Magical Moments…..

Well with two weeks of Summer Camp under our belts we are in full swing! Today was simply magical at PCS! We had a very special visitor today, The Amazing Dave! No, no he’s not our newest staff member. He is a magician! We trotted over to the library on the “Big School” campus, our favorite walk, to see a magic show! We laughed, screamed, oohed and ahhed ( we didn’t however get a T-Shirt). Lots of our friends got to volunteer to help with the magic tricks and let their lights shine. We even got to bring home a book of magic tricks to try on you folks! 😜. A great time was had by all! We also enjoyed swimming, snow cones, a Russian fairy tale movie, Veggie Tales, and Beef Stroganoff this week! Whew! Next week it’s on to Norway, Viking style! Well, Christian Vikings anyway….God Bless till we meet again 😍

Our first 2017 Summer fun

We are very happy to see all your little ones back to enjoy a “fun adventure this summer.” We also welcome our new little face and invite you to have a look at our 1st week of summer. 

The Firefighters are Here! :-)

We had a super terrific fun visit from the Pasadena Fire Department today! They backed up their truck and ambulance into the driveway and brought us all over to take a picture by the fire truck. Then, Firefighter Mark showed us how they dress up in all their special gear! He explained to the kiddos that even though they look scary in their fire clothes they should not be scared because they are there to help  them. Then we got to meet each firefighter! There were five men and one woman firefighter! One of our girls has already decided that firefighting is the career for her! 😉 Then we were invited to see the engine and the ambulance! Boy, do they have a lot of goodies in there! Sadly, we had to say goodbye. I’m not sure who was more upset the students or the single teachers! 😂 Here’s a look see…..

Thank you Ms. Cindy for arranging this amazing event. Dressing up, singing and  reading all about  firefighters eased the children into this event.


Gung Hay Fat Choy: Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

Yesterday and today room 4 celebrated Chinese New Year with some traditional foods and fun music and crafts. Mrs. K and her sister and brother in law, along with another grandma, came to help us celebrate. One of our mommies whipped up some delicious dumpling filling and grandma taught us how to “paint” dumpling wrappers with water, place a scoop of filling in the middle and pinch them to seal. After, these dumplings were ready for the hot water. Grandma also blessed our classroom with a lovely Chinese calendar and a golden dumpling box! We enjoyed the dumplings as part of our morning snack dressed with soy sauce! Yum!! Mrs K put together an adorable rooster craft that the kiddos loved putting together! We got lots of help and dumpling tutoring from aunt and uncle. We even had a surprise drop-in by another mommy! Thank you to all who helped make our celebration a success!

Kickin’ Off 2017!

Welcome back, friends! We have missed every child so much and it brings us such great joy to see everyone back. We hope you all had a great break and are ready to start this new year!

The children are so excited to be using a new tool for cutting paper…scissors! Scissors have become very popular in Room 4😎. Given the cold weather, the children have explored the polar bears’ habitat with ice and cold water! We’ve had an awesome start to 2017, we are excited to see what other plans God has for us and to watch our little ones grow so much more🙏🏻😊 .

Here’s a peek of what has been going on inside Room 4 😜.

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