Welcome Back, Ms. Daisy!🌼

We are THRILLED to welcome back Ms. Daisy!!😍                                         

Room 2 has their Lead Teacher back in the classroom, and the crew is all back together again! We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness throughout Ms. Daisy’s time away. Now she is back and feeling healthy and strong! We celebrate this victory of health and wellness in her life, and we want to thank all the parents who prayed with us and who were so loving and intentional toward Ms. Daisy, especially with providing meals. That was such a kind and loving way to show your support, and we are so thankful! May God bless you over and over for honoring Him through that gesture.🍴💕Last week, Room 2 started Unit 6 in our curriculum: The  Nightingale. The Nightingale tells the story of an emperor who loved a nightingale’s music so much, that he had his people capture it and keep it in a gold cage. Our classroom friends love the new story! Aside from learning from a new story, our friends also had the opportunity to intentionally practice their writing skills using dry-erase boards and trays of salt! How cool is that? Take a look!🖍

Room 2 friends did so well as they practiced recognizing and memorizing their letters. We are so proud of them–it is always an accomplishment!☺️

As we do each week, we headed over to Chapel to worship Jesus with the big kids on Wednesday!🎶

Lastly, we want to share about something really important in Room 2 these days. We’ve been focusing on the topic of kindness, and what that means. What does it mean to be kind? What does it mean to treat friends and loved ones with kindness? Here in Room 2, we are doing our very best to teach our friends about God’s heart for people, and how Jesus teaches us to love one another and show kindness. Friends are quick to respond with examples of how to be kind. One friend shared that it is kind  to share toys in Room 2, while another friend said it’s kind to help friends if they get hurt, or help them to put away beds after nap time. We as teachers will continue to encourage this discussion, as well as practice it as much as possible. We believe that even at such a young age, friends can continue to thrive as they learn about kindness, and how that is God’s heart for us and His desire for one another. We are one body and family in Christ, and as we learn, grow, play, and pray together as a classroom each day, God’s love and kindness for us is something that we hope to instill in Room 2’s heart. We invite you to join us by talking about kindness at home, as we continue to grow in this area.❤ Ephesians 4:32

As we start the week with a little bit of rain ☔️ we hope that you are filled again with wonder at the goodness and faithfulness of such a loving God. All His promises are Yes and Amen. We pray that you are strengthened, encouraged, inspired, and filled again as you go about your week. May we be so filled that we overflow with the truths of God’s heart for us and His heart for each other. Blessings!💛

-Miss Wendy

P. S. As always, a few candids! Enjoy.😁