Pasadena Christian Preschool is pleased to share the news of our reopening in August 2020! Our facility is fully re-designed and prepared to meet all Federal, State, County, City, and Public Health standards and guidelines for health and safety of our students, families, and staff. Please click on the link below to read our full COVID-19 Response Policy. We would like to thank our families for their cooperation and help by adhering to all of our new safety protocols. It is our desire to provide a safe, healthy, nurturing, and loving environment for every staff member, student, and family that is a part of our PCPS community.

Playing Around

Playing is such an important part of what we do at school. During playtime we learn to work together, share, and express ourselves in positive ways.

Building with blocks is a new favorite pastime. We also have dinosaur bones in our sensory table that we discover together!
Imaginative play happens quite often. We play puppies and kittens almost everyday.
We love the sandbox and all the things we make there.
Bristle blocks and dinosaurs are also a fan favorite.

We enjoy playing with each other! It’s the best part of our day. We greet each other enthusiastically when we arrive and we cheerfully say goodbye at the end of the day.

We are building relationships everyday through work and play.


In class we made red and gold dragons with construction paper, with this activity we learn about sequence. We also made red and golden fans.

We read fun books and learn Mandarin words and numbers one to ten from Ms. Melissa

In class we Cooked fried rice it was fun experience, all the children got to put something in the wok and they heard the sizzling sound. “It was tasteful!” Heidi and Kevin (Evelyn’s mom and dad) graciously shared a book “Bringing In the New Year,” dumplings and egg roll as well to have for snack in the class.

Jim Dine; Heart Inspired Art

Jim Dine, an American painter, graphic artist, sculptor and poet from the Pop Art period was famous for his series of heart paintings. When asked what his fascination with the hearts, “I have no idea but it’s mine and I use it as a template for all my emotions/feelings. It’s a landscape for everything.” The students were asked “If your heart could have many colors, what would it look like?” They also talked about what makes your heart feel happy and what actions can we do to show our love to someone. -Ms. Monica


Reading the Bible story “Jesus loves the little children (Matthew 18:1-14) captured the children’s attention. Specially where Jesus said “Let the children come to me and don’t stop them, because the kingdom of God belongs to persons like them.” We are very happy to see how fast our kids learn the song “Jesus Love Me,” along with hand motions for our song.

Our Valentines Day Celebration was adorable. All the children got a chance to distribute their valentine cards, decorate our sugar cookies and enjoy fresh fruit as a morning snack

Party II! (Valentines Celebration)

We have so much fun being together! Building castles and drawing pictures! Ms. Kira got several pictures to take home today.
Outside we ran and played and danced and built and climbed all over the structure . We stay so active!
We sang our songs about love during morning meeting and read our books about love.
Both of these books are loved by the class.
We all loved snack. We had our special snack mix.
As well as raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

We had so much snack that Ms. Kira was afraid we wouldn’t have room for our lunches.

We played with our sparkly play dough and had an all around good time!

We had such a good time celebrating love and remembering to be loving. We danced and ran and climbed and created so many things!

The Room 3 teachers are thankful we get to do a job we love with such wonderful children and families. We love you all and we thank God that we can share that love with you and each other!

(And right after nap we got to go outside and we saw a beautiful rainbow)

Room 1A Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Heart Waffles

Our Valentine’s Day parties were a success! Our kiddos all enjoyed the delicious treats you all contributed with. Nothing puts a smile on a kid’s face like 2 heart shaped waffles, mixed berries, syrup and powdered sugar. This Valentine’s party was not just about having some sweets and exchanging gifts. We focused on the importance of showing kindness towards others and praying for one another – lots of meaningful discussions this week. We hope you enjoy the videos and pictures that accompany this blog. Happy Valentine’s Day Room 1A!

Wednesday’s Waffle Party

Thursday’s Waffle Party

Valentine’s Day Party!! 🎉💕🥳

While we are celebrating love all month long we are especially doing so for the next couple of days. We started our day in the yard with an exciting dance party and playing on the structure!

The Floor is Lava is a favorite song for outside.
Thanks for all the great decorations!
We had a special snack mix of popcorn, pretzels and raisins as well as grapes and strawberries.
Snack time was so quiet. 😋Mmmm! It was so good!
We played with sparkly play dough that Ms. Sheri made for today and we got to make our own Valentines cards.
We ended our day playing with the post office on the yard.

Today was a busy day and we enjoyed it so much!

Jesus Loves Me Party

Room 2 celebrated Valentine’s Day with our Jesus Loves Me Party! We enjoyed a festive valentine fruit parfait and passed out our valentine cards. Ms. Monica stopped by for a special reading of Love by Eric Carle and passed out cross necklaces to remind us who loves us the most—JESUS!

“For God so LOVED the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16