Gingerbread Fun in Room 2!

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So many stories about Gingerbread cookies were read in Room 2! The children enjoyed comparing and contrasting the differences between them. For example, the children noticed that in both Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Bear the cookies escape because of the oven being opened by impatient children before the time was up. One theme that came up in all the stories was teasing. The cookie taunted and teased the other characters into chasing it, resulting in a negative consequence in most stories. Those that concluded with  a happy ending had an element of sharing.

The children enjoyed making edible gingerbread men, girls and bears. They rolled out the pre-made dough and used different cookie cutters to make the cookies.

Then Ms. Daisy was patient and didn’t open the oven door while they were cooking. We would have had to chase lots of cookies out in the yard!

Then the children got to decorate them and eat them!

The children also enjoyed decorating their own paper Gingerbread cookies.

Staying in town for Christmas? You can continue the gingerbread fun at the Discovery Cube LA. They have an exhibit called, “The Science of Gingerbread,” until January 3rd.