Welcome to a New Year!

It is a brand new school year and we are so excited about all of the fun and learning that we are about to embark upon together!

We are a play based environment and we learn through play! Here are some photos of some of that fun/learning.

Thank you guys for such an awesome start to what is shaping up to be a fantastic year!

Summer on the Patio

Summer Fun in the Sun is off to a great start on the Older Pod Patio! At the water table, we’re working on fine motor—pouring, twisting on and off bottle caps and other practical skills. We’re also mixing primary colors to create secondary colors. This fun, hands on experience is the best way to build knowledge of color concepts.

We have also been Walking the Plank to practice balance and coordination. This on theme, gross motor activity has all our friends trying to keep their little toes safe from the sharks below. Our bodies and imaginations are working!

Painting, water beads, peg boards, dramatic play grotto, and so much more have all our friends exploring and growing together and it’s only week 2!

Checkout a few of our Room 3 friends taking a break from cooking in our dramatic play grotto to have a jam session on our pots and pans! This is a great demonstration of creative play— these friends found an alternative purpose for our materials and seized the opportunity to explore sound. They’re sharing space and materials effectively and developing an understanding of rhythm and music!

Fun in the Sun Week 1!

Fun in the Sun has been a lot of . . . fun! 🤩

While the preschool was closed the room has undergone a summer renovation. The look of the room has changed a lot and it was fun to see the children discover how things have changed.

We’ve fully embraced the ocean theme! 🌊

The children spent the first day exploring the changes in the classroom.

The submarine has seen lots of underwater adventures!

Kinetic sand has been a classroom favorite and we love finding shells. 🐚

The splash pad was a little slippery but so much fun!
Chapel with Mr. Tim is so much fun! We love dancing along to the videos.
The afternoons have been pretty warm so we have spray bottles to cool ourselves off with!
Bubble Party was a big hit!

So far the summer has been a blast and we anticipate what is yet to come!

Patio Fun in the Sun

We are ready for some fun in the sun! The older pod enrichment patio is an extension of rooms 1, 2 and 3– our three year olds, young fours and our pre-kindergarteners. Our littles are given the opportunity to flow in and out of their classrooms during their free choice play time. This gives them plenty of options to explore areas that peak their individual interests. Check out some of the play centers ready for our campers to enjoy!

The Grotto: A fun dramatic play, Cafe Experience
The Water Table
Small World Play: Under the Sea / Coral Reef
Sensory: Ocean Rice and Mermaids

We are looking forward to a fun summer full of water play, sensory exploration, building, bonding and growing in Jesus’ love for us!

Stackin’ on the Patio

Our friends on the older pod patio are having some fun with can stacking! This open-ended play activity is giving us an opportunity to practice team building, taking turns, body balance and hand-eye coordination. As we stack, we’re expanding our understanding of major math concepts like cause and effect, weight distribution and, of course, problem solving. Check out all the excitement!