Thick & Thin Lines

This week we started the series all about “lines” and various ways they are used in art. Specifically “thick and thin lines”, and their differences. We looked at both drawings and paintings and the impact the weight of the line adds to the composition . They had fun shouting out loud which was a thick line and which was a thin line as I pointed to the different ones. They then had fun creating stunning artwork with the variation of line weight. I love these!! (I did this exact project my first year of design school in college)


-Mrs. Monica


It is hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since we started school! You probably have noticed less crying, happy faces, and children engaged in play. It has been wonderful to see so much growth in such a short period of time. Warm feelings and smiles can be found everywhere!

physical development is the way your child moves their arms and legs (large motor skills) and their fingers and hands (small motor skills). Social development helps your child get along with others. Emotional development lets your child understand their feelings and the feelings of others. Language and literacy development helps your child understand and communicate through listening, talking, reading, and writing. Thinking, or cognitive skills develop as children learn to think more complexly, make decisions, and solve problems.

Throughout our school year we will be assisting your child to grow physically, socially, emotionally, develop language and literacy, and thinking/cognitive skills. Through play kids find ways to interact with peers, to negotiate, to express self, to share, to be responsible,  and be a friend.

We have already done lots of observation and documentation to see what our classroom’s strengths and interests are. These are some of the things we have observed so far.


So far we have done simple short cooking activities that don’t require a long attention span, this will lead us to little expert “Chefs” later on. 😉

All About Three

Welcome to Room 3! We are off to an exciting start!

Our classroom is the final stop before reaching Pre-K A or Pre-K B. What is our focus, you ask? Play is our focus! Embedded in all our fun, are so many valuable skills, concepts, and values which are fundamental to becoming a little learner. While we play, we socialize, use language, solve problems, make decisions, expand our understanding of the world around us, and learn how to let our light shine for Jesus.

Above all else, we pray that every little heart connects to Christ. As we worship, pray, and read God’s word daily, we confidently expect those seeds that are being planted to take root. John 15:5 says, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit…”

The Fruit of the Spirit so completely encompasses the “good” attributes we hope to instill in our children. Thankfully, God gives us (YES, even 3 year-olds!) The Holy Spirit— to help us, comfort us, and guide us so we are able to possess His attributes (love, patience, kindness, and self-control, just to name a few).

3 year-olds are AMAZING! Everyday new friendships sprout, curiosity grows, independence asserts itself, and imagination is taken to new heights. As educators, it’s our duty to ignite that curiosity, provide opportunities for independence, offer safe/appropriate choices and create an environment that builds confidence while learning. Here are some ways we strive to do that and more in Room 3!

We explore the Outdoor Classroom and Enrichment Patio!

We enjoy free choice play in our classroom!

At morning meeting, we sing songs, choose weekly helpers, discuss the calendar, count together, and pray over our day.

We enjoy family style snack! Our responsible “littles” bring their cups and napkins to the table, pray together, count the pictures on our snack board, serve themselves, pour their water, and practice table etiquette such as, taking turns talking and cleaning up after themselves! Serving and counting snack promotes autonomy, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and one-to-one correspondence.

We love Bible time! The Rhyme Bible Storybook is one of the children’s Bibles that we read from. It’s short, colorful and captivating—PERFECT for our growing attention span! To keep Bible fun and engaging, we implement visual aids, interactive skits, and so much more!


At small groups, we explore: Literacy, Writing, and Math/Science. We plan fun, age-appropriate games, activities, and projects to target an objective and practice a skill.

Art is critical for neural development, representation, expression and more! We have a creative God who made us in His image. Therefore, we have an amazing capacity to create!


We explore important concepts–like lines and colors through art.

Print is fascinating to us. We love to promote print awareness starting with the ability to recognize letters. We are seeing ALOT of self-directed exploration of letters and print in our environment.

At Big Field we exercise, practice gross motor movements, coordination, cooperation in a large group game, and listening skills. Our first fun pursuit was Red Light, Green Light! 

