Fall is Here!

In the studio, we learned all about the season of fall. We questioned why the weather changes, why it gets darker earlier, the changes of the colors in the leaves and we also talked briefly about the other 3 seasons. We then looked at all the different types of trees. And talked about how every tree has different types of leaves. Unique to each tree type God has created. They then painted their very own fall tree watercolor painting…

-Mrs. Monica

Room 2 Check-In: Fall!🍁🍂

Hi friends! Welcome back to Room 2’s blog post! We hope this finds you well and enjoying the fall season. Here in our classroom, we’ve really been enjoying all the fun activities and learning that comes with the fall season. God is so good and he’s been so faithful in our classroom.💫< b>< b>To start off, our small groups have been going wonderfully! Our friends have really been working hard at each activity, and have already shown lots of growth in their ability to focus and stay on task. Friends have been practicing their prewriting skills and have even given letters a try!📝We are SO proud of our friends for being so willing and excited to try and to not give up, even when the writing or drawing gets hard to do. We are working together as a team to continue building up our friends’ confidence to learn and take risks! One of our fun and risky activities this past week was digging into and dissecting a pumpkin!🎃It was so fun exploring a pumpkin’s insides and feeling all of the textures! Lots of friends stepped out of their comfort zone and went for it! So fun!😊We’ve also had so much fun during our outdoor times! One of our favorite activities was playing with a giant parachute! We loved seeing so many colors in the sun and Gavin our friends jump and dance. It was so beautiful!🌈
br>< so, today was an exciting day on our campus! We had our annual California Shake-Out! Thankfully, things went smoothly as we practiced our drills to prepare us for an earthquake. Our friends did so well! We are so excited for what’s ahead in the coming weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday! We know God is present and continues to lead us with grace and love as our friends grow and learn in their classroom. It’s been such a gift to watch them take the lead and grow more confident and more able. The last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about and memorizing Psalm 91:1. It’s so important to us that our friends really internalize God’s word and understand it to the best of their ability. We know that true identity of self is found in God’s word, so we want to continue to encourage growth in our classroom in this area as well. It’s pretty amazing, and we know that equipping them in this is a tool that they will have for the rest of their lives. We encourage you at home to join us in putting this to practice with us!
📖☺️ Until next time, everyone! Blessings and we’ll see you around!❤️

In His love, 

Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team.🍎

P.S. Enjoy the extras!📷🤗

A Rockin’ October for Room 5

We have had quite a fun introduction to fall this year! With lots of cooking, autumn sensory play, seasonal themed art projects, and new songs like “My Pumpkin Vine” to sing each day we have filled our classroom with the spirit of the Harvest Season!

Thanks to many families and teachers donating different kinds of pumpkins both great and small, we have cultivated a lovely little pumpkin patch right here in our room!

Each child has responded to the pumpkin patch in a different way. Some like to roll the pumpkins, pick them up, compare and contrast each pumpkin by weight and experiment with how much force it takes to complete various actions like rolling, lifting, swinging, or simply see how long they can hold it up in the air… it’s become a little like toddler weight lifting! Some friends like to line up and organize the pumpkins over and over in different ways. They will tell us, “This is the daddy, this is the mommy, and this is the baby”. This is kind of 2-year-old code for “large, medium, and small”. We’ve been using these awesome teachable moments to learn new vocabulary through describing the characteristics of the pumpkins. There are many words used to describe size, color, shape, weight, and texture. We like to encourage our youngsters to explore all these components of the tools in our room- in this case the tools are pumpkins. Adorable, festive, fall pumpkins. (If you would like to donate pumpkins or gourds to Room 5, be our guest! We have plenty of room in the patch!) We are not just working on language and literacy with our pumpkin patch. We are also growing in physical development like exercising our gross motor functions through lifting, tossing, and rolling pumpkins. We are learning early math concepts through sorting, classifying, ordering, and counting our pumpkins. We are also learning social and emotional skills through sharing, conflict negotiation, and through personal conversations like, “I have a baby pumpkin at my house and my Daddy has a pumpkin too!”. Each child has shared a little bit about the way their family celebrates fall while playing in our pumpkin patch.

October also had some great cooking projects including personal pizza week, where each child prepped, baked, and devoured their own personal English muffin pizza! We got to practice fine motor development when we spread the sauce, sprinkled the cheese, picked out and placed each topping, and finally pulled it all apart at the snack table! We learned about different tastes like salty, sweet, and spicy with our olives, pineapples, and pepperoni. We practiced a very important fruit of the spirit- self control- while putting our creations together and not simply eating all the ingredients right there at the table (I get it, pineapples taste good right of the can to me too!). It was a great learning experience that ended in full tummies and happy kids.

