Apple sampling activity: we cut three different kinds of apples, Granny Smith, red delicious apples and gala apples. The kids got to taste all three kinds of apples and some of their comments were, “red apples are sweet”,” “green apples are sour,” “I like the red ones,” and “I like green, they’re tasty, “ “ I like the crunchy apple.
Marble painting
We Painted apples by rolling big marbles with red, yellow and green paint.
Apple printing with friends

Cooking apple dumplings was a special treat. It was also a good activity for the kiddos to exercise their listening skills, be patient, and follow directions.

Spreading our dough, rubbing the butter adding brown sugar and wrapping our apples like a baby a well accomplished task by all our cooks.
The end result was rewarding and delicious.


We have had an amazing start, most of our kids have adjusted to our class and their peers. We are learning many interesting things about all our students. The activities we have offered in our class have given us insight and extra tools to use when planing for our next lesson plan in our class. It’s fun to see them playing and learning at the same time.

Exposure to fall items and colors
—- Learning about lines —
Dressing up,large motor skills, fine motor skills and social skills
We love our outdoor play areas!
Building community and creating memories in our dramatic play area.
They found pet rocks, adorable.
Putting together our matching colored bottles by adding food dye to water; so much fun!
Creating long-lasting friendships; “friends help each other, yes they do!”

News and Reminders 2022

We are already four weeks into another school year and having a great time! You might say we’re “Fall”ing into the fun!

Preschool Chapel – Friday, September 9th

Our first chapel of the year is here! For our first chapel together we focused on the Creation Story. God made the mountains, God made the sea, God made the animals and God made you and me!

Art with Ms. Angela

We have officially started having art with Ms. Angela in our Art Studio. Each classroom has a special pull out time to go visit Ms. Angela and explore, create, and express their own individual artistic skills.

MVP and the Parent Teacher Fellowship at the Preschool

The MVP program is in full swing. Many families have started to sign up to volunteer or donate. We are so grateful for the generosity of our families and their willingness to bless us. There will be many more opportunities to participate over the year ahead including:

  • Parent Sight Work Day – Saturday, October 8th
  • Apple Pumpkin Days – October 27th and 28th
  • Stone Soup Days – November 21st and 22nd
  • Happy Birthday Jesus – Saturday, December 10th

These are just a few of our larger preschool events but there will also be smaller classroom opportunities for volunteering or donation. Our amazing teaching staff will keep you informed of how you can participate.

Another wonderful way to participate at the preschool is to become a Room Parent. Room Parents are instrumental in helping spread information about various volunteer opportunities as well as gentle reminders of upcoming events. Room Parents aren’t expected to do it all but they do add another layer to classroom communication and clarity. If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent, please be sure to speak with your classroom teachers. We will be holding our first Room Parent Meeting soon.

CLICK HERE to see this year’s MVP Program Guidelines.

CLICK HERE to see MVP Service Tracking information.

*Please note that the donation amount is $20 = 1 hr. We apologize for the confusion for anyone who might have given already this school year. We inadvertently posted the older donation rate of $15 = 1hr.

  • Keep it Quick – Long drop-offs and pick-ups are hard on the kids and classrooms. If you need to speak with a teacher, please arrange a time to do so outside of drop-offs and pick-ups as they will be focused on the children in the environment.
  • Siblings – We love seeing everyone’s older/younger sisters/brothers but this is a gentle reminder that if they don’t attend the preschool, they can’t play at the preschool. As a licensed facility, we are only permitted to have children who are currently in our care play at the center during our regular hours of operation. This includes playing in the yard or classrooms. We thank everyone in advance for helping us follow this mandated rule.
  • Kids and Cars – Please also remember that children under seven can’t be left alone in a car unless under the supervision of a person 12 years old if: 1) The keys are in the ignition or the car is running, or 2) There is a significant risk to the child. If you have a complicated situation and need assistance during drop-off/pick-up, please give us a call and one of our administration team will help.
  • Physical Signatures – It is very important that each child is signed in and out of their classroom each day. Be sure to take the time to physically sign the sheet and please be sure your signature is legible. This is another licensing requirement that our center is mandated to follow.

Thanks for helping us make our days at preschool safe, healthy, and happy.

Welcome to Room5!

After 3.5 weeks of school, we are adjusting to our new routines and teachers. 🤗 We have been doing a lot of water play these past days due to the extreme heat. These kiddos love our splash pad and exploring (and even tasting!!) ice. We look forward to our next adventures! Stay tuned. 🤗🤗

August Wrap-up!

Hello Room 3 Families! We’ve had such a great first couple of weeks at school with the children. Although we’ve had some adjusting to do, it’s been such a pleasure to get to know all the unique personalities in our class. Please enjoy this short video we’ve put together to show all the fun we’ve been having.