Operation Christmas Child

We, here at PCS, have a time honored tradition of blessing children who would normally not have a Christmas with boxes full of school supplies, toys and hygiene tools. This is a gifting program called Operation Christmas Child. Our generous families buy goodies for our boxes and we try to fill as many as possible in order to show the love of Jesus! We were able to fill 7 boxes this year! We also made Christmas cards and signed our names too with the help of our parents! Part of this tradition is to carry all of our boxes over to Thanksgiving Chapel and collect them on the stage. This gives the students a concrete picture of the amount of children we can bless when we work together and allow our Lord to use us. Thank you, Room 1 parents for your generosity and show of love for this project and our Savior. Here are some highlights of our ministry time…2

Painting to classical music

These are the lovely watercolor paintings the children made while listening to classical music. I told them to paint what the music makes them feel as they listen and show it through color. I love these abstract paintings! 😉

Today I give thanks for Art!

– Mrs. Monica

2019 Stone Soup

In preparation for Stone Soup we began reading Fox Tail Soup by Tony Bonning. We also tasted and painted with all kinds of vegetables. The children had lots of fun using prior knowledge from our story to make their own Stone Soup in our dramatic play area. They had the opportunity to practice holding a knife and cutting pretend Velcro vegetables. We had the chance to utilize our sensory table by giving the children a chance to wash and scrub some toy vegetables. With this lesson the children learned that vegetables are healthy and nutritious and will make their bodies big and strong Thank you for our amazing parent who volunteered and made some amazing soup.


How awesome it was to have the farm come to us. While our older classrooms went to Underwood Farm we stayed behind and enjoyed a fun day riding on Wagon, picking some fresh carrots, petting farm animals such as pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies and an alpaca in a farmer attire. Fun, fun, funplaceholder://


Classroom #4 explored, investigated and compared the outside and inside of apples.. The children enjoyed used a graph to record how many red, green, yellow or gala apples we collected. The kind do also used their five senses to taste the different kinds of apples, cooked apple sauce and apple dumplings, they had fun reading, singing, counting apples and the seeds we found inside the different kinds of pumpkins.Cooking was delicious,

PCS Orchestra Visit to the Preschool

Each year, a few members of the PCS Orchestra visit the preschool to put on a short performance and demonstrate their instruments to our little students. Comprised mostly of 5th -7th graders, these talented students captured the attention of our little ones! This event is especially fun for our preschool teachers because many of the orchestra members were our preschool graduates!!