Operation Christmas Child

We, here at PCS, have a time honored tradition of blessing children who would normally not have a Christmas with boxes full of school supplies, toys and hygiene tools. This is a gifting program called Operation Christmas Child. Our generous families buy goodies for our boxes and we try to fill as many as possible in order to show the love of Jesus! We were able to fill 7 boxes this year! We also made Christmas cards and signed our names too with the help of our parents! Part of this tradition is to carry all of our boxes over to Thanksgiving Chapel and collect them on the stage. This gives the students a concrete picture of the amount of children we can bless when we work together and allow our Lord to use us. Thank you, Room 1 parents for your generosity and show of love for this project and our Savior. Here are some highlights of our ministry time…2

Insect Inventions

Hi all!

We have been studying, exploring, experimenting, observing and documenting all things, insectely speaking. Your blessings now know everything there is to know about Praying Mantises, spiders, Honey Bees, ants, caterpillar-chrysalis-butterflies, ladybugs and metamorphosis! Whew! I’m tired thinking about all those facts! A few days ago we brainstormed wondering if God allowed us to create for a day, what new type of insect we would bring to life. We discussed color, size, shape, number of legs, feet, antenna, eyes, mouths and what they would eat. This pow-wow led us to our very own creation (cue drum roll), the amazing Goo-Goo Chomperbug!! He eats big, big, giant sandwiches and bubblegum. He sometimes lives in a huge log in a river and other time in an undisclosed location 😉. He can fly but don’t make him angry because he will turn into a giant LOL doll! Oh my!! Below are some rare up close pics (drawings actually) of Mr. Chomperbug. Check him out! Please save the date of April 26th, Open House, when you can come and see all our bug explorations and hard work up close. Come one, come all, bring a friend!

Beary Blessed Bear Day

A couple weeks ago we had a beary special, beary exciting day! Bear Day!! Our kiddos had been studying all about Corduroy and his many adventures. We retold his story, learned how to located the beginning, middle, and end of a story, and painted his buttons. We also read numerous books about bears. The students got so into Bear facts we brainstormed how to extend our learning. And what do you know that brainstorming led to the organization of our beary amazing Bear day. We ate Teddy Grahams for snack. We brought bears from home to love on all day. We made Corduroy button picture frames. We sat for photos with our special Bear friends. We constructed Bear hats. We created Bear dens from cardboard packing material. Whew! We were beary exhausted!! Take a look at all our bear-tastic adventures…

Room 1 Fun!

Well, we’re off and running! We have been so busy getting to know each other, our classroom agenda, and all our pre-k responsibilities. Your little blessings are learning letters, writing our names, counting and writing our numbers, and learning patience (this is a tough one!😉). Each Wednesday we get to walk to the “big school” to have learning fun on the field and attend chapel with the big kids! Our small groups are off to a terrific start as we explore more challenging, focused science, math, language & literacy, writing, journaling, and working independently. We have also studied about Creation,  Adam & Eve, Noah, The Tower of Babel, Abraham, Joseph, and Moses! Phew! We have been busy! Here’s a look at all our fun…

Summer Kinder Days

Well, we are more than halfway through our Kinder Camp summer! We have been busy, busy, busy with water days, snow cones, letter and number recognition, learning to be responsible members of our school community, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, and sweating! 😉. We are looking forward to our next and final field trip to Discovery Cube on July 26th. The next three weeks will fly by and then your precious blessings will jump into the next school chapter of their lives! Check out all the fun we’ve been having…

Kinder-Camping Fun!

Our first week of Kinder-Camp has come to a close and we’ve had such a blast! We learned letters A,B,C, numbers, writing, math skills, and tons of life lessons with Curious George! And that was all just before lunch! Your, our, little blessings also spent time playing in sprinklers, learning about Creation and Adam & Eve, frisbee playing, badminton tossing, crafting, climbing, running, singing, dancing, and drinking tons of water! We are also learning the importance of using encouraging words with our Bible verse 1 Thessalonians 5:11. This very morning we even learned how to play African instruments and clap out rhythms! We are so excited to see what the rest of the summer has in store!