It has been a fun and joyful summer. We will for sure miss every one of you and your kids. For our last week we read Pete the cat and the perfect pizza party. We made pizza and the kids added their own toppings, we made pizza collage and song “I am aPizza.” Pizza week was grooving.

We put on our tomato sauce and cheese
Pepperoni and bell pepper
Add some olives
Making our own pizza is lots of work
Place them in the oven
Enjoy a great pizza snack

Music Time

We had a wonderful time doing interpretive dance with a musical piece from Jon George titled, “Distant Chimes.” During this time, they gave their interpretations of rain, flowers and trees.


Our class enjoyed watching the cause and effect of all the different pumps displayed outside at the big yard. Summer is a time to have fun and enjoy the company of all our friends. We had a blessed and fabulous summer.

We are sad to see our little friends class moving on to new adventures, but at the same time we are very proud of all their growth. We wish your family and the children all the best and pray that their love and knowledge for Jesus expands as they grow.


Five weeks into summer, Ahoy Mates. We made a Jolly Roger : (The name for the iconic black pirate flag featuring a white skull and crossbones).

Oh, shiver me Timbers the lads are old salt in the sea.

Every week We are blessed by Mr. Tim’s special chapel time. He plays the ukulele, reads to us from the Bible, this week’s Bible story: Jesus Loves, John 21, we join in with music and motion. This week’s songs: Wherever I Go, Always Be There and When We Serve.

Our 4th Week

Introducing the kids to the color of the American flag, We decorated the dramatic area with flags, red and blue Pompoms, leis, head bands and fans. We made red and blue paper fans to take home and a flag collage. We also listen to the Star Spangle Banner, some marching songs. To end the week we watched Disney’s 4th of July fire works special and ate a delicious lunch.

Dramatic area in use
They have face painting
Making fans with paper plates red and. blue tape with yellow stars
It is nothing better than hotdogs and chips to celebrate the 4th of July