Happy Thanksgiving❤️🍂

It’s not difficult to be thankful with God when looking at these faces. He is so good, and His heart for us all radiates through each of our Room 2 friends.😍

We want to wish you the Happiest Thanksgiving, and we pray that as you enjoy time with your friends and family, that your heart would find itself being ignited for Jesus; He is so good. 

We are so thankful for such a loving and giving God, who loves us so much… May we always remember how much He gave and how much He continues to give. We will see Him face to face one day, and that promise is the best gift of all, and the real reason to celebrate and remain thankful–through the good times, and the hard ones too.🌈

We hope this encourages you today, and with the deepest love in our hearts, Happy Thanksgiving from Ms. Wendy, Ms. Daisy, and Ms. Kira.❤️

See you Monday…🍂