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We are excited to announce that Pasadena Christian School earned the “Most Loved School” award from Hulafrog! Thanks to all who voted for us. We are thrilled!

April’s Check-In!😊

Hi, Room 2 friends! We hope this finds you well! 

It’s been a while since we’ve last checked in! There’s been a lot of transition happening, as we prepare for the end of the school year… Can you believe we’ve made it to the end?! Time flies when you’re having this much fun! We wouldn’t have it any other way. The Lord has been such a faithful and good Father to us in Room 2, every step of the way. His heart for this classroom is so evident!❤

Haha, we love this picture of us together!❤

Last month we had an amazing time together as we celebrated Easter! It was humbling and powerful to remember Jesus dying for our sins on the cross, and then being raised from the dead in victory! He defeated death and sin, all because He LOVED us… We all were the joy set before Him, and it was His joy to do what He did, because we are who he thought about as He took on every sin, hanging on the cross. And only He could’ve done it! And now, and throughout all of eternity, we can and will proclaim that LOVE HAS WON!!! Because the best part happened after the cross; 3 days later, HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD! And He is ALIVE, right now!! And His victory is our victory!!! Amen!❤

We celebrated Easter as a Room 2 family, going to chapel, reading books, singing songs, doing art, and we ended by eating together, as a family. It was so beautiful! We want to thank the parents who contributed food, decorations, crafts, books, and most importantly, their time. It meant so much to our classroom!😊 

Next up, after Easter, was our last field trip of the school year! Our whole Room 2 crew headed out to the La Brea Tar Pits for an amazing day outside, exploring! We learned about all kinds of fossils, including mammoths, dire wolves, and sabertooth cats! It was fascinating to explore together, as we made the park our outdoor classroom for the day. We had so much fun! 

To this day, paleontologists are actively digging for fossils in the asphalt (tar) that is still fresh, after thousands of years! 

We also enjoyed lunch together under a nice tree that gave us plenty of shade from the heat!🌳☺️

It was so fun to explore inside as well! There were lots of bones to see, and even a station to experience what it feels like to be stuck in asphalt(tar)!

And check out the size of these fossils, in comparison to our classroom!

We are SO incredibly thankful for everyone who came out on this last trip with us! It was amazing to spend the day together! We loved every minute! We are so thankful for the many opportunities God has given us to fellowship together this year. Here in Room 2, we have a phrase that we use: “Teamwork makes the dream work!” And we can honestly say that being a team with the Room 2 parents this year was one of the best blessings we could’ve experienced. Thank you for your time and effort. We know how much you love because you constantly showed us! And seeing you present with us, was the sweetest encouragement. God’s love has remained perfectly constant each day! What a gift!

As we prepare our hearts to leave Room 2, we hope you know how deeply we’ve loved this classroom this year, and how intentionally we’ve prayed for unity, healing, and love, as we’ve grown together academically. Though academics have always remained important, our focus has also remained on The Heart; God’s heart for Room 2, and Room 2’s heart for Him and each other. It’s been a beautiful season, and now it’s coming to an end… But wow, how excited we are for what Jesus has in store for us all in this next season. We go from glory to glory. Amen.❤

With Love, 

Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team

P.S. As always, candids! Enjoy!

May News and Calendar of Events

It feels like spring barely made it here and now we are counting down to summer! We are in the final stretch with less than one month remaining. What a fantastic year it has been working with your little ones. We have enjoyed each and every one of them so much and we thank you for entrusting them with us.

The month of May is packed with excitement and loads of fun activities, so hang on to your hats…it will be a fun ride to the end!
In the News:

Water Bags for Cubbies

The time has come! Please send in a Water Play Bag with your child within the next week or so. Please see attached Water Play Bag Supply List flyer for details.


MVP hours are due by the last week of school. Many of you noticed that a charge of $150 was added to your account. This charge was placed on all accounts that did not have a completed MVP booklet on file. The charges will be reversed if your booklet is received by May 26th. Click here for last minute opportunities:

Not done? No worries! A few remaining opportunities will include the Preschool Promotion Ceremony, Pizza Parties, and Family Picnic.

Summer Camp Registration

We are nearly to the close of our summer registration. Please register by May 8th to avoid a $50 late fee. We still have a few spaces available.

For those who registered, summer information such as calendars and supply lists will be emailed out in the next week or so….be on the lookout!

Upcoming Events:

Moonlight Magic – May 5

Our FINAL Moonlight Magic of the year will be held Friday, May 5th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. Don’t let your kids miss out on the fun…sign up soon! We enjoy glow-light dance parties, flashlight tag, pizza, movies, and popcorn while YOU enjoy a night out! Flyers are available at the preschool desk. Spaces are available in preschool. BYH is sold out.

