Everything’s Coming Up, Moses!

This week we have been learning about the way God helped baby Moses by saving him and having the princess find him so he could be safe and live in the palace. We taught about this in chapel this week and all your kiddos did a terrific job! Today we made a baby Moses snack: Chow Mein treats for the hay, inside a cupcake liner basket complete with a mini marshmallow to represent Moses’ body, and an M&M for his head. Your little blessing will be bringing this home to share with you 😉. We also painted the Nile river and placed baby Moses in it. After all this Moses talk we decided to have a hand at parting our own sea, or swimming pool as the case may be 😜. The water was reluctant to part, but a great swimming time was had by all!

A Fabulous Second Week of Summer Fun! 

The children had a blast during their second week of summer camp. Their excitement was evoked by numerous different activities such as art, water play and the ever so sought after bouncy house. That wasn’t all though, we also had the pleasure of having a dancer come on campus and show us the delight that is Armenian folk dancing. Overall the children enjoyed our Noah’s Ark themed week. Now the question is, how much more fun can they have during Island Paradise?

A Wonderful Week 2! 

Room 5 had a wet and wonderful second week of our Fun in the Sun Summer Camp!

We got creative using math and color matching to glue fruit loops onto the corresponding rainbow lines as we recalled the story of Noah’s Ark. We had our very own cardboard Ark in the dramatic play center stocked with plush animals two by two! Some of our friends got creative with the leftover fruit loops and made cereal smash art!

We stayed cool during the heat wave by ramping up the outdoor water play, and closed out the week with a day of fun in a bouncy house! Everybody jumped, took turns, and worked up a healthy sweat with a big smile. Most importantly we all stayed hydrated and praised the Lord for the water that keeps us going. As we all continue to conserve water in this drought we have come up with fun ways to conserve water and remain cool in the heat!

What a blessing it is to learn and love the Lord together as we delight in his creation all summer long!

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” -Psalm 37:4 (ESV)

Fiesta Week in Room 2! 

Our summer program is off to a great start with “Fiesta” week! The children have been enjoying songs in Spanish, Alabare, and Spanish finger plays by Jose-Luis Orozco. They made salsa and on Thursday they got to hit a piñata! We ended the week with Mr. Lucas playing his marimba for us. Even though it was a gloomy week we still squeezed in some water fun! 

The Fiesta in Room Five!

The first week of our Fun in the Sun summer camp has been fantastic in Room 5! The theme was “Fiesta!” this week, and our youngest room celebrated it faithfully!

We created maracas and tambourines, read stories about Hispanic culture, scooped and counted beans with festive spoons and “cactus cups”  in our sensory bin, and had a blast hanging out on “Fiesta Beach” in our classroom!

For our Bible story this week, we focused on Creation in Genesis 1! Our little ones got to experience their first trip to Chapel Wednesdays in the library on the PCS “big school” campus! How exciting it was to journey onto the campus next door and congregate with their fellow preschoolers in the beautiful library, decorated as a “Surf Shack”, to hear the word of the Lord from the teachers and students in Room 2, who hosted our Chapel this week!

We met “Snappy” the crab- our VBS mascot, and learned about the wonder of God’s Creation! Room 5 also really enjoyed dancing and singing praise together as we learned our new VBS worship songs.


Outside we were busy staying cool. Ms. Cindy knows how to keep our young ones excited and engaged while learning how to enjoy the heat! We danced and played in the sprinklers, pumped colorful water into sorting devices, and bonded together as we got our daily dose of vitamin D- drying off in the warm sunshine.

The fun never stops here at preschool… next week we are learning about Noah’s Ark and the Great Flood!