Shine with the Light of Jesus

The month of October has come to an end and we in Class 4 did so many fun things with apples, pumpkins and many other fall items.

Cooking pumpkin power balls and pumpkin delight dessert while learning math and science at the same time was as sight to see and enjoy. Discovering and exploring different kinds of fall items was fun and messy! Reading different books and exposing children to new language and information was educational; among the books we read were “The Pumpkin Parable,” “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever,” “Pumpkin Patch Blessing,” and “Too Many Pumpkins.” We painted with Indian corn with fall colors and enjoyed our mini pumpkin patch! 😊We finished with a bag…YES, we were part of The Great California Shake Out.🤗 We practiced in class then we did the big practice by joining the big school.


Welcome to our first weeks of school! We are very excited to have seen your children in Room 4.  Their beautiful minds are learning and exploring new things every minute. They are doing very well getting to know each other, playing, discovering and getting familiar with their surroundings, friends and teachers.

You may not see or hear any more crying, but as you know, every child is different. We had a long weekend and your child may not understand why are they coming back to school after being home for so many days. It is hard to understand why it happens but some children may or may not cry as they come back to school from the holidays. It is perfectly normal if they do cry they are processing their feelings. Don’t worry !!!!!!

During these past few days the children explored and visited many areas of play in class as well as outside.

Have a  look and see your child/children in action. 😊

Le France ‼️

What an exciting week we had as we explored France 🇫🇷 Our children got familiar with their flag and had the chance to make one. They learned organization by keeping blue on the left and red in the right, all while learning to distinguish their colors and keeping the middle part white. We let the children extend their creativity by having wooden blocks available and an Eiffel Tower on the center of the table. From this inspiration, the children created their very own Eiffel Tower. Adding more fun for our little tourists, we made some delicious crepes😋 We are so blessed at PCS! We even had farm animals come to US! While some children preferred to admire from afar, others had the chance to go inside and touch the animals! It was such a great adventure at the big school!!

And of course, can’t forget about our weekly fun in the water 😜



Hot dogs, chips and watermelon was our special Friday lunch to celebrate the 4th of July!We had a lot of children coming back from a long weekend talking about fireworks and how loud and bright they were. Our discussion inspire our little artists with marble painting.​                                                  Walking to the big school for our weekly VBS     🙏🏻☺️                                                                              In our class we all made jelly sandwiches and cut them into a ⭐️ shape mmmmm!😋


It has been such a hot week! But, that didn’t stop us from having fun in the sun. Taking advantage that the older pod went on a field trip, the younger pod spent a beautiful afternoon on the big yard. We had the chance to take a dip in the pools, go down the water slide, and enjoy each other’s company. In honor of exploring Norway, our class made delicious Krumkake😋 Our little chefs were so excited about measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients. However, the best part was eating them along with blueberries and jam! Fri-yay came too soon! We enjoyed this warm day at the big school. Our children and teachers had the chance to go in a water bouncy house! Yay! Each and every smile is a blessing to us and we thank the Lord for being part of the children’s development🙏🏻 

We pray for more joyous moments like these❤️❤️

Magical Moments…..

Well with two weeks of Summer Camp under our belts we are in full swing! Today was simply magical at PCS! We had a very special visitor today, The Amazing Dave! No, no he’s not our newest staff member. He is a magician! We trotted over to the library on the “Big School” campus, our favorite walk, to see a magic show! We laughed, screamed, oohed and ahhed ( we didn’t however get a T-Shirt). Lots of our friends got to volunteer to help with the magic tricks and let their lights shine. We even got to bring home a book of magic tricks to try on you folks! 😜. A great time was had by all! We also enjoyed swimming, snow cones, a Russian fairy tale movie, Veggie Tales, and Beef Stroganoff this week! Whew! Next week it’s on to Norway, Viking style! Well, Christian Vikings anyway….God Bless till we meet again 😍