Volunteer Opportunities for PCS/PS Parents!

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Site Work Day – October 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (food donations should be brought in from 8:00 – 9:00 that morning)

Description: help us deep clean classrooms and freshen the yard by hauling in new mulch and tilling sand. DOUBLE HOURS are available for those who volunteer to work. Single hours are available for food donations (1 hour per $10 contributed).

Nature in the Classroom

Play is an essential area of development as children grow, especially during early childhood. Through play-based activities children are allowed opportunities to enrich cognitive skills, physical development, language, and social skills. With the help of appropriate materials, children can continue to develop these skills in the classroom. The use of natural materials in the early education classroom helps enhance the relationship children have with their environment. Natural elements encourage curiosity within the environment and expose children to build connections with living things around them.

Such materials include:

 Wood blocks

 Sand

 Water

 Rocks

 Pinecones

 Plants, flowers, gardens

 Wood chips

 Sea shells

Natural materials also serve as open materials in which children can further explore. Teachers can use these materials for open-ended activities in the classroom. As children continue to become interested in materials, teachers can continue to build on the activities. Teachers can plan and expand using these open-ended materials to create new opportunities for exploration as well as learning.


Author: Jessica Panameno, CSULA Child Development Intern

The Benefits of Sleep in Early Childhood

Ever felt moody, physically drained, or unable to concentrate the following day because of lack of sleep? Similarly, children who are sleep deprived experience similar symptoms, which often affects their ability to learn and retain new information. In general, adults only require about 7- 8 hours of sleep every night in order to feel well rested. Dissimilar to adults, children between the ages of 2-5 need at least a minimum of 10-14 hours of sleep per day. To a growing and developing child, not getting enough sleep can have a negative and detrimental effect on their behavior, temperament, alertness, attention span, physical endurance, and physical growth. A decrease in sleep can also increase obesity and the chances of them developing sickness or illnesses. Establishing set bedtimes with relaxing bed time routines helps your child get the rest he/she needs to thrive.

Napping at School:

At Pasadena Christian Preschool we understand the importance of sleep and are aware of the enriching effects it can have on the mental and physical development of our students.  Our teachers promote sleep during nap time by preparing the environment and setting the proper mood. Most classrooms have ‘twinkle’ lights within their classroom walls and turn them on when they turn off the regular classroom lights to avoid the classroom being too dark. In addition, our teachers also play soft music in the background to bring children into a calm and relaxed state of mind. Music playing in the background can be of soft ocean wave sounds or instrumental rhythms.We also encourage students to bring a favorite snuggly toy, a soft blanket and cot-sized pillow. Items such as these offer the comforts of home and help our little ones feel secure at school.

Our teachers know that when our students are well rested, they are more alert, less irritable, feel eager to learn, and perform to their fullest potential! So the next time you pass by our classrooms and see our sweet ones sleeping, remember that sleep is as fundamental to our children as good nutrition is for their overall health. As they sleep, our students are re-energizing and preparing their minds and bodies to continue exploring and learning about their world.

As we prepare for the new school year, be sure to switch from your ‘summer’ bed time routines to a a more established ‘school’ bed time routine before the first day of school so that your child is prepared, well-rested and ready for the fun in store!

Author: Marisol Rivera, CSULA Child Development Intern




Preschool Calendar 2016-2017

Following is the general calendar for our school year, including most of our holidays, school closures, and major events.

August 14New Family Picnic

August 18New Parent Orientation Night, 7:00pm (for adults only, no children)

August 22 – Classroom Welcome & Handprint Party – 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. (Drop-in)

August 23 – First day of School

September 5 – Labor Day – School Closed

September 9 – Back to School Night – 7:00pm (for adults only, no children) – this is a MINIMUM Day (dismiss at 12:00)

October 14 – Moonlight Magic!

October 28 – Parent Conferences; School Closed

November 4 – Professional Development Day; School Closed

November 21 & 22 – Stone Soup Celebrations

November 23-25 – Thanksgiving Break; School Closed

December 9 – Grandparents’ Day; Minimum Day

December 22January 6 – Christmas Break (school resumes on Monday, 1/9)

January 16 – MLK Day; School Closed

February 3 – Moonlight Magic!

February 20 – Presidents’ Day; School Closed

April 14 & 17 – Easter; School Closed

April 21 – Moonlight Magic & Golf Auction

April 28 – Open House; Minimum Day

May 25 – Preschool Promotion Ceremony – Minimum Day

May 26 – Last day of school.  Minimum Day. Have a great summer!

June 5 – Summer Camp Begins

Under the Big Blue Sea

The children in Room 3 had an amazing time this week. From activities such as water play with sprinklers and buckets to our fantastically yogurt filled field trip, the children had very little time to not be excited. Our Chapel this week was about how God calms and it was presented by none other than our very own Room five teachers. Last but not least, we ended the week with an awesome pizza party. There’s only one more week left so let’s hope for smooth sailing. 

🐳 Under The Sea 🐬

We had a whale of a time in Room 2! The children explored under the sea through art, literacy and song. Through media, we saw the book “Rainbow Fish” come to life; then, through art, we created our own. 

We also read and heard the CD story of “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea.” The book illustrates the food chain in the ocean and sequencing in a very catching way! 

The children got very wet this week through our waterplay activities. On Tuesday, we had wading pools and a sprinkler. On Friday, Pump  and Splash brought their fantastic pumps and water barrels. But I think their favorite game was “Get the Teachers Wet”!

Wednesday we learned about how God Calms. This week’s chapel was presented by Room 5 teachers. The children look forward to dancing and seeing “Snappy” the crab.
We had a fun field trip to the Monrovia library for a storytime and fun in the park. We got to also enjoy some yummy Yogurtland frozen yogurt. See previous post.

 We ended the week with an under the sea pizza party. I can’t believe we only have one more week in our summer program. Time flies when you’re having fun! Can’t wait to see what adventures we will have next week before we sail away for vacation!