PetCo Where the Pet Lovers Go

Puppies have been the talk of the town, therefore we have changed our dramatic play house into a Room 3 PetSmart pet shop. 

Remember our daily recap is available on our white board. This is a fantastic way to prompt your Room 3 friend to share more about their day.

We are looking forward to all the good things God has in store for us this year! More fun to come!

September 2018 Preschool News and Calendar of Events

Dear Parents,

What a fabulous start to the school year we have had! Your little ones are doing such a fabulous job acclimating to their new classrooms and are enjoying all the fun activities we have at preschool. We are enjoying happy days, water play, lots of free play, big field (for the older pod), and so much more! We are also very proud of our mommies and daddies who took great strides to make drop-offs short and sweet, despite a few tearful goodbyes. You have done a great job assuring your little ones that you love them and that you will be back, then handing them to the teachers and separating quickly. These short goodbyes actually reduce stress for the children and allow the kiddos to process their emotions so they can gain their confidence and independence to feel secure at school. Well done, Parents!


September Skills Sheet

As a developmental, play-based school, we believe that a strong curriculum develops the whole child: physical/motor, spiritual, social-emotional, cognitive/academic. Our program supports the development of the whole child through daily routines, self-help activities, large and small group direct instruction, music and movement, story time, free play, independent activities, outdoor play, and more. At the forefront of learning in preschool is the development of a child’s social-emotional skills: learning to share, care,  thrive in a community setting, talk, listen, focus, gain independence, ask questions, investigate, observe, clean-up, wash up, use the potty, etc. These are all critical skills for future success. Many of these social-emotional skills are developed through daily routines, interactions, conversations, etc. In addition to social-emotional development, we also want to stimulate students’ development in the other domains. All activities, whether in the form of free play or teacher-directed, are intentionally planned.

This year, we are excited to announce that we have developed a monthly Skills Sheet that outlines some of the focused skills the children will be learning each month. It is important to know that we have been teaching these skills all along…now we have simply put them on paper for you to view so you can help reinforce and encourage these skills at home. The Skills Sheet is the same for every class – HOWEVER, each classroom will have differentiated outcomes based on their developmental/chronological age. For instance, when we introduce letters each month, the goal for 2 year olds will be to “explore” and “gain awareness” of letters, whereas the goal for Pre-k students will be to identify and recognize the name and sound of each letter. Your child’s Developmental Profile will outline their progress towards these outcomes and will be given to you in October during the parent conferences, and additionally in February and May.


Classroom Sign-in Logs: Per state licensing, a FULL SIGNATURE is required on our classroom sign-in logs. We can be fined for non-compliance, so please help us stay in compliance by signing your full signature each day.

Drop-Offs: Thank you for continuing to drop off quickly in the mornings, especially during “rush hour” (7:45-9:00). Please be sure to greet the teacher with your child in the morning to ensure the teacher is aware of his/her arrival. Students should never be dropped off to an empty classroom or left on the yard with another classroom. In addition, please do not let your child go ahead of you into a classroom unattended in the morning while you are checking in.

 Siblings at School: Just a gentle reminder that if you bring a non-enrolled sibling to school during drop-off and pick-up, please keep them within arms reach at all times. By law, they not be left unattended on the yard, in the car, or in the classrooms, even if you think you will be “just a second.” We appreciate your cooperation!

Parking Lot: In a perfect world, we would have a giant parking lot with ample space for everyone. Unfortunately, our parking lot is small and hard to maneuver. To help us through the morning rush, please drive slowly, park carefully, and keep your morning drop-offs (especially between 7:50-9:00) very short.  The parking lot is nearly VACANT until about 7:47am! Come early and avoid the rush!


Back to School Night: Thank you for attending our Back to School Night! We appreciate your time and commitment. Please pick up a packet from your child’s teacher if you weren’t able to attend.

Tell Your Friends! If you have friends who are interested in enrolling for the 2019-2020 school year, online applications will be available on the PCS website beginning in October. Please tell your friends to call for a tour or attend an Observation Day, and apply EARLY to get on our applicant list. Be sure they tell us who referred them! We LOVE our word-of-mouth referrals!


