Special Visit from the Pasadena Fire Department

On Monday, October 11th we had a fantastic visit from Pasadena Fire Station 36. They showed us how firefighters outfit themselves to fight fires and even how the truck sprays water! It was awesome! This was a lovely addition to the visit we had from Jeff Ragusa, a Glendale firefighter and dad from Rm 1, who showed us his firefighter gear on Friday, October 1st. With both visits, the firefighters focused on helping the children to understand that the don’t have to be afraid when they see a firefighter fully outfitted, they are here to help. The preschoolers loved having all of our firefighters and we are so grateful for their amazing work. Thanks guys, you are our heroes!

Putting on the firefighter gear.
Spraying the water!
Saying Goodbye!


What an exciting Monday. We were thrilled to see the Pasadena firefighters come and visit our school, they brought all their very important gear and the big RED truck. All our kids were good listeners, answered questions and saw the fire man put on his uniform. We got to give him hi five and take pictures with them.

Thank you to all the essential workers out there for reaching out in one way or another to put a smile on our kids face.


We have been singing, reading and dressing up as firefighters, the kids have also been enjoying the fire trucks and others fire fighting gear in the dramatic station. These activities lead us to today’s presentation by Battalion Chief Jeff Ragusa (Room #1 parent). He did so good with our kids.


The kids so much fun doing so many different activities with all the Apple you all provided this week. Thank you for your collaboration. Have a look at all the educational and fun projects we did so far.

Apple arts and craft

So many apples, what can we do? We can count, do a flannel story and more…

Next week we will be cooking a simple but delicious apple dumpling with our parents help and all the apples that were brought into our class.


What amazing kids we have in class, they can recap our Bible story Creations. We ask them questions such as, What did God put on the sky for night time? Or for day time? We also ask them, What kind of animals did God created for the ocean? Or animals that can crawl, creek or slider? They can excitedly give the correct answers.

Fall is near and we are reading some awesome Apple Books. We will be doing art, simple cooking with our two year olds, math and science with all different kids of apples.

Summer Sails Away

The final week of our Fun in the Sun program has been a blast! We’ve been hard at work creating seashell art, pumpin’ and splashing, enjoying snow cones, singing fun VBS songs to the Lord, and of course, building friendships and memories that will last even after summer sails away! Check out some fun highlights from our final week together. We look forward to seeing you and your little ones in August for an exciting new school year!


This week has been a loud week, hehehe! We took out different kids of instruments maracas, tambourines, guiros, bells and coffee cans to use as drums and of course the musicians. Oh, boy! They had a great time shaking, tapping and playing different tunes. The kids loved it.

The kids are always open and willing to try new stuff.

Snow cone, snow cone, I want a snow cone? I am telling you the kids loved Tuesdays.

Playing in the sand is always a favorite in our class too. They specially enjoy it when is wet and they can mold it or can creat different things such as cake, soup or a drink for their favorite teacher.