A Special Guest

Mr. Yorlin brought his pet bunny “Pancake” from home. In class we sat around in circle and instructed the kids to use two fingers and gently pet the bunny. The kids patiently waited for their name to be called, they were very excited, used their listening ears, gentle hands and followed directions on how to pet “Pancake.”


On the week of March 15- 19 we read a”The True King,” John 13: 3-30 from our Bible. We used the little figures from the resurrection egg Easter story as a visual aid to assist the children in retelling us the story of Easter. On the following week we displayed all the pieces on the table the kids got to touch, identify and re- cap the story to use
We made cross impressions on the easel, painted flower bottle stamps and dyed eggs.
For our special morning snack we made egg salad which we ate with crackers a tiny cupcake and grapes.
May you and your family be blessed as you celebrate the true meaning of Easter.


Indoor egg discovery. Discovering what was inside the eggs was the main focus and important task for our little friends in class. But as teaches we planned this activity with different skills our little children can gain from it. For example; recalling items in a group, back and forth conversation, spacial awareness, recognize colors and shapes.


Our baby caterpillars have arrived in time for Spring. We have been observing the changes for this week. The kids saw very tiny caterpillars, as the days go by the kids saw the caterpillars getting bigger. We read the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

Next week we will be making egg carton caterpillars, butterflies and discussing the changes of the caterpillars.


We had a grand old time with lots of green all around.

Sugar cookie,cheese and crackers for a special occasion.
Bell pepper prints
Big Yard flower fun!

We read the book Little Blue and Little Yellow. The kids were able to see the transformation to green by mixing both blue and yellow play dough. Voilà!

Preschool Fire Drill

Practicing staying safe is an important part of our preschool curriculum. This includes periodic fire/earthquake drills. On Thursday, March 11 the entire preschool took part in a fire drill. Everyone exited the preschool to muster up in the preschool parking lot for a quick headcount. The children did a fantastic job listening to teachers and we had an incredibly smooth drill. Great work everyone!


Black history Month is an annual observance for the remembrance of significant people and events in African American history.

With our young kids we decided to introduce them to Garret Morgan by introducing the traffic sign. Red means “STOP,” “GREEN,” “YELLOW,” very, very slow. We introduced the song “Tweekle, tweenkle traffic light.

We shared the history of how Garett Morgan worked very hard as a handyman at a young age. He continued his education and became very prosperous as a sewing machine repairman with his own clothing manufacturing business.

Then we read them a little introduction about Garret Morgan’s inventions. He invented the traffic lights as he saw too many accidents happening. He also invented the gas mask and was known for perfecting the sewing machines belt. By coincidence, while oiling the sewing machine, he discovered that the oil can also make his hair soft.