In January we had lots of fun discussing and exploring the different kinds of weather. We actually had a “WINTER” this year, days that were really cold, days that were rainy, and other days that were sunny. We read books about arctic animals, snow, and rain. The children played with ice and animals that live in the Antarctic. The kids had a great time building snowman with different size boxes and dressing them up with scarves and hats. Using their imaginations, the kids requested additional features to be added to our snow folk such as faces, buttons, and even arms.

During outside play, we had a fantastic time making mud piles as well as using many different types of mold shapes with the wet sand. The outdoor classroom is a wonderful place to have a “messy” experience and we had an awesome one with cornstarch. We discovered textures, cause and effect, and practiced measuring. With all these marvelous experiences the children were exposed to a broad variety socio-emotional, cognitive, math, and language skill development.