Gingerbread Fun in Room 2!

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So many stories about Gingerbread cookies were read in Room 2! The children enjoyed comparing and contrasting the differences between them. For example, the children noticed that in both Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Bear the cookies escape because of the oven being opened by impatient children before the time was up. One theme that came up in all the stories was teasing. The cookie taunted and teased the other characters into chasing it, resulting in a negative consequence in most stories. Those that concluded with  a happy ending had an element of sharing.

The children enjoyed making edible gingerbread men, girls and bears. They rolled out the pre-made dough and used different cookie cutters to make the cookies.

Then Ms. Daisy was patient and didn’t open the oven door while they were cooking. We would have had to chase lots of cookies out in the yard!

Then the children got to decorate them and eat them!

The children also enjoyed decorating their own paper Gingerbread cookies.

Staying in town for Christmas? You can continue the gingerbread fun at the Discovery Cube LA. They have an exhibit called, “The Science of Gingerbread,” until January 3rd.


Jumping into Parachute Fun

It’s our last day on the “Big Field” before our Christmas Break so we’re going out with a bang or more accurately a parachute. The Room 3 kids love our “Big Field” days and all the myriad of activities we can do there. We’ve had wonderful times playing “Duck, Duck Goose,” having races, chasing bubbles, balls, paper airplanes and each other but today was especially exciting. The kids got a chance to use our enormous parachute and they loved shaking it as well as going underneath and on top of it. We can’t wait until next year when we get to go back and use it again!


Our Very Own Gingerbread House

Have you seen it? We have our very own gingerbread house on the older pod patio! Ms. Gwendolyn created the house using large boxes, then she added a fireplace, decorated mantel, Christmas tree, and even a chandelier! The children added ” candies” made from painted recyclables to create an astounding finished product! Take a look for yourself…you may even want to get cozy on the rocking chair!


Oh Christmas Tree

What would Christmas be without all of the traditions we get to enjoy each season? From Christmas carols that celebrate the birth of Christ to sparkling Christmas lights, each tradition brings its own special meaning. The children in Room 3 have loved creating memories with our traditional holiday projects like ornament making, Christmas chains, and painting/glitter bombing construction paper lightbulbs but one of our favorite Christmas art projects, by far, was  creating our very own Christmas trees.  


A Toddler-friendly Christmas Tree for Dramatic Play

In Room 5 we like to make everything friendly and accessible for the young twos- it is their room after all! So, we made a toddler-sized felt tree which they happily decorate without fear of breaking things, knocking it down, or having it topple over them. What a joy! Not only did they create the felt decorations for the tree themselves with stickers, glitter glue, and paint- they get to take them off and re-decorate to their little hearts’ content. We love the wonder in their eyes as they take on the opportunity to trim the tree again and again.

felt tree elijahfelt tree hannafelt tree harrisonfelt tree harper 2

Happy Birthday Jesus!

It’s our most favorite time of the year! The Christmas spirit was in full swing at our annual Happy Birthday Jesus Party.  Children enjoyed holiday festivities including crafts, ornament making, and cookie decorating.   

 Pizza, hot cider and cocoa were served to the hungry party goers.


And Parents watched with cameras held high as their little ones sang  their festive songs. And of course, we finished the party by singing happy birthday to Jesus!   



A huge thanks to all parents and teachers who helped make the party a success, and to Taryn who coordinated the event! 


Baking with Joy!

With Christmas festivities in full swing, it just wouldn’t feel like the holidays without baking! Room 1 friends measure, pour, mix, and roll their way to a yummy treat!

As Ms. Joy guides the children through a Snickerdoodle recipe, the group discusses units of measurement, consistency of the ingredients, and spices used.






Hands-on cooking activities are a fun way for children to make connections in content areas like math, science, and literacy!

Snowing in Room 1

It looks like snow… It feels like snow… It’s Insta-Snow! Room 1 really enjoyed watching what happens when you add water to insta-snow powder.





The white fluffy substance is in our sensory table, coupled with real pine branches.




Sensory play is a great way for our little ones to explore, process, and understand cognitive concepts.