2019 – 2020 School Year Integrated Pest Management Plan Annual Notification

Per the Healthy School Act, following is the Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM) for Pasadena Christian Preschool.

Address: 1485 N. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, CA 91104; Phone Number: 626.791.1214

IPM Coordinator: Director of Environmental Services

Integrated Pest Management Plan

IPM Statement: It is the goal of Pasadena Christian Preschool to implement IPM by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression of pests through accurate pest identification, by frequent monitoring for pest presence, by applying appropriate action levels, and by making the habitat less conducive to pests using sanitation and mechanical and physical controls. Pesticides that are effective will be used in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property, and the environment, and only after the other options have been show ineffective

Our pest management objectives are to:

  • Focus on long-term pest prevention
  • Focus on natural, mechanical and/or physical controls to manage pests when possible
  • When pesticides are deemed necessary, we will aim to use products that minimize risks to people, property and the environment

IPM Team

In addition to the IPM Coordinator, following are other individuals who are involved in purchasing, making IPM decision, applying pesticides and complying with the Healthy Schools Act:

  • PCS Environmental Services Staff
  • Preschool Director
  • PCS Chief Financial Officer

Pest Management Contracting

Pest management services are contracted to a licensed pest control business.

Name of business: Ecola (click to visit website)

Pest Identification, Monitoring, and Inspection

 Pest identification is done by the following groups/individuals:

  • Contracted pest control business (Ecola)
  • PCS Environmental Services team

Monitoring and inspecting for pests and conditions that lead to pest problems are done regularly by:

  • Ecola, the contracted pest control business, conducts inspections and treatment on the FOURTH SATURDAY of each month
  • PCS Environmental Services staff, weekly walk-through and as needed
  • PCS Preschool employees, daily visual inspections

Pests and Non-Chemical Management Practices

We will use the following non-chemical management practices prior to using pesticides should the following pests be found at the center:

  • Ants: sanitation, eliminating food sources, sealing cracks, installing barriers, bait traps
  • Bees: regular inspection, physical removal of nests
  • Termites: eliminate food sources, replace infested structures, install bariers
  • Spiders: seal cracks, physical removal, natural deterrents (painting dark areas white)
  • Rodents: sanitation, eliminating food sources, sealing cracks, installing barriers, physical removal, traps

When the above-mentioned practices are ineffective, the school will use our contracted pest control company to use pesticides as necessary.

Chemical Management Practices

If non-chemical methods are ineffective, our school will consider pesticides only after careful monitoring indicates that they are needed according to pre-established action levels and will use pesticides that pose the least possible hazard and are effective in a manner that minimizes risks to people, property and the environment.

This child care centers uses Ecola, a contracted pest control business to apply pesticides on our behalf on the FOURTH SATURDAY of each month to treat for ants and other insects as they have proven difficult to manage without the use of chemical assistance. Pesticide data sheets can be viewed in the front office.

Pesticides that may be applied at this center include (data sheets available in the front office):

  • Advantage Dual Choice Ant Bait Stations
  • Temprid SC Insecticide
  • Suspend SC Insecticide

Pesticide Application Schedule

2018 – 2019 Pesticide Application Schedule (conducted by Ecola) is the 4th Saturday of each month. This post serves as the required advanced notice for pesticide application at our school. If additional applications are needed, you will be notified. 

2019: August 24, September 28, October 26, November 23, December 28

2020: January 25, February 22, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 27, July 25


During Teacher Orientation Week each August, the preschool staff at Pasadena Christian Preschool receive the following yearly training in pesticide use (including germicides such as Clorox, bleach, etc.):

  • School IPM training course approved by the Department of Pesticide Regulation

Should you like to view a hard copy of this IPM, it is available in the preschool office per your request.

Preparing Your Child For Preschool

As your child gets ready to start in any new school or camp environment, it is helpful to remember that all children respond uniquely to their change in routine. Some will jump right into school while others will take some time to warm up. Separation anxiety is a concern for many parents, but with a little preparation, you can help ease your child’s transition into school.

At our school, we encourage you to bring a transitional item such as a stuffed animal, book, or photo of you to keep at school. Keep your drop-off calm, short and sweet by spending only 2 – 5 minutes in the classroom. Once you are ready to leave, reassure them you will be back, give them a hug and kiss, and offer them to to the teacher if they are in distress. Leave promptly after saying goodbye as delaying the exit will cause undue stress on both of you. The teachers will work their magic with love, cuddles, hugs, distraction and reassurance. It is normal for a child to cry when his/her parent leaves…it is their way of saying, “I will miss you.” As they gain confidence in their new routine, build independence, and get to know their teachers, drop-offs will become a happy experience…it may just take a bit of patience.

The following article from Scholastic is helpful in learning about how to help your child (and you!) adjust quickly and smoothly to his/her new experience.