Accreditation Work Day: September 21 – This is a non-student day. As you know, our school is Accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International. Our accreditation visit is coming up next year and therefore, substantial preparation time is required. For this reason, PCS has scheduled a few Accreditation Work Days to allow time for accreditation preparation, teacher training, resetting classrooms, school advancement, curriculum building, and so much more.  Have a good long weekend with your Little Blessings 🙂

Preschool Picture Day – This year, we will have our candid/yard photos with Adrea Scheidler Photography in the fall (September 24 – 26). Teachers will post schedules prior to the photography session. Preschool Portraits and “Graduate” photos with LifeTouch will be taken in the spring.

Elks Vision Screening – Elks Vision will be here on September 27 & 28 to conduct vision screenings of our students. Please fill out the permission form in your child’s box if you would like your child to be screened.

Site Work Day – October 6th – DOUBLE MVP Hours available! Keep an eye out for the Site Work Day Sign-up through! Help us deep clean cubbies, beautify the garden, till the sandbox, and haul in our fresh new mulch.

Moonlight Magic – There will be three Moonlight Magic events this year: Oct. 5, Feb. 8 and March 22. This is YOUR chance to have a night on the town (or in the quiet of your own home watching Netflix!) while your little ones are safe in our care enjoying flashlight parties, pajama dance-offs, pizza and a movie. ONLINE REGISTRATION is required, so sign up early (see flyers)! Elementary-aged siblings may attend the BYH Moonlight Magic on the same night.


ROOM PARENT & COMMITTEE SIGN UP! Please sign up HERE if you are interested in serving on a committee or as a Room Parent. Thank you!



If you signed up to be a Room Parent or to serve on a committee, or if you are interested in volunteering but want more information, please attend our Room Parent Meeting to get the ‘scoop’ on what is expected, upcoming events, etc. The gate to PCS will be open through 8:15 a.m. – if running late, enter through the PCS main office.

MVP Booklets/HoursAll families should have received their YELLOW MVP booklet. Please record your volunteer hours in these books. You can have your hours signed off by the office staff, Room Parents, volunteer coordinators of specific events, PTF Reps, etc. Every family is required to complete 10 hours (or 20 hours if you have students at the elem/jr. high) before the end of the school year. You can turn in your book as soon as it is complete! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU DIDN’T RECEIVE ONE.


September 28 – Parents of Room 1

Never expected, but always appreciated, Teacher Treats are a way to show your love and appreciation for our teachers. Each classroom is assigned two Fridays per school year to bring in treats for the preschool staff. Keep an eye out for information from your Room Parents!


Volunteer opportunities are available! CLICK HERE to register for all-school events through!

Meal Train Opportunities! (2 MVP HOURS)

Deborah and David Kim (parents of Oliver Kim – Rm 5)


Ms. Joy Matthews (Preschool Assistant Director)



September 3 – Ms. Wendy

September 19 – Mrs. Silvia

September 26 – Mrs. Thelma


Monday, Sept. 10 @ 8:15 a.m – Room Parent Meeting (PCS Parent Lounge)

Friday, September 21 – Accreditation Work Day (No Students)

September 24 – 26 – Candid yard photos with Adrea Scheidler

September 27 & 28 – Vision Screenings

Friday, October 5 @ 6:00 – 9:00 p.m. – Moonlight Magic (registration required)

Saturday, October 6 @ 9:00 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m. – Site Work Day

Thursday, October 11 – Kindergarten/PCS Observation Day – Interested in PCS? Sign up for a tour online!

Tuesday, October 17 & Wednesday, October 18 – Hearing Screenings

Thursday, October 18 – Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill – Volunteers Needed

Friday, October 19 – Accreditation Work Day (MINIMUM DAY – DISMISS AT 12:00)

October 25 – Preschool OPEN regular hours; PCS minimum day for conferences

Friday, October 26 – Parent Conferences (No Students)