Friends, 

Room 2.💕

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