Fun things we did before our two fun days with snow at PCS. We read books about snow such as “ What do snowmen do at night,” “ The Snowy Day,” “ The Jacket I Wear In The Snow,” “The First Day of Winter,” and “All You Need for a Snowman.”

With this book “WHAT DO SNOWMAN DO AT NIGHT,” many of our kiddos had their own idea on what snowman did at night. Some kids Said; “ They don’t sleep.” or “ They don’t play because they can’t move. “That’s silly.” “ If you give them hot coco they are going to melt.”
We identified arctic animals and played with ice in the sensory bins, observed and discussed with the kids what happened to ice when it was under the sun. We painted Beanies on the easel and used our fine motor skills to put pompoms on our snowman shaped bottles.
The Kids got creative with our large, medium and small boxes, they built high, sorted boxes by size or by decorations. Their creativity had many different forms, angles and kinds of snowman.
Ice block truck and a snow making machine.