Bear Party Fun!

This month in Room 1 has been “beary” busy as we have been discovering the wonderful world of Corduroy! Centering around the lovable story by Don Freeman, we have been learning how to retell stories, lace, draw lines and patterns, stamp, paint and create our own adventure using characters we know, all under the guise of having fun with our friend Corduroy! To culminate our time with our fuzzy friend, we had a Bear Party! We made bear hats, button necklaces, bear hand puppets, button frames, played with small bears and their dens, ate Teddy Grahams (of course) and had a special snuggle area with pillows and plenty of bear books to go around. We then had the immense privilege of having the author of many new Corduroy books, B. G. Hennessy, come and read to us! We went on a bear hunt using the incredibly fun Greg & Steve song and ended our time watching the Corduroy movie with our own teddy bears! It has been such a great first month in Room 1 and there are so many more adventures in store, we can “bearly stand it! 😉

Special Visitor Today!

Today we had the extreme privilege of a visit from B.G. Hennessy, the current author of the Corduroy books, as well as over 35 other children’s titles. She is the proud grandmother of two of our own preschool kiddos who were extremely proud to share her with us. Each classroom was blessed with an individual presentation by Mrs. Hennessy. The kids from Room 5 to 1 sat in rapt attention as she shared her fantastic and whimsical stories with us. We can’t thank her enough for her visit and sincerely hope she comes back soon.

Getting To Know Each Other

By nature , children this age can be more concerned about their own needs and even act selfishly. Often they refuse to share anything that interest them, and they do not easily interact with other children, even when playing side by side, unless it’s to let a playmate know that they would like a toy or object for themselves. This is a normal behavior for most two’s.

Some of our children in class are beginning to interact with their peers. You will see some of them engaging in pretend play. Pretend play builds language , thinking, many social skills when children take on roles and develop their own ideas and stories. Two year olds are also capable of empathy, understanding the feelings of others.

Ten Apples Up On Top

The students and I talked about how an object balances, and what balance is. They also listened to the story by Dr. Seuss, Ten Apples Up on Top. We also practiced drawing circles. Then they painted many red apple circles. We even had fun counting them afterwards. 😉

-Mrs. Monica (Art Teacher)

1st Preschool Chapel of the Year!

We had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord together during the first chapel of our 2019-20 school year. Where better to kick off the year then in Genesis 1 with the Creation Story and our favorite creation song, “Hip, Hip Hooray!”

In the beginning God made the seas and the forest full of trees. He built the mountains up so high, on the very top He placed the sky. God’s fingerprints are everywhere, just to show how much He cares and in between He had loads of fun. He made hippo that weighed a ton. Hip, hip, hip hippopotamus. Hip, hip hooray He made us!

Tiny Bodies in Motion

Our tiniest friends took on a big gross motor challenge this past week! This is just one of the many ways we incorporate an array of learning into a single activity. Our little ones are learning to take turns, follow directions, recognize colors, understand positional words, improve coordination, and develop a sense of accomplishment! They might be small but they are capable of BIG things! Check out younger pod’s hoola-hoop hurdle!



Younger Pod Play

Welcome to a new school year! We are so thankful that GOD has given us the opportunity to serve so many wonderful families this year! Our friends in the younger pod are settling into THE OUTDOOR CLASSROOM quite nicely. We are enjoying getting to know your little ones, building relationships with them and facilitating fun activities that cultivate curiosity and propel them into purposeful play. As we explore in the outdoor classroom and the enrichment patio, we focus on developing skills across every domain of learning. Check out some highlights from our first month together!