Click here to read: A SMOOTH START

April 2019 Preschool News and Calendar of Events

I know there are two more months of school, but I wanted to extend a SINCERE thank you to all of you SPECTACULAR parents! This year has been such a pleasure working with each and every one of you. Your courtesy, respect, love and passion for your children, support of the school, and engagement in our classrooms has been more than notable…it has been OUTSTANDING! Your “Littles” are lucky to have you…and so are we!

Spring is such a fun time of year in the preschool. April and May will be filled with so many adventures, including watching the life cycle of various insects, gardening, learning about Easter, and for our pre-k students, practicing for our big promotion ceremony!


Summer Registration – If you haven’t already, please remember to submit your child’s summer registration forms. Registration is space-available and some classes are close to capacity.

Summer Tuition – I want to pay, but can’t find the charges! Fear not my diligent parents….if you submitted your summer registration forms, please log into Smart Tuition and click into the 2019-2020 school year to view your summer tuition charges. Please review carefully and let us know if there are any concerns or adjustments.

Summer Camp General Information – Be on the lookout for informational summer emails. These will be sent out in May and will contain supply lists, placement rosters, etc.

Kinder Camp Orientation Night – Wednesday, May 15 @ 6:15 pm – Location: PCS KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS (1492 N. Garfield)

Save the date! If your child will be attending Kinder Camp this summer, please plan to attend our Kinder Camp Orientation Night! This is an important evening as you will get to meet some of the teachers and learn what Kinder Camp is all about. From curriculum and schedules to drop-offs and ordering hot lunch (and everything in between!), this evening will help you acclimate to the “BIG” school environment! CHILDCARE WILL BE PROVIDED & PIZZA WILL BE SERVED!

PRESCHOOL PROMOTION CEREMONY (Rooms 1 & 2) – Wednesday, May 29th @ 6:00

Parents of Rooms 1 & 2 students are asked to mark their calendars for May 29th as this is a VERY special evening for your students! During this evening, you will enjoy a slideshow of preschool memories, a selection of songs performed by the students, and a presentation of certificates. Bring the family and some tissues…you will need them! Invitations to follow.

BIG EVENTS: (Scroll to bottom for full calendar and upcoming holidays)

Week of the Young Child – April 8 – 12

We will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child with a week of literacy-based activities. See posted flyers for details. We encourage everyone to participate each day!

Open House – Friday, April 26th @ 6:30 pm

Please plan to attend our annual PCS Open House. This is a drop-in event where each classroom showcases the work the students did over the past year. You can enjoy visiting your child’s classroom as well as visiting their future classrooms! We also encourage you to visit the PCS campus as there are always treasures to see up there, including the art fair, baby chicks in kindergarten, and more!

PCS Gala – Saturday, April 27th – University Club

The PCS Gala is an evening of dining, dancing, bidding on fabulous items such as student-made treasures, jewelry, art, themed baskets, and more. Please see the invitation for RSVP information.

Preschool Year End Picnic – Saturday, May 18th – 11:00 – 1:00

Save the date for our last “hurrah” of the school year! Families will enjoy water play, crafts, face painting, snow cones, and a picnic lunch.


WHAT IS THAT $150 charge on my Smart Tuition!?!? Each preschool family is responsible for completing 10 hours of MVP service. If you have not submitted your MVP booklet, your account reflects a $150 charge. THIS CHARGE WILL BE REMOVED PROVIDED YOUR BOOKLET IS TURNED IN BY MAY 31, 2019 (PHEW!).

Volunteer opportunities are available! Check back regularly as events are added as the year progresses.  Please follow this link: https://signup.com/group/1186271400029


Friday, April 12 – Parents of Room 3

Friday, May 17 – Parents of Rooms 4 & 5


April 3 – Mrs. Joy (Office)

April 7 – Mrs. Monica (Art), Ms. Melissa (Rm 4), Ms. Teresa (Substitute)

April 23 – Ms. Nellie (Rm 1)


April 8 – 12 – Week of the Young Child Celebration (see flyers)

April 18 – Accreditation Work Day – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 19 & 22 – Easter Holiday – School Closed

April 26 – Open House – 6:30 pm – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 27 – PCS Gala – Save the date and join the fun! This is a BIG event!

May 18 (Saturday) – Preschool Family Picnic

May 27 – Memorial Day, School Closed

May 29 – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 29 – Preschool Promotion Ceremony – Rooms 1 & 2

May 30 – Last Day of School – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 31 – Faculty Check Out – No Students

June 3 – 7 – Summer Prep Week – No Students

June 10 – July 5 – Summer Session 1

July 8 – August 2 – Summer Session 2

March 2019 Preschool News and Calendar of Events

It seems nearly incredulous that we are already springing into March and that the end of the year is just around the corner. The rains of late have been a nice change of pace and we have enjoyed splashing in a few puddles here and there. March brings themes such as gardening, flowers, insects, life cycles and more!


IMPORTANT! PCS ASSOCIATION MEETING! – Tuesday, March 26th @ 7:00 – As parents, you are an important member of the PCS Association and we hope you will attend our annual association meeting. At this meeting, you will help to elect board members, recognize staff members’ years of service, and hear important school updates from our board president. Please plan to attend!

