Stone Soup ( The Sequel!)

Day 2 of Stone Soup and we were just as excited. We got to cut celery and carrots and potatoes. Which was a little tough but still so much fun!

We chopped and it was fun!
Celery was kind of hard but we did it!
Ms. Joy came and read to us! We loved it so much.

While we were waiting for our soup to cook we played on the patio and in our classroom. We asked over and over if it was time for soup yet.

We love our classroom and all the fun toys.
We made Thanksgiving wreaths and we also sang Jingle Bells!
We ate our soup! It was even better the second day!
In the afternoon we danced to music in the yard and played The Floor is Lava!

We loved our Stone Soup days! We drank juice and had so many strawberries.

Thank you Room 3 Families for helping to make our Stone Soup so special! We couldn’t have done it without you!

We wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Stone Soup!

Stone Soup has been so much fun! Room 3 was so excited to help Ms. Sheri cook our soup. We got to chop the vegetables that went into our soup!

Chopping and cutting is hard work!

We went in groups to cut our vegetables and we couldn’t wait to help out!

We got to cut the potatoes for our soup.

This week we have been reading Stone Soup books and the overarching theme is sharing. We are thankful that our families have been so generous!

We got to play while we waited for our soup to cook!
We all tried the soup! And some of us ate more than 1 bowl!

Thank you for the beautiful tablecloths and napkins. Thank you for the delicious strawberries, bread and juice. We loved it all. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Ready for Stone Soup!

We are so excited for Stone Soup that we are playing it while we are outside! There are so many interesting ingredients going into our pretend soup (bread, fruit, cucumbers and etc. . . ).

Cooking up a storm.

Let’s see how it turns out tomorrow!

Farm Day (Part 2)!

We had another great farm day! We were just as excited for the second farm day as for the first. This time we even remembered our special hats!

We got to feed them carrots and hay!
There were two lambs that were only a few months old. When they went “baaaa” we laughed so hard!
We had so much fun waiting for our turn with the animals.
The animals were so cute and so much fun!
Bye Blondie! Thanks for visiting us!

Farm Day!

We have had so much fun on Farm Day! Room 3 has been anticipating this day all week.

We watched other classes play with the animals and we sang Old McDonald had a farm while we waited for our turn.
We got to pet goats and ducks and even a horse!
Blondie was a very big horse and we got to feed him!
We watched the ducks drink water!
We had so much fun with the animals that we asked about them even after nap!
We also had fun just running around and playing “The Floor is Lava” on both the structure and in the sandbox.

We had so much fun on farm day and we look forward to Day 2!

It’s a Brand New Month!

Huzzah to November! We are kicking off the month with lots of fun outside time! We have really enjoyed the wagons on the yard.

We love getting rides in our wagons.

We have had so much fun in the sandbox and Mr. Yorlin has made really big bubbles!

Mr. Tim has been a special visitor and he read us a story and played his ukulele. We love singing with Mr. Tim.

We’ve been building and reading and playing all together!

We love helping Mr. Tim push the hot lunch cart down the hallway.

It’s only been 4 days but November has been a blast so far. We are looking forward to the rest of this fun month!

Pajama Day!

Today was such a fun day! Room 3 had a awesome pajama day. Every single friend showed up in their pajamas! We played the floor is lava on the structure. And danced and danced in the wood chips.

We helped Ms. Sheri with a cooking project and had delicious pumpkin pancakes for snack today!!

Cooking with Ms. Sheri was so much fun.
Our pancakes were so good!
Some of our friends ate them before Ms. Kira could get pictures!

Our pajamas were so cool we had to take some pictures! We kept trying to jump in each other’s pictures.

Smiles for miles!
We love wearing pajamas at school.

We played on our patio and had so much fun running around!

We enjoyed playing with a car ramp and hanging rings all over our bodies!

It has been a very full day in Room 3 and a great way to end the week!

Apple Pumpkin Days!

Room 3 is having so much fun with our Apple Pumpkin Days! Yesterday we had an apple pie in a cup and it was delicious! We also made a big apple and glued little apples inside!

We got to crush up graham crackers!

On the second day we had a special visitor! Ms. Joy came and read us pumpkin books

In our free time we cut open a couple pumpkins and pulled out pulp and seeds! It was cold and squishy!

Ms. Sheri cut open two pumpkins!

We made cute foam pumpkins and got glitter all over our hands!

Glitter is so much fun!

Apple Pumpkin Days have been so much fun! Thank you guys so much for the pumpkins!