Preschool Family Picnic – May 20

The Preschool Family Picnic is by far one of the most enjoyable events of the year! Families will enjoy bouncy houses, crafts, water play, and a picnic lunch on the PCS field! Save the date…you won’t want to miss it!

Pizza Party Days – May 23 & 24

Each classroom will enjoy pizza parties in their classrooms to celebrate a year of fun. Look for sign-ups for ‘potluck’ side items (MVP hours available!)

Preschool Promotion Ceremony (Rooms 1 & 2) – May 25 @ 7:00 pm

The Preschool Promotion Ceremony is a very special time to recognize our Rooms 1 & 2 students who will be promoting to Kindergarten, TK and Pre-K. This is an event our Rooms 1 & 2 families will not want to miss! Families will enjoy a selection of songs, a slideshow, presentation of certificates, and light refreshments. Invite the whole family and don’t forget the tissues!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sign up to help here at PCS or the Preschool!

Preschool Family Picnic – Look for volunteer sign-ups for the annual preschool family picnic. We always need help with preparation, donations, and working the event at this super-fun picnic party!


PLEASE FOLLOW the Preschool Blog for classroom updates:

PCS Weekly: Check your emails for the PCS Weekly! This e-letter features links for volunteer opportunities, the main calendar, and more!


Friday, May 5 – Moonlight Magic – 6:00 – 9:00pm

Saturday, May 20 – Preschool Family Picnic – 11:00 – 1:00

Tuesday, May 23 – Classroom Pizza Parties

Wednesday, May 24 – Classroom Pizza Parties

Thursday, May 25 – Preschool Promotion Ceremony (Rooms 1 & 2) @ 7:00 – Minimum Day

Friday, May 26 – Last Day of School – Minimum Day

May 29 – June 2 – Clean Up Days – School Closed

Monday, June 5 – 1st Day of Summer Camp (Registration Required)


Looking WAY Ahead…

*Monday, August 21      Classroom Welcome Party (Meet the Teachers and Handprint Party)

Tuesday, August 22         First Day of School!

Tips & Tricks for Traveling with Tots

Traveling with small children can be a hassle, especially when you know you have two little ones who refuse to sit still. Managing snacks, entertainment, and nap time can be quite the challenge when you know you have a long trip ahead. Thankfully, there are a few strategies that will help ease the challenge for the short (or long!) road ahead.

Plan your Snack and Meals Ahead of Time.

Remembering to pack snacks and meals not only saves you money, but also helps keep snacking healthier compared to opting for the fast food alternative. A few healthy snacks that are also lightweight to pack are granola bars, string cheese, fresh fruit and the kids’ favorite – applesauce. If you have a long trip you might want to avoid packing foods  that turn brown or can crumble such as bananas, avocados, and crackers. Stick to snacks that can be thrown in a bag and can be treated as rewards such and edamame, dried fruits, or even cubed tofu! All of these are healthy options and can stand at room temperature.   

Image result for planning snacks for kids when traveling

Entertainment for Traveling

Traveling with young children can be a task, but if planned accordingly, it can be a much smoother ride. If traveling by car, bringing small, cheap toys such as stickers, dolls and trinkets can help. Make sure that you bring it along in a travel bag or box to help keep things tidy. For kids older than the toddler stage, you can create a map of your trip and have them check off the locations you pass and even reward them when you reach a checkpoint with a snack, toy or special activity. Bringing your child’s favorite CD and having a sing off in the car can help time go by quicker in a fun way.

Image result for entertainment for kids when traveling

Planning Nap & Bed Time

Whether traveling by car, train, or plane, planning when to sleep can become a real challenge as most younger children need their down time. Making sure you stick to normal nap time schedules and planning your day around them can help avoid the sleepy-time crankies. Try bringing nap time products that help children feel like home such as their favorite toy or blanket. Traveling by night can help children as their bodies are normally getting ready to go to bed. This can also help as you will not have to manage a squirmy little one during a long flight or a crying child in the back seat.

Image result for sleeping kids when traveling at night

Author: Stephany Mijanos, CSULA intern

Happy April!💐

Hi there from Room 2! 😊 

We hope you’re well and blessed! We’ve definitely been having TONS  of fun here in Room 2! Can you believe the school year will be over in just a few short weeks?! We definitely don’t want to think about that just yet… Not when there’s still so much fun to be had.😎

Last week was a huge treat for our entire school as we were visited by two police men, who came to speak to us about their job! It was so exciting to have them teach us about their gadgets, general safety, and about their vehicles! Some of our kiddos even had the chance to see inside! SO. COOL.🚓🏍

It was such a great day! We’re so thankful for the visit and hope to have more educational visits like it in the future.

