Happy Thanksgiving

As we reflect today on all the wonderful blessings we have in our lives we give thanks to God for every single one of them. I am so very thankful for each and every one of you and your beautiful children and I thank God for bring you into my life.


Here we are making a fall wreath and Practicing fine motor skills, they are peeling the paper off the sticker and placing fall items on the paper plate an simple,and easy activity that will help good practice and strengthen the young children’s hand a skill used in pre- writing skills.

The things that class 4 said they were thankful for. They brought tears to our eyes. We asked each child; Why are you thankful for? Penelope, Carter and Charles, “I am thankful for my mommy.” Caden, “I am thankful for my sister, mommy and daddy.” Eden,”I am thankful for my daddy bring me to school.” Evelyn,“ I am thankful for my teacher.” Isaiah,“I am thankful for my sister in mommy’s tummy.” JulietteI am thankful for my family.” Lucas, “I am thankful for soup.” Rune, “I am thankful for the trees.” Even at this age they are capturing what a blessing it is to have Jesus in their life.

Stone Soup ( The Sequel!)

Day 2 of Stone Soup and we were just as excited. We got to cut celery and carrots and potatoes. Which was a little tough but still so much fun!

We chopped and it was fun!
Celery was kind of hard but we did it!
Ms. Joy came and read to us! We loved it so much.

While we were waiting for our soup to cook we played on the patio and in our classroom. We asked over and over if it was time for soup yet.

We love our classroom and all the fun toys.
We made Thanksgiving wreaths and we also sang Jingle Bells!
We ate our soup! It was even better the second day!
In the afternoon we danced to music in the yard and played The Floor is Lava!

We loved our Stone Soup days! We drank juice and had so many strawberries.

Thank you Room 3 Families for helping to make our Stone Soup so special! We couldn’t have done it without you!

We wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Stone Soup Days in Room 2

Our Stone Soup Days were a wonderful way to celebrate the Thanksgiving season. We began our week by reading different versions of Stone Soup and discussing the concept of collaboration and sharing. On Thursday and Friday the children cut different vegetables to add to a big pot of broth, we added some seasoning and pasta to finish our masterpiece. Next, came our celebration feast with our delicious soup, rolls, apple cider, strawberries and our festive decor. Our room 2 family sat together in delight enjoying our soup and each other’s company. To top off the festivities we had a special guest reader today, who we lovingly refer to as papa. He read Bug Soup to the children over a zoom link so the children were able to interact with him. This last week has reminded us of the special blessings God has granted us and we are thankful for our room 2 family.

Fall Art Explorations

This month has been so much fun and busy. We’ve created many different artwork in art studio and under the double trees that’s found in the play yard. From fall sculptures, gourd rolling paintings to nature collages, tie dye magnet turkeys and cinnamon art. Much was explored and discovered…. Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful students and families. -Ms. Monica, Preschool Art Teacher

Stone Soup!

Stone Soup has been so much fun! Room 3 was so excited to help Ms. Sheri cook our soup. We got to chop the vegetables that went into our soup!

Chopping and cutting is hard work!

We went in groups to cut our vegetables and we couldn’t wait to help out!

We got to cut the potatoes for our soup.

This week we have been reading Stone Soup books and the overarching theme is sharing. We are thankful that our families have been so generous!

We got to play while we waited for our soup to cook!
We all tried the soup! And some of us ate more than 1 bowl!

Thank you for the beautiful tablecloths and napkins. Thank you for the delicious strawberries, bread and juice. We loved it all. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Thank you parents for supporting us in this long time tradition at Pasadena Christian Preschool. There are many versions to stone soup and the shortest story for class 4 is “Fox Tail soup,” Thank you for bringing all the vegetables and sides. The kids had fun chopping and tasting them. The soup was delicious and all the kids seemed to enjoy the soup. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, stay safe and may God bless you and your family.

Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good. Psalms 106:1

Preschool’s Thanksgiving Break 2020

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Dear Friends and Families,

This year has brought challenges like we have never seen before but even in the midst of them, we give thanks. We are thankful for everyone who calls Pasadena Christian Preschool home. We are thankful for being able to be together within our individual classrooms. We are thankful for traditions like Stone Soup Days. We are thankful for God’s continued blessings and protection. Above all though, we are thankful for God’s presence on our campus. 

We pray that however your family celebrates this Thanksgiving, that you would be blessed with love, comfort, and protection now and in the year to come. Thank you for being a part of our Pasadena Christian Preschool family. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving Break and we can’t wait to see everyone on Monday, November 30th! 


Mr. Tim

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. 

Psalms 118:1

Preschool Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 23rd to Friday, Nov. 27th

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What room 4 had to say about potatoes.

Ready for Stone Soup!

We are so excited for Stone Soup that we are playing it while we are outside! There are so many interesting ingredients going into our pretend soup (bread, fruit, cucumbers and etc. . . ).

Cooking up a storm.

Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow!