Well here we are January “2022.”We had some rainy, cold windy weather. Our typical, normal California winter. We turned our Christmas tree into a giant snowman. We added giant eyes, a nose, and dressed him in a scarf, hat and gloves. Everyday the kids would change his looks and dressing the snowman took creativity.

Our ice melted in the jar

GOODBYE “2021”

December was a short and busy month for us at the pre-school. The kids painted special Christmas canvas to send home for mom and dad, they made Christmas decorations to display in class, office and the big yard. We learned songs to sing for all our grandparents and for Happy Birthday Jesus. Our Bible story for the month of December was from the Beginner’s Bible, “The Christmas Story,” Luke 1:26-28. We reviewed the stories , sang “Way down in a manger,””Jingle bells,” and listen to many Christmas songs. Brought art, flannel stories, creative dramatic dress up and playing with little people Nativity set our class connected more with the meaning of Christmas.

Questions to ask your children: Luke 1:26-38 “What is the angel’s name? Gabriel.“ “What did Gabriel tell Mary? She’s going to have a baby.” “What is the baby’s name? Jesus.“ “What did Gabriel told Mary? With God everything is possible.” Luke 2:1-7 Baby Jesus is born: Mary and Jose went to Bethlehem. “What did Mary ride on to Bethlehem? Donkey.” There was no room in the Inn. “Baby Jesus was born in? Stable.” “Where did baby Jesus sleep in? A Manger.

Snow much fun!

We have been having fun in room 5 both inside and out with different kinds of “snow”! We have explored snow and arctic animals inside and scooping/pouring flour-snow outside on the yard. The kids have really enjoyed all the different textures both soft and cold.

January! Hello 2022!

Welcome to 2022! It’s a new year and we are enjoying our classroom. Play is what we do and we do it well. Here are a few pictures of the class at play.

We got to celebrate a couple of birthdays 🥳 with popsicles. It was one of the few warm days that we had and we all enjoyed it.
We love building and working together to create new things. Teamwork makes the dream work!
We love having Mr. Tim in our classroom. He does fun voices when he reads and we always want at least one more story. 📖📚
One of the stories that Mr. Tim has read to us is Abiyoyo. We watched his YouTube version a couple of times ( and asked for it a couple more). 🪄🪄
Ms. Kristen’s patio is always a classroom favorite!Recently she has had colored rice which we have used for pouring and filling as well as dry erase markers and stencils.
Painting is a favorite pastime and it helps with our fine motor. 🎨 The class has also been playing doctor in dramatic play. Our imagination is limitless!
Our writing center has always received a lot of love. The friends have have been making pictures for each other. We love playing outside on the structure where we get to run and climb and work on our gross motor skills.

Everyday we get a new chance to explore our environment and play with each other.

And we get to do it all again next week!

New Year, New Classroom

🥳 Happy New Year! 🥳

It is a brand new year and there have been so many changes that we have gone through together. One big change has happened to the physical classroom itself! We moved some areas around and the flooring is different.

We have had a fun time this week exploring the differences and seeing what things are still the same.

Here is a quick look at what the classroom looks like now.

The top photo is what you see when you come in through the parking lot door. And the bottom is our block area.
Dramatic Play and the Writing Center have switched spots! (Mack moved as well).
The table area is pretty much the same; some of the shelves have moved a little.

While there have been many changes we hope that one thing stays the same. That the Room 3 friends still enjoy coming to school and playing with their friends. We know that we love seeing all of you.

We hope you have a great weekend and we will see you all soon!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from your friends on the Older Pod Patio! Check out some of the fun and festive activities we did in December…

We enjoyed gingerbread playdough!

We worked our fine motor muscles using gel sensory bags!

We did some STEM building with cups and ornaments!

We read to our Christmas cats!

We built with magna-tiles and jingle bells!

We enjoyed making Christmas sticker creations!

We cut pine needles and explored snow dough in our sensory bin!

We worked with friends to decorate our Christmas tree using loose parts!

We mastered our gross motor skills for the month by practicing going over, under and through the jingle bells!

We enjoyed cheering on our friends as they made their way through our Christmas obstacle course!