Happy First Day of Autumn!

It is with a warm smile that your friends in Room 2 would like to wish you a Happy First Day of Autumn! As the first day of the new season comes to an end, our teachers and friends in Room 2 are proud to report that we have finally started to “Fall” into step, as a classroom!🍁🍂🌰

The teachers in Room 2 have noticed a significant change in the way that friends are responding to transitions in the classroom, demonstrating great team work. Some friends even go as far as helping other friends finish a task, once they are done with their own. 
It is quite special, and we are proud of our classroom and of how Jesus’ love is present here. Though we are far from perfect, we are thankful as a classroom to be given opportunities to extend love, grace, forgiveness, and compassion everyday, as God grows these qualities in us.❤️
This week, to celebrate the start of the new Autumn season, we worked on Apple Printing art! Friends had so much fun exploring different colors and shapes. The artwork was beautiful!
We also learned about the Tower of Babel, from the book of Genesis, Chapter 11. Friends were fascinated to learn about the origins of all the different languages of the world, and we celebrated the diversity of languages in our own classroom! It was a lovely a treat to have our dear friends Ms. Nora and Ms. Cece come be a part of our demonstration of different languages in Room 2.🌎🌍🌏

All in all, we are off to a great start of the new season, and we look forward to continuing to grow and learn together as a classroom in the coming months. Until next week, we leave you with this verse, from Psalm 17. We pray that it would set the tone for your new season as well, just as it has in Room 2. 
Blessings and Happy Autumn, from your friends in Room 2!


Save the Date: Vision Screenings

Pasadena Christian Preschool will be offering free vision screenings for our Older Pod students (Room 1, 2 & 3) on Tuesday, September 27th and Wednesday, September 28th 2016.
Why are vision screenings important?  Early detection and intervention of vision issues help children to be successful in their overall development and well-being.
Vision screenings are important and can benefit children by detecting any eye conditions early on. Often, due to lack of prior screenings, vision problems aren’t diagnosed  until the elementary school years.
Please use this information to help aid your child’s vision health and have your child participate in the Elks vision screening offered at school. Or, schedule a vision screening with your pediatric optometrist.
Here’s a quick list of some ways to identify if your child is having vision problems:
  • Squinting
  • Eyes turning inward or outward
  • Headaches
  • Holding reading material or pictures closer than normal
  • Rubbing eyes
  • Turning or tilting head to use one eye only
We are looking forward to your child’s participation in these screenings. Permission forms are required. Please be on the lookout for permission forms in your email and in the front office.
Author: Maria Esquivel  CSULA Child Development Intern.

Apples Everywhere! 

Room 5 has done a lot of art exploration with our Apple theme! We mixed cinnamon paint with sparkles and oats last week to decorate our classroom, and this week we are getting bubbly with baking soda and colored vinegar! We worked on our pincer grasp by sprinkling baking soda onto our apple cut-outs and used fine tip brushes to paint our glittery colored vinegar over it. Then we watched the reaction fizz! The joys of art and science combined as we created our fizzy apple art this week. 

Art time with Room 3!

Room 3 along with the other rooms at school have been exploring their creative minds with Ms. Monica the past couple of weeks. During their time with Ms. Monica, the children have a blast unleashing their inner creativity through the different art activities that are planned for them. As the year goes on, the children will explore different ways to use their creative minds to create art pieces that allow us to take a peek at their vast imagination.

And We Think To Ourselves, What A Wonderful Wednesday!

🎶We see a field of green, and color cards too! Friends having fun, as the worship time is done! And we think to ourselves… What a Wonderful Wednesday!🎶

Two Teams: Miss Kira’s and Miss Daisy’s!🌈

Room 2 had themselves such a delightful Wednesday this week!  Our friends had a wonderful time playing with color cards in the big field, as they learned to recognize different colors through play and exercise as a team! It was so much fun!

Friends lining up, as they get assigned a color card and team!

Running for the win!!

We then had a beautiful time of worship with the older kids at the “Big School” for our Chapel service of the week. Some Room 2 friends even saw family members, and it was quite special!

As they waited for worship to begin, Room 2 was practicing a fruit of The Spirit: Self-Control! Just look at that great posture!

 One of our friends even saw her cousin during Chapel!

We LOVE those smiles!

The worship songs we sang to The Lord went great with our classroom teaching this week: Noah.🌈

We learned about Noah from The Bible this week. Noah continues to be an excellent example of what it looks like to trust The Lord. God was and IS truly faithful, and as we practice obedience, His goodness continues to bless us!

As you can see, it was truly a Wonderful Wednesday indeed…

Blessings to you, from your friends in Room 2!

Room 5’s First Month!

Can you believe we have just finished our first month of preschool?! We have been working and playing so hard in Room 5 that the time has flown by. Our youngsters have been hard at work learning their new classroom routine, making friendships, and discovering all the excitement that their new school has to offer. 

One of our themes this month is apples, so naturally we got to make art through apple stamping! Fine motor skills, visual arts, and messy fun abound in this activity.  The good times and creativity never seem to stop flowing here! 
It’s been an incredibly blessed first month in Room 5 and the teachers in here are incredibly grateful for the loving and enthusiastic families we get to work with each day.

Happy Fall Y’All

Today we had our first taste of Fall (I know, I know it’s not official until next week) by making homemade apple crisp! Yum-o! Each of your little darlings took a turn to operate our apple corer, peeler, slicer. Yes! We cored, peeled AND sliced! Then we snapped our spirals into pieces and layer them into a buttered pan. But that’s not all! We topped our crunchies  with brown sugar/cinnamon crumb topping! Oooh la la! We ate this delicious concoction after our lunch. We loved it so much that we will bake it again tomorrow.