Pumpkin Patch Painting

We looked at different pumpkins and gourds. We talked about the different characteristics we saw and colors. I also read them the story “Hello Fall”, by Deborah Diesen. This sweet little book celebrates all the wonderful things found in the fall season. They then painted their very own pumpkin patch painting. Enjoy! -Ms. Monica, Art Teacher

2020 News and Reminders

Stay in the know and don’t miss out on the amazing things happening on campus this month.

Farm Days – Wednesday, November 11th and Thursday, November 12th

We will be continuing the Harvest celebration with on-site farm themed activities for all the children over these two days. Songs, stories, games, and possibly some special animal visitors.

Veteran’s Day – Friday, November 13th


Veteran’s Day falls on Wednesday, November 11th this year so the preschool has elected to observe it on Friday, November 13th. We are so thankful and eternally grateful to all the men and women who have served our country and look forward to honoring both their sacrifice and service.

Stone Soup Days – Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th

Stone Soup Days are one of the biggest preschool events of the year. Based on the beloved children’s book, Stone Soup, each child brings a vegetable/food item to class to contribute to the community/class pot of soup. Your classroom teachers or Room Parents will let you know the details of how you can pitch-in and be a part of this wonderful preschool annual tradition.

Thanksgiving Break – Monday, Nov. 23rd to Friday, Nov. 27th


The preschool will be closed for Thanksgiving Break on the 4th week of November. We hope and pray that everyone has a fantastic time off reflecting, even during these difficult times, on what they are thankful for.

From our preschool family to yours’…

May God continue to bless, protect, guide, and grace you all with His presence, mercy, and love now and in the year to come, Amen.

Pajama Day!

Today was such a fun day! Room 3 had a awesome pajama day. Every single friend showed up in their pajamas! We played the floor is lava on the structure. And danced and danced in the wood chips.

We helped Ms. Sheri with a cooking project and had delicious pumpkin pancakes for snack today!!

Cooking with Ms. Sheri was so much fun.
Our pancakes were so good!
Some of our friends ate them before Ms. Kira could get pictures!

Our pajamas were so cool we had to take some pictures! We kept trying to jump in each other’s pictures.

Smiles for miles!
We love wearing pajamas at school.

We played on our patio and had so much fun running around!

We enjoyed playing with a car ramp and hanging rings all over our bodies!

It has been a very full day in Room 3 and a great way to end the week!

POP! Popcorn Experiment!

Popcorn! Who doesn’t like popcorn!? We had a wonderful week of studying corn! We studied the different parts of the corn along with the different ways corn could be used. And of course, we had to get some kernels to make popcorn! They used their 5 senses to describe the popcorn. It’s amazing how you can incorporate all 5 sense into popcorn-making! The popping sounds, the white-ish and yellow-ish colors, the buttery smell, the soft yet bumpy texture and most importantly, the delicious taste! We were able to record most of the experience for your enjoyment and appreciation!

Pajama Day!

What a way to end our short week! We were so relaxed in our very stylish Pjs. We enjoyed some red apple, green apple, yellow apple races outside and watched a short movie during lunch time. The children especially loved the movie since it was Leap Frogs Letter Factory and they love knowing the sounds of each letter. We also created masterpieces with orange playdough and pastels on black paper. Check it out.

Round Two of Eruptions… Pumpkin Eruptions!


This month we read many different apple and pumpkin books such as; “Up,up, up It’s Apple Picking Time” by Judy Flickes Shapiro, “The Biggest Apple Ever,” “The Biggest Pumpkin Surprise Ever!” by Steven Kroll, “The Apples on the Tree,” by Steve Metzger, “Plumpy, Dumply Pumpkin,” by Mary Serfozo, “Too Many Pumpkins,” by Linda White, “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything,” by Linda Williams and “ The Pumpkin Patch Parable,” by Liz Curtis Higgs. Some of these books are too long for some of our kiddos so we paraphrase them as we see fit. During circle time we picked special books to read and others were read through out the day.

Our pumpkin patch on the loft was decorated with all the pumpkins you all brought to class, it looks adorable.🥰 Today we all indulge in some popcorn and a movie and a gummy worm.

We Love Worship Time!

Preschool isn’t all about letters and numbers, worship is also an essential part of our curriculum! We worshipped with one of our Room 1 favorites, “Oh Hallelujah“ by Jana Alayra. We are able to incorporate music and movement while focusing on our spiritual growth. After worship, we had a moment of prayer, where our prayer helper lead us in a wonderful prayer!

The Best Apple Trees Around!