The Final Day

Today is the last day of the school year and it’s a short one. We tried to pack in as much fun as possible with our class in the short amount of time we have left.

We played in the sand area and rode bikes.
We had so much fun with water and sand
We ate popsicles.
We watched Pixar Shorts and Burrow on Disney plus.
And we got temporary tattoos!

Thank you for such a fun year. It wouldn’t have been the same without our fun, energetic, zany, inventive class!


Ms. Sheri, Ms. Kira and Ms. Terri

Almost the end. . .

It’s the last couple of days of the school year and it’s all about the fun! Yay to no naps! The children were so excited about that.

We ate popsicles while we were in the yard.
Ms. Joy came and cut fresh pineapple in front of us and we got frozen Go-Gurts for snack as well.
It was so cool. The teachers were more amazed than the children.
We watched short stories on YouTube and listened to a few songs.

We watched: “Pete the Cat & the Perfect Pizza Party”, “Pete’s A Pizza”, and a couple of Pete the Cat favorites (4 Groovy Buttons & White Shoes) as well as well loved Music and Movement songs.


Yes, Aloha, means lots of things. To whomever is leaving us for the Summer and coming back next school year we wish you a fun and safe summer. Those of you who will be back we will see you June 7 for a “Fun and eventful summer.”

We had two “Pizza Parties,” with the help of our parents we had a delicious lunch. Thank you for all you do to support your children.

End of the Year!

It’s the end of the year and we are going out with a bang. Two pizza parties in a row!

They loved the decorations and they kept touching them!
The first day of pizza and everyone wanted more and more!
Looking at books and enjoying literacy is something we do every day.
We also sing Open, Shut Them.
We love to play and we take such cute photos
We celebrated Ms. Sheri’s birthday as a class.
We loved shopping in the Grocery Store Ms. Gwendolyn made!

All together we have had a busy year and we have had so many great moments.

Summer Send Off

Our littles in Room 2 have played their way through another year of preschool! This year we have created so many beautiful pieces of art, experienced a wide variety of sensory materials, built with an array of manipulatives, sang, danced, played, explored and enjoyed our days together with friends. We are so incredibly proud of our Room 2 friends who have not only grown individually but also together as a close-knit family (it’s not every year our class size is 9)!

We thank God for allowing us to return to preschool after the 2020 pandemic/quarantine. We also thank all of our wonderful parents for entrusting us to care for their little ones this year.

It’s our prayer that every family knows how deeply loved they are. We hope, even with our limited interactions this year, everyone has experienced the love of Christ and see Him at the center of everything we say and do.

With so much love from Room 2, thank you for another fabulously fun year! We hope you have a wonderful summer!

Check out some fun from our last week together!


Update on our sunflowers. What an exciting project we are ending with this school year, the discovery and dissection of our sunflowers. Yes! We planted the seeds in the garden, we took care of them by watering and pulling the weeds away from around the plants. The kids followed every step. Reading books that applied to gardening opened their minds and inspired them to visit the garden and ask questions. As they saw the sunflower and carrots grow bigger and bigger they got more excited.

We saw the first sunflower open it’s yellow petaling and then the second and then a third one. As they got dry and shrivel we decided to bring two of the sunflowers into class. Some kids drew their version of a sunflower and others explored, touched and dissected and collected the seed. Lots of conversations happed during this activity. How impressed and proud to have seen the process with our amazing kids. We love them so much.

It’s Gonna Be May

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist)

It’s May and almost the end of the school year. We can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by!

As we get closer to the end I find myself taking more and more pictures. This year has been new for everyone and while it was different it was still beautiful. Our class has so many great personalities and this year wouldn’t have been the same without each and every one of them!

At this point in the year the children are used to me saying, “ look at me!” They are so patient with taking pictures and they show me so many things they have built/ made.

We are so grateful for each and every child and their unique personalities!


Our 2020-2021 school year was memorable and fun. The children went through lots of different stages of development. They learned to use age appropriate words to meet their wants and needs, to use the writing center and give meaning to their scribbles. They also used their body in different and creative ways to strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. They all became comfortable at being around each other and respect each other’s space.

Learning about God’s love, reading our beginners Bible, singing and worshiping daily has always been on the top of our to do list. Our last song we are singing these last few weeks is “The Fruit of the Spirit.”

We want to say THANK YOU parents for allowing us to be part of your child’s life. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for all of us.


This week we have been reading the book “Dragon’s Love Tacos,” in the story the dragon loves tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chicken in his tacos, “No” hot sauce. Today the children got to put together their own taco with tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chicken but “No” hot sauce. We had a little taco fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. Throughout the week we took photos of the kids wearing a big sombrero and made window collage with the colors red, green and white. We also made maracas with paper plates and beans.