Learning through art

From snowmen to penguins-our room 5 friends are learning how to follow directions when placing the parts of the snowman or penguin on the paper.

We have been talking a lot about our head being on the top of our body, our feet on the bottom of our body and our arms on the sides of our bodies.

Each friend did a great job at their own stage of development. Enjoy!

Welcome to Room5!

After 3.5 weeks of school, we are adjusting to our new routines and teachers. 🤗 We have been doing a lot of water play these past days due to the extreme heat. These kiddos love our splash pad and exploring (and even tasting!!) ice. We look forward to our next adventures! Stay tuned. 🤗🤗

Snow much fun!

We have been having fun in room 5 both inside and out with different kinds of “snow”! We have explored snow and arctic animals inside and scooping/pouring flour-snow outside on the yard. The kids have really enjoyed all the different textures both soft and cold.

Room 5 fun

We have been quite busy in Room 5! We have been painting, building, practicing letters, dancing, singing and so much more! Most of all we have been welcoming many friends into our class. 💜💙

Welcome to a New School Year! 2021-22

We are so excited to meet our new students this week! We are praying for each and every family for a safe and healthy year! See you Wednesday!

Blessings from the Room 5 teachers!

(From Right to Left) Ms. Erin (Lead Teacher), Ms. Ana (Associate Teacher), Mrs. Irma (Associate Teacher) and Mrs. Yasmin (Associate Teacher)


This week we have been doing lots of planting 😁 we have planted two kinds of lettuce, cucumber, yellow squash, peas, beets, radish and sunflowers. We are excited to take care of our plants and watch them grow. Stay tuned for updates.