Stackin’ on the Patio

Our friends on the older pod patio are having some fun with can stacking! This open-ended play activity is giving us an opportunity to practice team building, taking turns, body balance and hand-eye coordination. As we stack, we’re expanding our understanding of major math concepts like cause and effect, weight distribution and, of course, problem solving. Check out all the excitement!

Fun Run and Easter Parties!!

The week leading up to the Fun Run was full of anticipation! We got to go to the Big Field on the main campus and we made a day of it.

First we had a picnic snack! 😋
Then we got to run, skip and dance all around the field! It was so much fun!

The next day we had our first Easter party! We got to tell the story of Easter using Resurrection rolls and then and lunch we got to eat them.

Since it was a party we had to use our pretty tablecloths
Here are a few pictures of parent volunteers helping at Easter parties as well as other times.

We are so grateful that we got to celebrate Easter together and learn about how much God loves us and sent his son Jesus for each and every one of us.

Week of the Young Child

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Week of the Young Child! Here is a video that Ms. Faith put together to show some of the fun that we had.

Thank you for all that you guys did to make it a fun and special time!


There have been a lot of changes this month! We have started small groups again and there are so many birthdays. Here are a few pictures of our busy, busy month.

Small groups have been missed and we are so glad that we can do them again; we are counting and creating and learning!
Counting with ladybugs and mixing play dough are just a couple of activities that we have done lately. We learned that blue and yellow mixed together make a beautiful green.
We watched a short video about St. Patrick and how he taught others about God.
We also painted caterpillars using blue and yellow paint. Mixing is fun!
Outside is always lots of fun! We have an area for concerts and we love to dress up and sing.
A friend brought an egg and we got to dissolve it in water and see the surprise inside. It was fun and exciting!
We love looking at our caterpillars! They started so small and grow every day. We also love seeing our parent volunteers! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm.
Birthday celebrations are so much fun. We are glad we get to celebrate each birthday.
Even though we have clear skies we have been having fun with umbrella and pretending that it is raining.

We also had a visit from an orthodontist last week. He read us a book about how animals take care of their teeth and we talked about how we take care of ours. He also brought David the dinosaur and showed us how to properly brush our teeth.

All of this and the month isn’t even over yet! We are looking forward to all of the exciting things we have coming next and we will keep you all posted.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day has happened and it was all about love! ❤️💕💖💜 Loving each other, loving our families and loving God!

We still have ice in our yard from snow days! We have been playing with that still!
We decorated with hearts, hearts and even more hearts!
We made heart shaped pizza’s that we got to eat with our lunch.
The pizza’s were so good! 😁
The tables were pretty and the friends loved the decorations.
We enjoyed the pizza and the rest of our lunches!!
Two days of pizza! 😋

We enjoyed the pizza parties so much that on Wednesday we asked the teachers if we could make more pizza!!

Thank you all for everything you did to make our party days special!! We loved it all! 🥰

Snow Days!

Snow Days were so much fun! We got to throw snowballs at each other and go sledding and even made colorful snow. It was a blast and here are a few pictures of the fun!

Happy February!

We are so happy to be together again! This week, on the older pod patio, we’re enjoying a baby bubble bath activity. Check out our friends as they practice showing love to their babies, imitating all the love they have been shown by the ones who care for them.

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

We’ve also been hard at work painting, moving, building and exploring! Check us out!