WEEK 4 FUN in the SUN

This week in chapel we read the Bible story “Miriam Cares for Moses,” Exodus 2:1-10.

We had fun decorating the class with surfers and divers in the ocean. The kids were able to identify themselves and other friends. We had loads of fun playing with water, making art and watch short movies in class.

Room 1 Fun in the Sun – Week 3

Seaweed Exploration

Splishin’, Splashin’ & snow cones (Tuesday)

Chapel with Mr. Tim (Wednesday)

Discovery Centers

Small Groups

Hula Bash (Friday)

Week 2, What an Adventure!

We have already finished the second week of the summer. There were some snags that required a little creativity but we made it through!

We love the playhouse on the patio! We love being on the patio in general. So many new things to touch and explore.
When our AC went out we spent time in the Art Room. It is where we do Chapel in the summer. We watched Octonauts and cooled off.
We also got to have popsicles! Those were a big hit.
On Thursday we played with the Bike Wash in the yard. Eventually we decided to go through without the bikes.
We played and when it started raining we played in the rain.
So much fun in our classroom once the AC was fixed!
We watched a little Octonauts and a little PJ Masks and had popcorn. Yum! 😋

Thanks for such a great week and we wish all of the Fathers a very happy (and relaxing) Father’s Day!

FUN IN THE SUN (week two)

Who knew that we could do so much in one week. Well, our children in classroom 4 did so much that we lost track 🥰.

They did surf board stunts in class, had a birthday popsicles, watched movie and ate pirate booty, we enjoyed VBS chapel with Mr. Tim, played in the construction site both in class and outside, we also played with lots fun water activities such as, running through the rainbow sprinkler, rode their bikes through the bike wash, squirted and splashed water at their own risk at the water table. It was a fun and busy week!

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY.” Direct your children onto the right path; and when they are older, they will not leave it. Proverbs 22:6


We love to recognize the children and the milestone moments in their lives. Whether acknowledging a birthday or some other special time, our desire is to always appropriately celebrate each momentous occasion with the age and maturity of the children in mind. Below you will find a link to our Birthday Recognition Policy & Pre-approved Birthday Treats list. Please use it as a resource when planning your own special moments that you want to share with us.

Fun in the Sun 2021!

We are so thrilled to be back for summer camp this year! It has been an interesting journey for us, here at the preschool, since the start of the pandemic but we feel very blessed to be back in action for camp again. This of course would not be possible without the amazing talents and dedication of our fantastic staff. We can’t begin to thank each member of our preschool team enough for all they do but we can try. Thank you team, keep up the incredible work! You are deeply loved and greatly appreciated.

We would also like to thank all of our families for entrusting us with the enormous responsibility of caring for their children. It is huge blessing and we are so glad that we can be together enjoying summer camp and all the adventures ahead.

Thank you God for your love, grace, guidance, and protection.
Pin on Daughter of the King

Week 1. . . Done!

We have had such a full week! It has been jam packed with fun activities, art and playing with old friends and new ones. On Wednesday we had Chapel with Mr. Tim.

We sang the summer song and learned about how God created the world.
In the classroom we discovered the fun beach area. Sunglasses are a fan favorite!
This week we have been playing with our small Pineapple bubble maker but today we got to play with the big one and Mr. Yorlin came and made giant bubbles with us!
The patio has a playhouse that is very popular. We have been very good about taking turns with it!
We had pizza for lunch today. And our favorite fruit: Strawberries! Yum.
Today was also finally warm enough for water play. Some of the friends got soaked and some just dabbled but everyone had a good time.

And we have come to the end of the first week which is only the beginning of our summer fun! Here is looking forward to next week and all that it entails. Have a great weekend everyone!


Our first week of Fun in the Sun during June gloom. It was an eventful and fun week, who needs the Sun to have Fun! We made art projects with water colors and some other project with acrylic paint. The kids are artists at heart.

We improvised and had our snow cone activity for the late afternoon, the morning was too cold. We will try having snow cones in the morning next week.

Surf Shack! Catch the Wave of God’s Amazing LOVE.

Theme Verse: Remember the Lord is great and awesome! Nehemiah 4:14

The kids had fun on Wednesday when they saw everyone wearing their purple shirts 🥰, even the teachers.

Friday is here and we had Mr. Yorlin as a special visitor, delighting us with his presence and gigantic bubbles presentation, The kids were very happy to see him and catch and popping those amazing bubbles.

We ended Friday with Fun water play, car wash drive and water tables!