That’s Amore!❀

Welcome back, folks! It’s so good to have you back to check in with us here in Room 2! We had such a fun and busy month in February! Can’t believe it’s gone!πŸ˜…

This past month, we intentionally celebrated God’s Love…and boy, was it beautiful! We are so blessed to be a part of such a strong Christian preschool community, here at PCS. We don’t take it for granted! We had fun making pizzas, crafts, and sharing treats! God is LOVE, and Room 2 made sure to show it!

We have been continuing to teach about God’s love in Room 2, and what that looks like in our everyday life, especially here in our classroom. We are teaching friends that Jesus, Himself, is love, and without Him and His example, we simply can’t love well. We need His heart. We need His eyes for each other. We simply need Him- everyday, more and more.❀

Knowing Jesus changes everything, and we want to keep being a classroom that welcomes the Holy Spirit daily. We want to be led by His heart everyday, and be the kind of classroom that changes the atmosphere with His love, wherever we might be. This is something we will continue to aspire to.❀️ 

We are so proud of our friends as they continue to pursue Jesus to the best of their ability in our room. We as teachers are inspired daily to go deeper into God’s love and heart, as we see our friends growing and learning. God is amazing and we are constantly believing and praying for His heart to shine in and through our room as we learn together, and grow together!✨

We leave you with this:

A beautiful verse, and an encouragement and invitation to you to dive into God’s heart and love with us! Amazing things happen when we partner with Him… God bless you, and we will check back in soon!❀

-Miss Wendy.

P.S. As always, some candids! Enjoy!☺️