Session 3 is the Place to Be!

Room 5 has had a blast this month growing together in our VBS summer school “Passport to Learning” program! We have welcomed many new friends to school and are enjoy all the fun water play that summer has to offer!

We enjoyed a unit on France and Mexico, we had a private petting zoo, and our own outdoor fiesta complete with piΓ±ata and all! Next week while the preschool explores the culture of Germany, Room 5 will be taking a “layover” in Madagascar!

Here is a quick slideshow of the past two weeks… it’s been fun and fast!


We are forming wonderful loving bonds together in the younger pod as we play and worship together in the Lord’s name. Have a blessed weekend and stay cool everybody!

Switzerland in the Summer!

We’ve had a wonderful week with all our new friends in Room 5! We turned the dramatic play center of our classroom into a Swiss Chalet and Hot Cocoa Lodge to go with our Passport to Learning weekly theme of Switzerland! We extended the experience with a Frozen Hot Cocoa party this morning… it was just the pick-me-up we all needed to get our muscles pumping in the awesome Pump’n Splash playground in the Outdoor Classroom! 

The Frozen Hot Cocoa was kind of a big hit…

The Pump’n Splash playground was a S.T.E.M. learning paradise! Not only did we get awesome gross motor physical exercise, and stay cool in this summer heat- but we learned first hand lessons about weight and mass, suction, balance, force, and conservation! …A pretty fun way to learn about physics in preschool…

Have a safe and blessed Independence Day everybody, God Bless America! 

Session One is Done!

What a hot and fun summer it’s been so far! Room 5 has been busily enjoying the weekly themes and activities in our PCPS Passport to Learning program!

We’ve been to Alaska, Russia, and this week we took a layover in China! We can’t wait for all the fun and new cultures we get to learn about in our next session of summer camp! 😊

A Private Concert for the a Younger Pod!

Today we enjoyed a special up close and personal concert from one of our fabulously involved parents and family friend who happen to be incredibly talented concert musicians!! We had a counting lesson on the strings of the violin and the cello, learned musical vocabulary, and joined together in song as we were serenaded by our special guests! 

The younger pod extends a huge THANK YOU to Elliston’s mommy, Joo, for arranging and providing such a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience for the budding minds of rooms 4 and 5. Thank you!! 




Shamrockin’ 🎡

The younger pod had a fabulous Saint Patty’s day on Friday with green yogurt, courtesy of Mrs. Terri, lots of outdoor fun, and a special surprise visit from our dear friend Ms. Jessica who came with a very special gift for our studio!! 

We have been explaining the folklore around Saint Patrick’s Day to our little ones with the concept of “luck” and being “lucky” really meaning “blessed”. We’ve focused and talked at length about what a blessing is and what it means to be blessed- that we are all God’s children, brothers and sisters here to support and build one another up. We understand that we are here to enjoy the marvelous resources the Lord has set before us in our unique and individual ways as each one of us has been fearfully and wonderfully made, unique by God’s design. We put great importance on counting our blessings and living with an attitude of gratitude throughout life here on Earth. When we say we are “lucky” we truly mean blessed, and we are ever grateful for the grace of God, and for our brothers and sisters who let the Holy Spirit’s light shine so brightly through them. 

The teachers were blessed with an over the top “teacher treats” spread on Friday by the hard working Parents of Room 2, complete with a green St. Patty’s Day theme! What a marvelous way to end the week and enjoy the holiday. (Thank you Room 2 Parents!) πŸ’š

Rockin’ Room 5!Β 

The recording studio is alive and well in Room 5. We’ve had a blast extending our learning with guest visitors and an expanded play space! We read “Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin” by Lloyd Moss last week during circle time and were given a special concert and demonstration of the violin by the lovely and talented Mrs. Sarah from all the way up in Room 1! The kids and teachers were thrilled! One of our featured artists on the recording studio walls is Lindsey Stirling who plays violin and dances beautifully! Check out her videos on YouTube with your child and see how cool a traditional instrument like the violin can be!

We also expanded our practice space into the circle time and blocks area with the addition of microphones and a drum set! Now we have been having rocking jam sessions every morning. 

 (We love to break out the scarves and free dance to Lindsey Stirling!)
As usual we are also getting a great education in the outdoor classroom. Our bodies, minds, and social skills gain a hot of exercise outside! 

We are so grateful that some of our musically inclined parents have volunteered to give our little guys some immersive experiences with music and in our studio! Check back for updates on these exciting adventures in creativity and if you would like to donate your time/experience/old equipment or instruments to Room 5’s studio please let us know! Family involvement is one of the things that makes our school incredibly special. Until next time, rock on and peace out! ✌🏼 

Room 5’s Recording Studio…

The children in Room 5 are extremely musically inclined. All year they have turned activities with alternate focuses into musical ones. They see guitars and drum sets where their teachers put out wood blocks or tinker toys, and they are constantly making up songs together and requesting music to be played. We took the hint and turned our dramatic play center into a recording studio for our budding artists. 

The studio is a work in progress. Ms. Maggie is using all her resources to try and collect real working instruments for the studio. We are teaching the children about physics like how guitars and drums make their distinct sounds, why we tune our guitars, what force and speed do to our instruments. We are learning math through rhythm and tempo. The children are also learning to care for and respect instruments- we never leave them on the floor and we always put them back in their stands or cases when we are done. This will be an ongoing project for as long as our little ones continue to participate and show interest. If you have any old equipment (speakers, sound boards, headphones, instruments, etc.) you would like to donate to our studio please be our guest! These little guys love to make music and Ms. Maggie is very excited to teach them how to record themselves making their music. 21st century skills are in full effect in this new center! We will keep updating with our new additions and components to this multi-faceted learning center in our classroom. Stay tuned… Room 5’s album is dropping soon! 😊🎢