Meanwhile, inside the classroom, we’ve been hard at work as we finish up our very last unit of curriculum! So exciting!!Our friends have been working hard, learning their shapes and letters as we conclude our last unit. They’re doing so well! We are super proud of their progress!!📚🖍☺️

Also, Room 2 is SO excited to be diving into the fascinating world of dinosaurs!! Our friends have been learning about dinosaurs, their anatomy, and their lifestyles! We saw the children develop an interest in dinosaurs and took the opportunity to encourage their curiosity to learn! It’s been such an amazing adventure. WE ARE LOVING IT!!

Our friends have also been busy developing their culinary skills!😉 Last week’s menu was dinosaur bones made from dough, and this week we made dinosaur eggs out of rice crispy treats! So yummy!!🥖🥚

We’re so thankful with God for the amazing gift He gives us each day, to learn and grow. Our hearts are elated and full of praise for the amazing ways His heart shines in our room. We’ve become such a family in our classroom, and as we head into these last few weeks of school, our hearts are deeply thankful and pensive at the memories we’ve made so far. The love, compassion, kindness, and overall growth that God has done in us will always remain, and that is the highest and sweetest blessing. We can’t wait to see what else these next few weeks have in store for us! Easter is next week, and we have one last adventurous field trip coming up in a couple weeks. We can’t wait to see you there.❤

Blessings and TONS of love,

Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team💕

p.s. As always, some extras! Enjoy!🌞

Worship with Room1&2!❤

A Private Concert for the a Younger Pod!

Today we enjoyed a special up close and personal concert from one of our fabulously involved parents and family friend who happen to be incredibly talented concert musicians!! We had a counting lesson on the strings of the violin and the cello, learned musical vocabulary, and joined together in song as we were serenaded by our special guests! 

The younger pod extends a huge THANK YOU to Elliston’s mommy, Joo, for arranging and providing such a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience for the budding minds of rooms 4 and 5. Thank you!! 


Children of the King

Why is emergent curriculum so great? Engagement! Engagement! Engagement! When children are engaged they are productive and productive play is essential to a successful learning environment.

Our Room 1 friends have been productively exploring their interests in everything Medieval! Our “Almost Kindergartners” began showing interest in princesses and knights, a popular area of interest for 5 year olds. So naturally, and with their help, we transformed our classroom into a medieval kingdom. We have been exploring their interests in dynamic and multifaceted ways–ways that have not only kept their interests alive for MONTHS but have absolutely propelled them forward as critical thinkers, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, artists, writers, and thespians!

Room 1 loves to start exploring an area of interest with literature! Books and pictures inspire us, peek curiosity, provoke questions and brainstorming…

We built.

We measured.

We catapulted.

We melted and molded.

We designed.

We wrote.

We patterned.

We micro-dramatic played.

We painted royal self portraits.

We became knights, princesses, servants, and jesters.

We built castle walls and colored stain glass windows.

We created.

We declared ourselves children of the King.

We put on the full armor of God!


“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” Ephesians 6:11

We know there is a war going on for our hearts. God wants us to obey His word and the enemy doesn’t. When conflict arises in our classroom we remind our kids: “Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

It is our prayer that our kids learn to fight this spiritual battle. We want them to put on their helmet of salvation and believe in Jesus. We want them to gird themselves with honesty, fairness and righteousness. We want them to use God’s word to separate right thoughts and actions from wrong ones. We want their faith to extinguish the lies–lies that they don’t have to be obedient or share their toys or love their classmates. We want the truth of God’s word to hold everything in place. We want them to walk out the Gospel with peace. We pray our little ones make Jesus the Lord of their life because He is the King of ALL kings and the Lord of all lords!

2017 April News and Calendar of Events

Dear Parents,

Spring has sprung and we are bounding towards summer! We are on the home stretch! The mood at the preschool has been filled with fun as the warmer weather has allowed for some water play (off an on, anyway!) and sunny days outdoors. Many classrooms are also delving into the wonderful world of insects and you should be seeing caterpillars, silk worms and more making their way into the school. We had our annual Association Meeting last week and we recognized Monica and Joy for their 5 years of service, as well as Pam for her 10 years! Feel free to send a warm thank you their way. Our fabulous parents are one of the many reasons our staff enjoy LONG working tenures at PCS :-). In fact, our 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Gallego, just celebrated 30 years and Dr. Gray was not far behind, with a whopping 25 years at PCS!
In the News:

Water Bags for Cubbies

The time has come! Please send in a Water Play Bag with your child within the next week or so. Please see attached Water Play Bag Supply List flyer for details.

