In class we made red and gold dragons with construction paper, with this activity we learn about sequence. We also made red and golden fans.

We read fun books and learn Mandarin words and numbers one to ten from Ms. Melissa

In class we Cooked fried rice it was fun experience, all the children got to put something in the wok and they heard the sizzling sound. “It was tasteful!” Heidi and Kevin (Evelyn’s mom and dad) graciously shared a book “Bringing In the New Year,” dumplings and egg roll as well to have for snack in the class.


Reading the Bible story “Jesus loves the little children (Matthew 18:1-14) captured the children’s attention. Specially where Jesus said “Let the children come to me and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to persons like them.” We are very happy to see how fast our kids learn the song “Jesus Love Me,” along with hand motions for our song.

Our Valentines Day Celebration was adorable. All the children got a chance to distribute their valentine cards, decorate our sugar cookies and enjoy fresh fruit as a morning snack

January News

Way to have fun inside our class. We had a chance to explore the freezing ice blocks and watch it slowly Melt in the sun.


Welcome to “2021.” We pray that you all had a healthy and safe celebration.

As we come back from a long vacation some of the kids will be experiencing separation anxiety, It’s very normal. The children probably enjoyed their special time with you and they probably would like to stay in bed a little longer, keep their pj’s on all day or just cuddle with mommy or daddy. We would probably like to do that too. 😃

January is a good time to talk about the cold weather since is cold outside and everyone is wearing jackets. We have on display winter books such as; “All You Need for a Snowman,” “Snowballs,” “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow,” “When it starts to Snow,” and “Snowmen at Night.” We are making fun winter arts and craft and have turned our Christmas tree into a giant snowman.

“Building a Water Bottle Snowman”
“Igloo Winter Scene”

Returning to school is fun. We get to ask the kids What did you do all these days at home? We had some that said; We went to church, we had dinner, we open presents and some who said we drank hot coco or went on an airplane. They had a lot to say and let me tell you our goal was to hear their words and collective minds, patiently waiting for their turn to tell us their stories .

“Our Giant Snowman”

With prayers to God, we wish you a year full of hope, surprises, blessings, health, peace and happiness.


Here we are making a fall wreath and Practicing fine motor skills, they are peeling the paper off the sticker and placing fall items on the paper plate an simple,and easy activity that will help good practice and strengthen the young children’s hand a skill used in pre- writing skills.

The things that class 4 said they were thankful for. They brought tears to our eyes. We asked each child; Why are you thankful for? Penelope, Carter and Charles, “I am thankful for my mommy.” Caden, “I am thankful for my sister, mommy and daddy.” Eden,”I am thankful for my daddy bring me to school.” Evelyn,“ I am thankful for my teacher.” Isaiah,“I am thankful for my sister in mommy’s tummy.” JulietteI am thankful for my family.” Lucas, “I am thankful for soup.” Rune, “I am thankful for the trees.” Even at this age they are capturing what a blessing it is to have Jesus in their life.


Thank you parents for supporting us in this long time tradition at Pasadena Christian Preschool. There are many versions to stone soup and the shortest story for class 4 is “Fox Tail soup,” Thank you for bringing all the vegetables and sides. The kids had fun chopping and tasting them. The soup was delicious and all the kids seemed to enjoy the soup. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week, stay safe and may God bless you and your family.

Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good. Psalms 106:1