A Private Concert for the a Younger Pod!

Today we enjoyed a special up close and personal concert from one of our fabulously involved parents and family friend who happen to be incredibly talented concert musicians!! We had a counting lesson on the strings of the violin and the cello, learned musical vocabulary, and joined together in song as we were serenaded by our special guests! 

The younger pod extends a huge THANK YOU to Elliston’s mommy, Joo, for arranging and providing such a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience for the budding minds of rooms 4 and 5. Thank you!! 


The Firefighters are Here! :-)

We had a super terrific fun visit from the Pasadena Fire Department today! They backed up their truck and ambulance into the driveway and brought us all over to take a picture by the fire truck. Then, Firefighter Mark showed us how they dress up in all their special gear! He explained to the kiddos that even though they look scary in their fire clothes they should not be scared because they are there to help  them. Then we got to meet each firefighter! There were five men and one woman firefighter! One of our girls has already decided that firefighting is the career for her! 😉 Then we were invited to see the engine and the ambulance! Boy, do they have a lot of goodies in there! Sadly, we had to say goodbye. I’m not sure who was more upset the students or the single teachers! 😂 Here’s a look see…..

Thank you Ms. Cindy for arranging this amazing event. Dressing up, singing and  reading all about  firefighters eased the children into this event.


Tree Lighting🎄

The past few days our children have been bringing various ornaments to put up on our Christmas tree. We all looked forward to the day when we would be able to hang them up. The children got a chance to hang up their very own ornament brought from home. After, we turned off all the classroom lights and watched our tree light up!

All of this was followed up with delicious hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows😋

Snow Day!

It was SNOWING in the younger pod today! Teachers and children alike enjoyed some very entertaining snow-play “California-style” (no gloves needed and eco-conscious!). ​​

PS- excuse the gurgling fish tank in the background…I caught this impromptu moment from my office 😉.

Stone Soup🍵

We all waited for Stone Soup day anxiously! Our children had the chance to pick what vegetable they wanted to share with all of our friends😊. We put our small motor skills into play by washing, chopping, and throwing them in the pot…with the great help of our parents, of course😁! Our children distinguished all the vegetables and got the chance to taste each vegetable individually😋.

After all of our hard work, we enjoyed our delicious soup along with some bread, juice and fruit.

Thank you all for your contributions! Without your help this wouldn’t have been possible🙏🏻. Btw, Room 4 received the Most Delicious Soup Award😉.