September in Room 2

September has been a blast! We’ve been hard at work in Room 2. Check out some highlights from our month together.

In small groups, we’ve done fun things like drawing our family portraits, shape sorting, making “shape soup,” creating shape sun catchers, apple sorting to recognize the letters Aa and Bb, dot counting, color mixing with play dough and more!

On Wednesdays, we walk over to the elementary school where we get to enjoy “The Big Field.” We get our bodies moving with gross motor activities that build coordination and cooperative skills.

As we play, we’re building friendships, gaining knowledge about the world around us, using fun materials that help shape us into thinkers, artists, engineers, storytellers, caring family members and so much more!

Most importantly, we’re learning God’s word! We love singing our Bible memory verse songs. Having God’s word in our heart is the most important and most effective way to grow socially and emotionally. It’s the roadmap we use to navigate how we interact with God and with others. We highly recommend singing along at home to: Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in your Heart Vol. 1 and 2

We’re so happy to see our friends growing together. As we head into a new season, we’re excited for all the fall fun ahead!


How many children have been in our care since the beginning of our grand opening? Too many to count. 🥰Our first students are either entering college or entering a promising career. We celebrate and thank all the parents and spiritual leaders who helped guide their future and Plant a strong Christian seed.

On this 2020 school year many things are challenging us CovinaVirus, fires and earthquakes but with God’s will and grace we are standing strong. State regulation allowed us to open our doors with half of our classroom ratio and slowly we will be getting back to our full capacity. The children who are joining us are happy to be here exploring, learning our classroom routine, getting to know each other and learning about personal space 🙂. They are two, even as adults we are still learning about personal space.😀

The Preschool Turns 20!

Happy Anniversary!!

On Thursday, September 10th, 2000, Pasadena Christian Preschool opened its doors for the first time. Over the last twenty years the Preschool has had three directors, four assistant directors, a plethora of lead/associate teachers, and has served thousands of children and families. It is with immense pride and unrestrained excitement that we celebrate the preschool’s 20th Anniversary! Pasadena Christian Preschool is thrilled to have served our community for so many years and looks forward to continuing to serve. We know that with the love, grace, and guidance of God, Pasadena Christian Preschool will remain a shining beacon in the field of early education.

On this momentous occasion, we would especially like to extend our deepest thanks and profound gratitude to the preschool teachers/staff whose humble services and hard work comprise the heart of our preschool. In particular, we would like to thank Ms. Daisy and Ms. Silvia who have been vital members of our preschool staff since the very first day twenty years ago.

Our amazing 2020-2021 teaching team.

In closing, Pasadena Christian Preschool would also like to thank all the students and families that call us home and who have made/make up our amazing preschool community. Thank you for all of the wonderful years together, we literally wouldn’t have been/be here without you. Here is to 20 more years.

Black & White Abstract Painting

Painting in black and white and removing color is a great way for the little artist/student to concentrate on elements such as lines, composition, brush strokes and their drawing. Focusing on the image as a whole and creating movement is what I encouraged them to do. We also talked about what was a continuous line and how to achieve that in your art. We looked at other artists work in black and white. They were inspired by the work and were eager to create their very own art. Enjoy! Mrs. Monica

Fun in Room 5!

Hello from Room 5!!

We have had a very busy first 2 weeks of school! We have been playing outside; running around, dancing (especially to baby shark!) and of course popping bubbles!! Our friends in Room 5 LOVE bubbles! We have also been splashing in our water tables and watering our new plants outside on our patio!

Inside our classroom we have been busy cooking in dramatic play, stamping and coloring in our writing center and building with blocks in the block area. Again, music is a BIG part of our day! We like to dance and sing silly songs. We just started painting inside on the easel and our friends have been exploring the paint with their hands…and even their arms!!!

We are having lots of fun and we hope you enjoy our pictures below!

Blessings from Room 5