Dinosaur Bones

Room 3 has been very interested in dinosaurs recently: being them, playing with them and discovering them.

The past two days we have watched a short video called Dinosaur Bones. All about where dinosaurs lived and how they lived.
We watched the video on Wednesday and then when the kids came in Thursday morning they sat in front of the screen and pretended to watch it again.

We have been playing with dinosaurs and pretending to be them for a couple of weeks and we are learning things along the way.

Playing Around

Playing is such an important part of what we do at school. During playtime we learn to work together, share, and express ourselves in positive ways.

Building with blocks is a new favorite pastime. We also have dinosaur bones in our sensory table that we discover together!
Imaginative play happens quite often. We play puppies and kittens almost everyday.
We love the sandbox and all the things we make there.
Bristle blocks and dinosaurs are also a fan favorite.

We enjoy playing with each other! It’s the best part of our day. We greet each other enthusiastically when we arrive and we cheerfully say goodbye at the end of the day.

We are building relationships everyday through work and play.

Party II! (Valentines Celebration)

We have so much fun being together! Building castles and drawing pictures! Ms. Kira got several pictures to take home today.
Outside we ran and played and danced and built and climbed all over the structure . We stay so active!
We sang our songs about love during morning meeting and read our books about love.
Both of these books are loved by the class.
We all loved snack. We had our special snack mix.
As well as raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

We had so much snack that Ms. Kira was afraid we wouldn’t have room for our lunches.

We played with our sparkly play dough and had an all around good time!

We had such a good time celebrating love and remembering to be loving. We danced and ran and climbed and created so many things!

The Room 3 teachers are thankful we get to do a job we love with such wonderful children and families. We love you all and we thank God that we can share that love with you and each other!

(And right after nap we got to go outside and we saw a beautiful rainbow)

Valentine’s Day Party!! 🎉💕🥳

While we are celebrating love all month long we are especially doing so for the next couple of days. We started our day in the yard with an exciting dance party and playing on the structure!

The Floor is Lava is a favorite song for outside.
Thanks for all the great decorations!
We had a special snack mix of popcorn, pretzels and raisins as well as grapes and strawberries.
Snack time was so quiet. 😋Mmmm! It was so good!
We played with sparkly play dough that Ms. Sheri made for today and we got to make our own Valentines cards.
We ended our day playing with the post office on the yard.

Today was a busy day and we enjoyed it so much!

So much snow!

Day 2 of Snow Days was as greatly anticipated as the first! We had so much fun going down the slope. So many friends went down together and even the teachers took a turn!

Friends and teachers enjoyed the snow!
Riding along with friends!
Making snowballs!
Group photo time!
We came in and had hot chocolate and a couple marshmallows and then had fun playing in our classroom.

Thank you Pasadena Christian Preschool for snow much fun!!! 🥰⛄️☃️

Snow Day!

Our snow day finally arrived! Hurray!

The snow was right outside our window! We kept looking all morning and asking when it would be our turn.

We were waiting impatiently for our turn and finally we got to go outside. We made snowballs and we got to ride on a sled!

Everyone had a great time and we were full of smiles.

Ms. Sheri rode a sled down the slope!
We made snowballs, dug in the snow and had fun with sleds.
We even had scoopers to make perfect snowballs.
We finished up with snack time and also a little hot chocolate! That got almost as many cheers as the snow!

Snow Day (kind of. . . )

Today was supposed to be our first snow day but because of rain warnings we had to get creative!

We used our Snow Cone machine to make a little snow!
We decided that snow is very cold and very delicious! 😋 We also noticed that our hands were as red as strawberries the longer we played with the snow.
We made snow covered trees thanks to Ms. Monica and her art project.

Today wasn’t the day we expected but we still enjoyed it. We are already excited about doing it again tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Ms. Terri!!!

Our first birthday of 2021! Today is Ms. Terri’s birthday and we all got to celebrate together!

We put up a few decorations.
Ms. Terri brought us a special snack so we could celebrate with her! Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries all topped with a dollop of whipped cream.

We sang Happy Birthday and altogether it’s a great start to our day!

National Popcorn Day!

Today is National Popcorn Day! Huzzah! And of course we couldn’t let that go by without a little celebration. Today for snack we had a little popcorn along with our regular snack (apologies to parents who packed a home lunch and you see a lot of it go home today).

We played with ice and small hammers. We were safe and wore our goggles.
The Baby Sharks did Baking Soda eruptions with vinegar!
The Rainbow Unicorns learned about the letter N.
Room 3 loves a good story. Ms. Terri had most of the class surrounding her!
We love the patio and the many different things we get to do to there!

All in all it was a pretty good day!