The Moon at Preschool!

The students learned about Lunar New Year and how the celebration lasts 15 days because it follows the phases of the moon. This prompted the children to become very interested in the moon. They started to notice it more when we were outside. We quickly changed our curriculum to learn about the moon using OREO’s! It was a hit! The kids made moon sand, learned about the phases with the moon by using/eating Oreos and the letter “M,” for Moon! Sometimes we still find the kids making phases of the moon with their ritz crackers or in the sandbox!

Winter In Room 2

January was full of winter activities! The kids had a great time exploring ice and doing Winter themed activities. We did science projects by making snow and experimenting with salt and ice! We read Winter stories and about how trees change during the Winter and art projects to follow.

A Day in Room 2

We are off to a great start in Room 2! Our friends are acclimating nicely to their new classroom, getting to know some new friends and reconnecting with classmates from last year. Check out some highlights from our first couple weeks together.

At morning meeting, we pick classroom helpers, discuss the calendar, sing songs and pray together.

We read our Bible and interact with exciting props to solidify the concepts and themes in the stories.

When we play—we’re thinking, building, creating, problem-solving, socializing, developing language, using negotiation skills and exploring the world around us!

Small group time is a great opportunity for us to practice attention maintenance, following directions and learning how to engage in fun learning activities pertaining to language literacy, fine motor development, color concepts, shapes, sorting, patterning, science exploration, gross motor development and much more!

We even get to enjoy “the big field” at the elementary school! We do gross motor activities and play fun games like Red Light, Green Light and What Time is it Mr. Fox?

We’re already making huge leaps in our ability to connect print and storytelling! Check out this video of some Room 2 friends using our writing center white board to recreate some familiar stories. AMAZING!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1

Fun Before Winter Break

Last week we had our Grandparents Day and annual Happy Birthday Jesus celebration. A big thank you to everyone that came out and made it all the more fun.

On Monday and Tuesday we had our pajama and hot cocoa day. We got to watch a Christmas movie and have fun all day relaxing in our cozy pajamas!

And to top it off, our very own Mr. Tim came and read to us “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in his awesome Grinch pajamas. Hope everyone has a wonderful winter vacation celebrating Jesus and remembering the true reason for this season ! ❤️🎄

Christmas Spirit in Room 2!

This week in the afternoon we got to decorate our Christmas tree in Room 2! One by one we hung up the ornaments to make our tree colorful. Now our classroom is “beginning to look a lot like Christmas.”

At the big yard’s dramatic play center our friends got to dress up like the shepherds who came to visit baby Jesus.

For the “12 days of Christmas” our friends wore fun Christmas hats and headbands to show Christmas spirits! Look how darling we look. We love Christmas time at PCS!

Autumn Nature Walk

Room 2 friends enjoyed an autumn nature walk on the PCS campus this past week. After a blustery night before, there were oodles of fall ‘goodies’ to be found…seed pods, (almost) colored leaves, sticks, and more! The children picked up several bags of natural items, then came back to create beautiful fall collages. It was a perfect fall day!