Well here we are January “2022.”We had some rainy, cold windy weather. Our typical, normal California winter. We turned our Christmas tree into a giant snowman. We added giant eyes, a nose, and dressed him in a scarf, hat and gloves. Everyday the kids would change his looks and dressing the snowman took creativity.

Our ice melted in the jar

GOODBYE “2021”

December was a short and busy month for us at the pre-school. The kids painted special Christmas canvas to send home for mom and dad, they made Christmas decorations to display in class, office and the big yard. We learned songs to sing for all our grandparents and for Happy Birthday Jesus. Our Bible story for the month of December was from the Beginner’s Bible, “The Christmas Story,” Luke 1:26-28. We reviewed the stories , sang “Way down in a manger,””Jingle bells,” and listen to many Christmas songs. Brought art, flannel stories, creative dramatic dress up and playing with little people Nativity set our class connected more with the meaning of Christmas.

Questions to ask your children: Luke 1:26-38 “What is the angel’s name? Gabriel.“ “What did Gabriel tell Mary? She’s going to have a baby.” “What is the baby’s name? Jesus.“ “What did Gabriel told Mary? With God everything is possible.” Luke 2:1-7 Baby Jesus is born: Mary and Jose went to Bethlehem. “What did Mary ride on to Bethlehem? Donkey.” There was no room in the Inn. “Baby Jesus was born in? Stable.” “Where did baby Jesus sleep in? A Manger.


Who is coming,who is coming to our pre-school? Grandparents of course. It was such a blessing and good feeling to enjoy the company of our lovely grandparents. It felt a little closer to our normal life.

The kids were happy and did an amazing job at singing our songs.


We had pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, and a goose visiting us at he pre school. Before their visit we read books about farm animals, sang songs and watch animal videos on YouTube. Having the real thing here at PCS was a treat.


Thanksgiving is for giving thanks and being grateful for all that we have. In classroom #4 we are blessed by our kids and their parents.

Stone Soup was a fun and amazing event. It was a special time together shopping vegetables sharing and enjoying each other’s company.

May God bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving.


We planted sunflowers in our garden, we have been caring for them for many weeks. The children always remind us to water them and to make sure there are no bugs eating them.

Oh, Yes! these seeds came from the flowers we planted last year. Our kids were very patient and alert, waiting and waiting for something to happen. It was so exciting for us to hear from some of the kids “ we see something coming out,” and them pointing out to the sprouts that appearing out from the ground. The sunflowers now measure about six to twelve inches tall.


Ms. Jen (Silas’s mom) was happy to dedicate her valuable time at our school and make an art project with all the classes in the art studio. Each classroom had a time slop to use the studio and make a special fall art activity. Your little ones enjoyed their time learning new language (squeeze and release), colors and the function of how to use an eye dropper.


Fall is here and we have decorated our class with pumpkins of all size, shapes and textures. Thank you parents for bringing all the assorted and fun fall items. Fall is in our class and outside our yard.

We have many books and the kids love to turn the pages, look at the pictures and make up words that go along with the book they choose. Here are some of their favorite books, “Little acorn,” ”In the middle of Fall,” “The Biggest Apple Ever,” “I Love Fall,” “Hedgehugs,” “Plumpy, Dumply, Pumpkin,” ”Penguin and Pumpkin,” “Apples and Pumpkins,” and ” The Little old lady who was not Afraid of Anything,”


What an exciting Monday. We were thrilled to see the Pasadena firefighters come and visit our school, they brought all their very important gear and the big RED truck. All our kids were good listeners, answered questions and saw the fire man put on his uniform. We got to give him hi five and take pictures with them.

Thank you to all the essential workers out there for reaching out in one way or another to put a smile on our kids face.


We have been singing, reading and dressing up as firefighters, the kids have also been enjoying the fire trucks and others fire fighting gear in the dramatic station. These activities lead us to today’s presentation by Battalion Chief Jeff Ragusa (Room #1 parent). He did so good with our kids.