MOONLIGHT MAGIC – March 22, 6:00 – 9:00 pm – JOIN THE FUN!

REGISTRATION for Moonlight Magic: If you are interested in signing up for Moonlight Magic, please click here to pay: https://bngn.smarttuition.com/?id=0xx3fz1ebda Registration is for preschool only; BYH is full

Preschool Re-enrollment 2019 – 2020Online re-enrollment runs from February 1 – March 1. Registration fees must be paid by March 1 in order to avoid a late fee and to guarantee your space.

Summer Registration – Please remember to submit your child’s summer registration forms. Your child’s space is guaranteed only through March 8th. Open enrollment begins March 9th.

BIG EVENTS: (Scroll to bottom for full calendar and upcoming holidays)


Just a reminder that each preschool family is required to complete TEN (10) MVP hours prior to the end of the year and twenty (20) hours if you have children in Elementary/Jr. High.

Volunteer opportunities are available! Check back regularly as events are added as the year progresses.  Please follow this link: https://signup.com/group/1186271400029


Friday, March 15 – Parents of Room 2


March 11 – Mrs. Joyce

March 14th – Ms. Carolina


Friday, March 8 – Accreditation Work Day – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

March 11 – 15 – Preschool OPEN; PCS on Spring Break

March 22 – Moonlight Magic

March 26 – PCS Association Meeting – All parents encouraged to attend

March 29 – Accreditation Work Day – No Students

April 8 – 12 – Week of the Young Child Celebration

April 18 – Accreditation Work Day – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 19 & 22 – Easter Holiday – School Closed

April 26 – Open House – 6:30 pm – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 27 – PCS Gala – Save the date and join the fun! This is a BIG event!

May 18 (Saturday) – Preschool Family Picnic

May 27 – Memorial Day, School Closed

May 28 – Preschool Year End Pizza Party

May 29 – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 29 – Preschool Promotion Ceremony – Rooms 1 & 2

May 30 – Last Day of School – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 31 – Faculty Check Out – No Students

June 3 – 7 – Summer Prep Week – No Students

June 10 – July 5 – Summer Session 1

July 8 – August 2 – Summer Session 2

Valentine’s Day and Love-Run-Turned-Dance-A-Thon Fun

It was certainly an exciting day at preschool! With Valentine’s Day parties, torrential rain, and a Love-Run-Turned-Dance-A-Thon, we will be napping very well today, indeed!

The morning began with Valentine’s Parties in each classroom. The children enjoyed crafts, activities, special treats, and of course, exchanging Valentine’s cards! We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the parents who volunteered to host and support these parties!

To culminate the morning, our plan was to participate in the Love Run Fundraiser. While many of us were looking very forward to experiencing the PCS “Love Run,” due to the torrential downpour of rain, the administration had to make a very quick and difficult decision to stay at the preschool and have a “Dance-a-Thon” as an alternate version of the Love Run.

While older kids can dart across the campus to avoid the rain, it really does take our “Littles” about 10 minutes to get to the auditorium on our “train ropes” as a class, which would have made for a very soggy set of children!

As you know, for many preschoolers, there is a very fine line between just the “right amount of fun” and “too much fun” (or too much stimulation), which can lead to undue stress and emotional meltdowns.

With these factors in mind, we opted to ‘dance it out’ in our very own “Glow-Themed-Dance-A-Thon!” The teachers went above and beyond to make this quick switch, and each classroom got to use glow sticks to dance for 20 minutes (the duration they would have been running). Check out the videos to see our students in action! The children had a great time!

Room 1…

Room 2…

Room 3…

Room 4…

Room 5…

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Valentine’s Day Parties AND to all the parents who cheered on our dancing children! We appreciate your strong support, your encouragement, and for your understanding during times when things don’t always go as planned! As we all know, life in preschool is ALWAYS an adventure! 🙂

Flu & Illness Prevention

Flu and cold season is officially upon us and unfortunately, and at times, it seems the only things little children are willing to share are germs!

Please click here to visit the CDC’s “ACTION STEPS” for fighting the flu!

At preschool, we are taking every measure possible to prevent the spread of germs at school such as disinfecting surfaces and toys with an EPA approved, school-friendly disinfectant, washing hands regularly, and as required by law, checking students daily for signs of sickness. Students who exhibit symptoms will be sent home to recover.

We appreciate every parent who has been proactive in checking their child(ren) daily for signs of sickness before coming to school. Please remember to keep your child home if they are exhibiting any symptoms of sickness, including lethargy, fever, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, excessive crankiness, disrupted sleep patterns, etc.

If your child does get sick, please remember that there is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period after the final symptoms of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea without the aid of medication.

Finally, if your child does exhibit signs of the flu, it is highly encouraged to see a doctor right away as your child may be eligible for an anti-viral that will shorten the duration of the sickness.