Baby Jesus

Back in December the children created sweet little baby Jesus using packaging popcorn and a seed pod as his manger. They dusted him off with gold glitter. They were thrilled to be taking baby Jesus home with them…

Delicious Lessons in Early Mathematics!ย 

Last week Room 5 had a rockin’ hot cocoa bar with our morning snack and got a yummy lesson in applied math and graphing at the same time! One by one everyone came up to customize their own hot cocoa cup, and afterwards we voted on our favorite topping. We learned new vocabulary, made scientific observations about which items melted and at what speed (marshmallows take longer to melt than whipped cream!), and each friend cast their vote for favorite topping on our bar graph! Whipped cream and chocolate syrup tied for first place with marshmallows just one vote behind. This might be one of our favorite ways to introduce graphing to preschoolers. What do you think? 

All His Promises Are Yes And Amen, in 2017!๐ŸŒŸ

Welcome back, Room 2 friends!โ˜ƒ๏ธโค๐Ÿ˜

We are so excited to be back in the flow of things here in Room 2! We say Yes and Amen to the New Year,  and to the many promises God has for us this next season! There has been so much outpouring of God’s goodness in our classroom since we came back from the Christmas break. It’s so beautiful to be back together pursuing God’s heart for our Room 2 friends, as we prepare to equip them well for academic success and set them on the path to thrive! 

We’ve gotten back into the flow of our Languange and Literacy curriculum, and we are so proud to report that it has been a smooth transition.๐Ÿ˜Š We are currently learning from Unit 5,  “Jingles, Poems, and Rhymes.” This unit teaches friends about rhythm and about the patterns that we hear in poems, like when words rhyme. Room 2 is really enjoying learning the fun structures of poetry! 

We had tons of rain since getting back, which we receive with open hearts!โ˜”๏ธ Rain is such a tangible reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision for us and our land. We celebrate the rain! But it was also nice to finally get back outside this week! Friends finally got to go to the big field this week and practice their motor skills. We played a huge game of “Simon Says!” and had a great time being out in the sun.๐ŸŒž

We also went to chapel! So thankful to get back to worship Jesus together with “the big kids!”

We are so thankful for God’s faithfulness and timing for our Room 2 friends. Our Bible verse for the month of January is, “There is a time for everything…” Eclessiates 3:1 

We are excited to continue to thrive and succeed, with God’s hand guiding us. Lastly, we want to wish you a happy 2017, and thank you so much for the support and encouragement that parents provide teachers and students. You are a gift, and we are deeply thankful. We are so excited to keep partnering together with you in 2017. Blessings, and see you back here next week!โค

-Miss Wendy

P.S. Praise! Ms. Daisy is doing super well after her surgery! She is recovering and is due back soon! Amen!๐Ÿ’œ

Extra๐Ÿ“ธ: Enjoy!

Rainy Days and Dance Parties!

Welcome Back! Our Room 1 friends had a great first week back to school after ourย nice long Christmas break!ย The rain gave us a chance to explore wet soil, discover some interesting earthworms, pill bugs and insects all around our outdoor classroom! Consider our interests officially sparked!

Inside, we kept the learning going with games like Four Corners and The Freeze Dance! Think of all the areas of development games give children the opportunity to grow in: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive! They learn how to cooperate with a large group, develop the emotional capacity to be “out,” learn to coordinate big body movements to the rhythm of music, spacial reasoning, memory and so much more! Games are a fantastic way to foster desirable character traits such as perseverance, fairness, and our favorite–FUN!

We even had a dance party in the dark…

Kickin’ Off 2017!

Welcome back, friends! We have missed every child so much and it brings us such great joy to see everyone back. We hope you all had a great break and are ready to start this new year!

The children are so excited to be using a new tool for cutting paper…scissors! Scissors have become very popular in Room 4๐Ÿ˜Ž. Given the cold weather, the children have explored the polar bears’ habitat with ice and cold water! We’ve had an awesome start to 2017, we are excited to see what other plans God has for us and to watch our little ones grow so much more๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜Š .

Here’s a peek of what has been going on inside Room 4 ๐Ÿ˜œ.

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Chilly but Silly- Room 5 is Back!ย 

We had a long and restful break for Christmas but now we’re back at school with brand new friends and brand new stories to share! 

Our two-year-olds jumped right back in to the cozy routine of their classroom and warmly welcomed all our new friends to the Room 5 family! They have been eagerly awaiting their return to the big playground and we all know that two-year-olds are nothing if not tenacious negotiators… these toddlers were NOT going to let a little rain keep them from a good time! So, we layered and buttoned up and headed outside! 

The teachers of Room 5 enjoyed their break but we sure missed these little guys!! Everyone is looking forward to a fantastic rest of the year in 2017…. Happy New Year and God Bless. 

Mom’s Club Preschool Fair – January 21

Do you know anyone looking for a preschool? Spread the word…we have your one stop preschool shop! The annual Mom’s Club Preschool Fair will be held on the PCS campus on January 21st from 10:00 am – 1:00pm. There will be more than 40 local-area preschools and preschool-oriented vendors on site. Bring the kids as there will be face painting, a train ride, and more!

Bring your friends! We hope to see you there!