We can’t wait to share more of our fall fun at PCPS. For now, have a blessed day and keep checking back for more!




October 2017 Preschool News and Calendar of Events

Fall is in the air! With the smells of apple crisp and pumpkin delights filling our preschool kitchen, we know that autumn has arrived! In a few days, our yard and classrooms will be filled with pumpkins, gourds and fall festivity! Feel free to add to the fun by sending in interesting pumpkins, squash gourds and more as you come across them in the grocery stores.


Fall Field trip – Save the Date! November 14th to Underwood Farms

 We are excited to announce that our first field trip of the year will be a combined trip for Rooms 1, 2 & 3! We will need oodles of parents and chaperones, so please save the date and attend if you can (1 MVP per hour served as a driver or chaperone). Permission packages will be sent out soon!

Tell Your Friends! We LOVE our word-of-mouth referrals! Applications for NEW students are now open for 2018 -2019. Tell your friends to apply early! Thanks!

PCS Observation Day – October 12th @ 9:00 – If you are interested in PCS for your rising TK/Kindergartener, please come to one of our Observation Days. You will hear from Dr. Gray, view classrooms, and see us “in action!” Sign up online!

Site Work Day – October 28th – We love clean classrooms and a beautiful yard and parents love DOUBLE MVP hours! Please sign up to help us haul mulch, till sand and deep clean classrooms for double MVP hours! Sign ups for food are also available for single hours. CLICK HERE to help!





Moonlight Magic – October 13th – Last call for Moonlight Magic! Enjoy and evening out with family or friends while your little ones enjoy pizza and a movie at school. Last day to register for preschool is Monday, October 9th. BYH is sold out.

TK/Kindergarten Meet & Greet – Saturday, October 21, 10:00-11:00 am – Students who are age-eligible for TK &/OR Kindergarten in 2018-2019 are invited to join us in the morning of October 21st for a Kindergarten Meet & Greet. Parents and students are welcome! Please be on the lookout fro information from Betty St. Peter in the PCS admissions office.

Parent Conferences – Friday, October 27th – No School! – Please sign up for conferences in your child’s classroom. You will receive your child’s first Developmental Profile and will have a chance to chat about your child’s progress this year. Please make every effort to attend.


MVP Booklets/Hours: If you didn’t receive a YELLOW MVP booklet, please be sure to pick up one from the office. This is how we log our MVP volunteer hours. Each family is required to complete 10 hours. Thanks!


October 20 – Parents of Room 2


What a great group of Room Parents we have this year! We had a fabulous kick-off meeting last week and are excited for the year to come. Your child’s Room Parents will be reaching out to you throughout the year with volunteer opportunities, class activities and more. Many hands make light work…please remember to help out your Room Parents for a fun and enjoyable year!

Volunteer opportunities are available! Check back regularly as events are added as the year progresses.  Please follow this link: https://signup.com/group/1186271400029

Site Work Day Sign Up – Click Here


Classroom Sign-in Logs: Per state licensing regulations, a FULL & LEGIBLE SIGNATURE is required on our classroom sign-in logs. We can be fined for non-compliance of this, so please help us stay in compliance by signing your full signature each day. Thanks for your cooperation!

Siblings at School: If you bring a younger sibling to school during drop-off and pick-up, please keep them within arms reach at all times. This is also a state licensing requirement for which we can be fined.


October 4 – Sam

October 4 – Sarah

October 5 – Daisy


Thursday, October 12 – PCS Observation Day – Students entering TK / Kindergarten will want to attend 🙂

Friday, October 13 – Moonlight Magic!

Tuesday, October 17 & Wednesday, October 18 – Speech Screenings

Thursday, October 19 – California Great Shake Out Earthquake Drill – all school earthquake drill

Saturday, October 21 – Kindergarten Meet and Greet

Friday, October 27 – Parent Conferences – No School

Saturday, October 28 – Site Work Day

Thursday, November 2 – Observation Day

Saturday, November 4 – Fall Festival

Friday, November 10 – Veteran’s Day Holiday – No School

Thursday, November 16 – Observation Day

November 20 & 21 – Stone Soup Days

November 22 – 24 – Thanksgiving Holidays

November 30 – Grandparents’ Day!

Hip Hip Hooray! 

We had an amazing week singing our Hip-Hip-Hippopotamus song and talking about creation.  A highlight of our week was playing “Red light, Green light” on the Big Field. Overall, it was a fun week of playing and we can’t wait to see what awaits us next week.