Sensory and Seasonal Explorations

Room 5 has been acquainting itself with the season of autumn through sensory integrations in our classroom learning centers. We have pumpkin spice mixed in with our sensory bin, autumn jewels alongside our playdough, and today we did “No-Mess Fingerpainting” on paper leaves to decorate our classroom! 

Some friends decided to imprint their playdough with the autumn jewels while others saw an opportunity to build a landscape of “trees” by sorting out and only using the leaf jewels to stick up straight in their playdough! When children take place in activities that build on their fine motor skills (like making prints in playdough) they are learning about  basic concepts of physics like force, quantity conservation and other other components of cause and effect. They are also engaging in language development as we discuss and describe what happens to the playdough and gems while they work. For example, “The jewel sinks into the playdough when you push it down” is an observation we made which inspired a conversation about homonyms! Some words sound and are spelled exactly the same but can have very different meanings… which is a lot for a hard-working brain of only two years to make sense of! By talking through these fun quirks of language with their teachers, and a first-hand example, these abstract concepts are made much more concrete to our young friends! 

Our mess-free fingerpainting activity had many scientific and sensory learning points as well! Our young friends were amazed as they ran their fingers all over the paint on their leaf and found absolutely none of it transferred to their hands! We covered the paint with a clear plastic bag and they got to smush and swirl it all around to their hearts content without getting any on their bodies- what a trip! We talked about the qualities of different materials and why their hands were not messy as they painted. Perhaps the best part for them was the unveiling of their beautiful work of art at the end as they peeled away the plastic from their leaf to reveal a vibrant mix of autumn colors. 

Room 5 is learning so much every day in so many ways and we are exceptionally grateful to the loving and amazing families who bless us with their children each day. Room 5 parents contribute so much to our classroom to enrich their experience (and help their teachers out!) that we can’t help but gush at the awesome blessings we have before us. May peace be with you all as we enter this season of thankfulness and praise. 

Apple-Pumpkin Day!🍎🎃

Hello friends, and welcome back to Room 2’s blog!😃(A note and homemade chocolate pretzels from a student.❤️)

We’ve had a busy few days in Room 2 and have not had the opportunity to update the blog! But fear not, we are back! We wanted to take a moment to share with you about our amazing Apple-Pumpkin Days, as well as thank the parents that were able to be here!

It was so beautiful for both teachers and students to see parents be involved! We are all a team, parents included, and last week it showed! Take a look😊📸: 

What a DAY!! Thank you to the parents who were there and also to the parents who weren’t, but who provided us with supplies for activities! Your participation and support truly means the world, and knowing you are in this with us just reminds us of God’s goodness and faithfulness for Room 2. We are blessed beyond words to have such wonderful parents to work with. Thank you!❤️

Our parents also helped make our room sparkling clean and twinkling. Go Yoshida and Kayla Lee thank you for all your hard work scurrying and hanging up our new twinkling light. It makes naptime wondrous!!!!!

Lastly, we again want to thank you on behalf of our staff as a whole for the amazing Teacher Treats last Friday!!We felt so loved, appreciated, and blessed. What a blessing you all are. Thank you!

We will check back in soon!!! Blessings!

Your Friends, 

Room 2.💕

Delightful Pumpkin Delight

Room 3 had an amazing time this week celebrating the season of orange pumpkins and falling leaves. We were all able to make and taste a delectable creation that we call, “Pumpkin Delight.” With the help of the children, a sweet, soft and moist treat was baked in honor of Autumn and its signature fruit, pumpkins.

Site Work Day Success!

Wow! What a fantastic Site Work Day! Our amazing group of parents and teachers showed up with coffee, doughnuts and work gloves on ready to beautify the school. We are so blessed!

Cots and  classrooms cleaned? Check!

New mulch? Check!

Fluffy sand? Check!

Tree Cookies removed? Check!

Garden overhauled and leveled? Check!

(Check back for more garden updates…we will be revamping it over the next few weeks!).

Thanks again for all your help!!

Fall Wooden Collage

The older pod rooms 1 and 2 created collages using miscellaneous wooden pieces along with small pine cones. They then painted the artwork with a fall palette and finished it off with a dash of glitter for spark. A resemblance of Rauschenberg’s art style and process. I personally loved each one of the pieces.

 Big Field, Loads of Fun.

This week, Room 3 had an amazing time going up to the main campus and playing on what we call the “Big Field.” The children get to do all sorts of things such as playing with balls, popping bubbles, chasing Mr. Timmy and playing a variety of games. The first game we started playing was Red light, Green light and it was a blast. The children made it more fun by striking poses when they had to stop. Please look forward to hearing about many more games in the future from both teachers and the children from Room 3.

The Farmer And His Pumpkins!

Hello Room 2 friends! Welcome back to our blog! We LOVE all of our friends who come and check in with us each week.😊


It’s been a beautiful and wonderful week here in Room 2, full of fun activities and learning. Here are our highlights of the week!💫

On Monday and Tuesday, we had a fun cooking activity! Our friends made pumpkin donuts, and they were DELICIOUS!!🍩🍩🍩. **(And a very special Thank You to Dina for all her help! You are a blessing, Dina!💖)**



We also had a new friend of the week this week! Our friends had the chance to learn about our friend’s life and her favorite things! She also had lunch with her best friend at the Friend-Of-The-Week table! So fun.🌈🍴

Room 2 also had a fun science activity this week: dissecting Pumpkins!🎃 It was a fantastic opportunity for friends to get in there with their hands and explore how Pumpkins smell, feel, and what they are like on the inside! Some friends loved getting in there, while other friends were a little more hesitant. But everyone gave it a try, and the Room 2 teachers were so proud!


On Wednesday, Room 2 headed outside for our Big Field activity and we played a great game of Martian Tag! Friends went wild, playing on Miss Kira’s Team, The Martians, and Miss Wendy’s Team, The Rangers! 

During Morning Meetings, our story this week was “The Pumpkin Patch Parable,” and it told us the story of a farmer and his patience in growing his pumpkins, which were his favorite. The farmer eventually grows his best pumpkin and gives it a face, making it new, and he puts a candle in it, filling it with light. We learned that just like the farmer, God offers His children the chance to be made new, filled with joy and light for the whole world to see and know He is good. (2Corinthians 5:17)

It’s our heart’s desire that wherever you might be reading this, you will feel a part of the growth happening in Room 2. We are so deeply proud of each of our friends and the way they continuously show their teachers, and each other, that they are thriving, shining, and helping each other to love like Jesus does. We pray that you are drawn nearer to God’s loving heart each week as you check in with us, and we cannot wait to check in with you again next week!

Have a blessed week!

Your friends, 

Room 2.❤️ 

P.S. It was picture day this week! Our friends showed up to school in their Sunday Best! Can’t wait to see how the pictures turn out! In the meantime, here are some extra pictures we hope you’ll love!💕