This week has been a loud week, hehehe! We took out different kids of instruments maracas, tambourines, guiros, bells and coffee cans to use as drums and of course the musicians. Oh, boy! They had a great time shaking, tapping and playing different tunes. The kids loved it.

The kids are always open and willing to try new stuff.

Snow cone, snow cone, I want a snow cone? I am telling you the kids loved Tuesdays.

Playing in the sand is always a favorite in our class too. They specially enjoy it when is wet and they can mold it or can creat different things such as cake, soup or a drink for their favorite teacher.


Garden news. YES! Carrots in the Summer. The kids were watering the garden and saw the orange color of the carrots coming out of the ground. They got a chance to pull the carrot out, washed it and enjoy the sweet taste of our fresh carrot, planted and cared for by room 4 kids.

“SPIRIT DAY,” we have Chapel with Mr. Tim on Wednesday’s. Our Verse “This is my Son whom I dearly love: I find happiness in him.”


In class we had a fantastic time discovering items that sink and float in our big water sensory table.

Our Pump-and-Splash was an exciting activity to enjoy outside. We had large, medium and small barrels of water to discover their mechanical function. Yes! These barrels can be cranked to the right for a great big splash surprise and other barrels can be pumped up an down to watch the floating ducks move through the pipes. So much fun!😄

Water play is always available to keep the children cool in one way or another.

The kids take their sweet time eating those Snow cones.😋

It is so much fun to come into the patio and enjoy all the hands on activities Ms. Kristen has enthusiastically set up for the kids. Hooray! for Ms. Kristen🥰

We read short pirate books, decorated our treasure chest and made pirate hats for this week. We also displayed a pirate ship with our kids photos on the window for you to enjoy.

WEEK 4 FUN in the SUN

This week in chapel we read the Bible story “Miriam Cares for Moses,” Exodus 2:1-10.

We had fun decorating the class with surfers and divers in the ocean. The kids were able to identify themselves and other friends. We had loads of fun playing with water, making art and watch short movies in class.

FUN IN THE SUN (week two)

Who knew that we could do so much in one week. Well, our children in classroom 4 did so much that we lost track 🥰.

They did surf board stunts in class, had a birthday popsicles, watched movie and ate pirate booty, we enjoyed VBS chapel with Mr. Tim, played in the construction site both in class and outside, we also played with lots fun water activities such as, running through the rainbow sprinkler, rode their bikes through the bike wash, squirted and splashed water at their own risk at the water table. It was a fun and busy week!

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY.” Direct your children onto the right path; and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6


Our first week of Fun in the Sun during June gloom. It was an eventful and fun week, who needs the Sun to have Fun! We made art projects with water colors and some other project with acrylic paint. The kids are artists at heart.

We improvised and had our snow cone activity for the late afternoon, the morning was too cold. We will try having snow cones in the morning next week.

Surf Shack! Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing LOVE.

Theme Verse: Remember the Lord is great and awesome! Nehemiah 4:14

The kids had fun on Wednesday when they saw everyone wearing their purple shirts 🥰, even the teachers.

Friday is here and we had Mr. Yorlin as a special visitor, delighting us with his presence and gigantic bubbles presentation, The kids were very happy to see him and catch and popping those amazing bubbles.

We ended Friday with Fun water play, car wash drive and water tables!


Yes, Aloha, means lots of things. To whomever is leaving us for the Summer and coming back next school year we wish you a fun and safe summer. Those of you who will be back we will see you June 7 for a “Fun and eventful summer.”

We had two “Pizza Parties,” with the help of our parents we had a delicious lunch. Thank you for all you do to support your children.


Update on our sunflowers. What an exciting project we are ending with this school year, the discovery and dissection of our sunflowers. Yes! We planted the seeds in the garden, we took care of them by watering and pulling the weeds away from around the plants. The kids followed every step. Reading books that applied to gardening opened their minds and inspired them to visit the garden and ask questions. As they saw the sunflower and carrots grow bigger and bigger they got more excited.

We saw the first sunflower open it’s yellow petaling and then the second and then a third one. As they got dry and shrivel we decided to bring two of the sunflowers into class. Some kids drew their version of a sunflower and others explored, touched and dissected and collected the seed. Lots of conversations happed during this activity. How impressed and proud to have seen the process with our amazing kids. We love them so much.


Our 2020-2021 school year was memorable and fun. The children went through lots of different stages of development. They learned to use age appropriate words to meet their wants and needs, to use the writing center and give meaning to their scribbles. They also used their body in different and creative ways to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. They all became comfortable at being around each other and respect each other’s space.

Learning about God’s love, reading our beginners Bible, singing and worshiping daily has always been on the top of our to do list. Our last song we are singing these last few weeks is “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

We want to say THANK YOU parents for allowing us to be part of your child’s life. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for all of us.


This week we have been reading the book “Dragon’s Love Tacos,” in the story the dragon loves tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chicken in his tacos, “No” hot sauce. Today the children got to put together their own taco with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chicken but “No” hot sauce. We had a little taco fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. Throughout the week we took photos of the kids wearing a big sombrero and made window collage with the colors red, green and white. We also made maracas with paper plates and beans.