As you know, Pasadena Christian School is rich in cultural diversity. Early in the school year, we welcomed our families to share traditions, recipes, books or share a special celebration with the children in class.

This February Ms. Joy, with a few parents, shared songs, read special
books, created fun arts and crafts, and cooked dumplings!  These fantastic 
activities were a wonderful way to expose our class to “Lunar New Year.”


Zoo-pendous Day!

On our field trip today, Room 3 ventured out of the classroom to explore the Los Angeles Zoo! We used picture maps to find our way to flamingos, alligators, giraffes, elephants and other incredible creatures. As we trekked through the zoo with our little ones, we observed and discussed so many interesting characteristics of the animals around us. Together, we invested in building friendships, language development, color awareness, pre-reading skills, listening skills, gross motor development, and expanding our knowledge of the world around us. Check out some fun moments from our zoo-pendous day together!















IMG_5539 copy


Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for your participation and for keeping our little ones safe. You make our field trips possible so we thank you for helping us create these moments to remember!

March 2019 Preschool News and Calendar of Events

It seems nearly incredulous that we are already springing into March and that the end of the year is just around the corner. The rains of late have been a nice change of pace and we have enjoyed splashing in a few puddles here and there. March brings themes such as gardening, flowers, insects, life cycles and more!


IMPORTANT! PCS ASSOCIATION MEETING! – Tuesday, March 26th @ 7:00 – As parents, you are an important member of the PCS Association and we hope you will attend our annual association meeting. At this meeting, you will help to elect board members, recognize staff members’ years of service, and hear important school updates from our board president. Please plan to attend!

MOONLIGHT MAGIC – March 22, 6:00 – 9:00 pm – JOIN THE FUN!

REGISTRATION for Moonlight Magic: If you are interested in signing up for Moonlight Magic, please click here to pay: Registration is for preschool only; BYH is full

Preschool Re-enrollment 2019 – 2020Online re-enrollment runs from February 1 – March 1. Registration fees must be paid by March 1 in order to avoid a late fee and to guarantee your space.

Summer Registration – Please remember to submit your child’s summer registration forms. Your child’s space is guaranteed only through March 8th. Open enrollment begins March 9th.

BIG EVENTS: (Scroll to bottom for full calendar and upcoming holidays)


Just a reminder that each preschool family is required to complete TEN (10) MVP hours prior to the end of the year and twenty (20) hours if you have children in Elementary/Jr. High.

Volunteer opportunities are available! Check back regularly as events are added as the year progresses.  Please follow this link:


Friday, March 15 – Parents of Room 2


March 11 – Mrs. Joyce

March 14th – Ms. Carolina


Friday, March 8 – Accreditation Work Day – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

March 11 – 15 – Preschool OPEN; PCS on Spring Break

March 22 – Moonlight Magic

March 26 – PCS Association Meeting – All parents encouraged to attend

March 29 – Accreditation Work Day – No Students

April 8 – 12 – Week of the Young Child Celebration

April 18 – Accreditation Work Day – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 19 & 22 – Easter Holiday – School Closed

April 26 – Open House – 6:30 pm – Minimum Day
(dismiss at 12:00)

April 27 – PCS Gala – Save the date and join the fun! This is a BIG event!

May 18 (Saturday) – Preschool Family Picnic

May 27 – Memorial Day, School Closed

May 28 – Preschool Year End Pizza Party

May 29 – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 29 – Preschool Promotion Ceremony – Rooms 1 & 2

May 30 – Last Day of School – Minimum Day (dismiss at 12:00)

May 31 – Faculty Check Out – No Students

June 3 – 7 – Summer Prep Week – No Students

June 10 – July 5 – Summer Session 1

July 8 – August 2 – Summer Session 2

Valentine’s Day and Love-Run-Turned-Dance-A-Thon Fun

It was certainly an exciting day at preschool! With Valentine’s Day parties, torrential rain, and a Love-Run-Turned-Dance-A-Thon, we will be napping very well today, indeed!

The morning began with Valentine’s Parties in each classroom. The children enjoyed crafts, activities, special treats, and of course, exchanging Valentine’s cards! We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all the parents who volunteered to host and support these parties!

To culminate the morning, our plan was to participate in the Love Run Fundraiser. While many of us were looking very forward to experiencing the PCS “Love Run,” due to the torrential downpour of rain, the administration had to make a very quick and difficult decision to stay at the preschool and have a “Dance-a-Thon” as an alternate version of the Love Run.

While older kids can dart across the campus to avoid the rain, it really does take our “Littles” about 10 minutes to get to the auditorium on our “train ropes” as a class, which would have made for a very soggy set of children!

As you know, for many preschoolers, there is a very fine line between just the “right amount of fun” and “too much fun” (or too much stimulation), which can lead to undue stress and emotional meltdowns.

With these factors in mind, we opted to ‘dance it out’ in our very own “Glow-Themed-Dance-A-Thon!” The teachers went above and beyond to make this quick switch, and each classroom got to use glow sticks to dance for 20 minutes (the duration they would have been running). Check out the videos to see our students in action! The children had a great time!

Room 1…

Room 2…

Room 3…

Room 4…

Room 5…

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Valentine’s Day Parties AND to all the parents who cheered on our dancing children! We appreciate your strong support, your encouragement, and for your understanding during times when things don’t always go as planned! As we all know, life in preschool is ALWAYS an adventure! 🙂


In January we had lots of fun discussing and exploring the different kinds of weather. We actually had a “WINTER” this year, days that were really cold, days that were rainy, and other days that were sunny. We read books about arctic animals, snow, and rain. The children played with ice and animals that live in the Antarctic. The kids had a great time building snowman with different size boxes and dressing them up with scarves and hats. Using their imaginations, the kids requested additional features to be added to our snow folk such as faces, buttons, and even arms.

During outside play, we had a fantastic time making mud piles as well as using many different types of mold shapes with the wet sand. The outdoor classroom is a wonderful place to have a “messy” experience and we had an awesome one with cornstarch. We discovered textures, cause and effect, and practiced measuring. With all these marvelous experiences the children were exposed to a broad variety socio-emotional, cognitive, math, and language skill development.

Happy 2019 from Room 4!

Welcome back to a new year filled with love, happiness and many blessings. We hope that you spent the holidays at home or out and about creating beautiful family memories and traditions. On our first day back to school your children shared their holiday adventures; we were excited to hear stories from all the children. Some of their stories were: “I went to church,” “I went on an airplane to the snow,” “The snow was cold,” “I played with Sydney,” “I open my presents,””I have a new jacket,” and the stories went on and on. All the children came back in great spirits and with lots of stories to share, we were amazed by how much their language expanded and how comfortable and open they were with their stories.

Currently, our Bible story is, “The Bright Star and Three Visitors,” Matthew 2:1 – 12. We are talking about the bright star that lead the Wise Men to Jesus, the gifts of gold, the sweet-smelling spices and the King Herod who didn’t like Jesus.

Before the holidays we had fun decorating our Christmas tree with the beautiful ornaments that everyone brought from home. Grandparents Day was a great success! We invited grandparents and special visitors to come see our classrooms and performed our special songs for them. We also enjoyed pajama day with hot cocoa, and a relaxing movie, we had a lot of fun. We are posting some December pictures, we hope you enjoy them.

We want to thank all our parents for being so thoughtful with the cute cards, special dedications, wishes, yummy treats, spa treats and gift cards.

God bless you and watch over you.