This week has been a loud week, hehehe! We took out different kids of instruments maracas, tambourines, guiros, bells and coffee cans to use as drums and of course the musicians. Oh, boy! They had a great time shaking, tapping and playing different tunes. The kids loved it.

The kids are always open and willing to try new stuff.

Snow cone, snow cone, I want a snow cone? I am telling you the kids loved Tuesdays.

Playing in the sand is always a favorite in our class too. They specially enjoy it when is wet and they can mold it or can creat different things such as cake, soup or a drink for their favorite teacher.

Room 1 Fun in the Sun – Week 7

Discovery Centers

Small Groups

Week 6! The Pirate Pals

This week was our Pirate week! We looked for treasure in the quarry and ran from sharks in the structure area. We wore our best Pirate clothes and had fun!

Snow Cones are always well loved 🥰!
We love playing with each other and building and creating. On Wednesday we celebrated a birthday (Mine!) and we had popsicles. Thanks for celebrating with me everyone! 💕
Thursday was our official Pirate Party day! There were so many awesome Pirate outfits!
It was so hot we had popsicles in the afternoon as well.
Mr. Tim came and read us some Pirate stories while we ate afternoon snack.
Today our internet wasn’t working so we didn’t get to watch Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Instead we watched Where the Wild Things Are, Goodnight Gorilla and a Mickey Mouse short as well as a couple of music videos from chapel songs.


Six fun weeks have passed and the kids are looking forward to what is to come the next day. As you may know the big yard has been split into two sections this school year, because of CIVID.

One section is divided where the kids can use and enjoy the bikes, dig in the sand and do many diferent fun water activities.

The other section is divided at the wood chips where the kids can enjoy climbing on the structure, use the contraction zone, plant or water the garden, use the manipulative tables and use the water tables for the kids to keep cool. Every week we rotate the use of the yard with class room #5. The kids are now familiar with the schedules.

Lots of fun things happen inside our class room and outside. Ms. Kristen enthusiastically plans and sets up incredible and amazing patio.


Garden news. YES! Carrots in the Summer. The kids were watering the garden and saw the orange color of the carrots coming out of the ground. They got a chance to pull the carrot out, washed it and enjoy the sweet taste of our fresh carrot, planted and cared for by room 4 kids.

“SPIRIT DAY,” we have Chapel with Mr. Tim on Wednesday’s. Our Verse “This is my Son whom I dearly love: I find happiness in him.”

Week 5!

It’s the 2nd half of summer and what a week it has been! We watched a movie (Octonauts), ate popcorn, danced to chapel songs, had a bubble party, listened to Tiny Bubbles, played with water, had snow cones and homemade popsicles!

We learned about when John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Someone told a story about being baptized by their mom by being dunked in a pool!
We watched Octonauts!
Homemade popsicles were a hit! 100% fruit juice for the win!
Just a few friends taking a bite out of Ms. Kira’s cheeseburger backpack.

Thank you all for another fun filled week! This week we are gearing up for Pirate Week! We have been treasure hunting in the quarry and we look forward to a week filled with pirate adventures.

Room 1 Fun in the Sun- Week 6

Discovery Centers

Small Groups

Pirate Day (Thursday)

Today we had a special reader for Pirate Day. Thank you, Mr. Tim!

Week 4. . . Halfway through

This summer feels like it’s flying by! Week 4 is already done!

Tuesday is always a favorite day! 😁 With water play and snow cones it is no big surprise why.
We have so much fun playing together. Every day we get to use our imaginations in new and exciting ways!
We watched Bubble Guppies and ate popcorn. 🍿 ( some of us wanted a longer movie. . . maybe next time 😉)
The playhouse is still a big crowd pleaser. We have tea parties and luncheons together.
Even in the heat we love running all over!

So far it has been a fun summer and it feels like it is just zipping by. Thank you for all the fun we have had and we look forward to the rest of summer! 🌞


In class we had a fantastic time discovering items that sink and float in our big water sensory table.

Our Pump-and-Splash was an exciting activity to enjoy outside. We had large, medium and small barrels of water to discover their mechanical function. Yes! These barrels can be cranked to the right for a great big splash surprise and other barrels can be pumped up an down to watch the floating ducks move through the pipes. So much fun!😄

Water play is always available to keep the children cool in one way or another.

The kids take their sweet time eating those Snow cones.😋

It is so much fun to come into the patio and enjoy all the hands on activities Ms. Kristen has enthusiastically set up for the kids. Hooray! for Ms. Kristen🥰

We read short pirate books, decorated our treasure chest and made pirate hats for this week. We also displayed a pirate ship with our kids photos on the window for you to enjoy.