Room 1 Staffing Update

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Joy will soon be having her first baby! She left on maternity leave this past Friday and we ask that you keep her family in your prayers as they prepare for their little one. Miss Kristen will be leading the classroom and Mr. Sam will be joining the Room 1 teaching team for the remainder of the year.


MVP hours are due SOON! Please make an effort to fulfill your hours and turn in your booklet as soon as possible to avoid the MVP fee to your account. Don’t have a book? Lost your book? No worries…come to the office and we will replace it for you. Enrolled late to PCS? Plan on completing 1 hour per month of attendance. Sign up to help here!

Summer Camp Registration

Thank you to all the families who registered by the March 8th deadline for summer camp. You should see your first tuition payment posted to your Smart Tuition account for April 1st. For those who haven’t registered, we have a few spaces left in some of the classrooms, so if you are still looking to enroll your child, please do so asap. Submissions received by April 8th may be billed to your account; submissions received after May 8th will be due in full and will incur a $50 late fee.

Upcoming Events :

Easter Parties

Be on the lookout for Easter classroom party information. Each classroom has their own schedule and traditions for how Easter is celebrated, so please look for their information regarding the parties. Just a reminder that PCS celebrates Easter for what it truly is – recognition of Christ’s sacrifice for us. While the “bunny” may play a small part in the fun, please help us in remembering the true meaning of this Christian holiday.

70th Anniversary Gala & Auction

We hope you can attend our 70th Anniversary Gala and Auction! This is a very special event and our very first Gala. Enjoy time with PCS families while joining the fun in bidding on amazing auction items and priceless classroom auction baskets! Visit our BidPal Center at to register and
purchase tickets today. Event seating is limited. Advanced reservations are required for entry.

Bidding from home will be available through BidPal! Mobile bidding goes live at 9:00AM on April 22nd.
Watch for our email giving you early access to our event’s Silent Auction!

Week of the Young Child:

Each year we celebrate the Week of the Young child with some daily fun and activities. Join the fun and have your child participate in the following:

Monday, April 24 – Pajama Day – Wear your jammies to school!

Tuesday, April 25 – Color Day – Show your classroom spirit by wearing your class color!

Rm 1- Purple, Rm 2 – Orange, Rm 3 – Green, Rm 4 – Red, Rm 5 – Blue

Wednesday, April 26 – Mismatched Day (we often joke that every day is mismatched in preschool…but on this day…go extra crazy!!)

Thursday, April 27 – Fruit Day – Bring a fruit to share in the classroom Fruit Salad Snack!

Friday, April 28 – Crazy Hat Day – How crazy can you get???

 Moonlight Magic – May 5

Our FINAL Moonlight Magic of the year will be held Friday, May 5th from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. Don’t let your kids miss out on the fun…sign up soon! We enjoy glow-light dance parties, flashlight tag, pizza, movies, and popcorn! Flyers are available at the preschool and BYH desks.

Volunteer Opportunities:  

Sign up to help here at PCS or the Preschool!

PTF Preschool Teacher Treats: April 21 – Parents of Room 3

Meal Trains – Congratulations to the Williams family on the birth of baby Cameron! Help bless this family with a meal while earning 2 MVP hours!

Preschool Family Picnic – Look for volunteer sign-ups for the annual preschool family picnic. We always need help with preparation, donations, and working the event at this super-fun picnic party!


PLEASE FOLLOW the Preschool Blog for classroom updates:

PCS Weekly: Check your emails for the PCS Weekly! This e-letter features links for volunteer opportunities, the main calendar, and more!


Tuesday & Wednesday, April 4 & 5 – Spring Photos on the yard

Friday, April 14th and Monday, April 17th – Easter Break – No School

Saturday, April 22st –  Dinner Gala – NO MOONLIGHT MAGIC

April 24 – 28 – Week of the Young Child

Friday, April 28th – Open House 6:30 – 8:00 – Minimum Day

Friday, May 5th – Moonlight Magic

Saturday, May 20th – Preschool Family Picnic

Thursday, May 25th – Rooms 1 & 2 Preschool Promotion Ceremony – Minimum Day

Friday, May 26th – Last Day of School – Minimum Day

Monday, June 5th – 1st Day of Summer Camp

July 3 & 4 – Holiday – School Closed

June 5 – August 4 – Fun in the Sun Summer Camp

August 7 – August 18 – School Closed

Monday, August 22 – Preschool Classroom Welcome – Details to follow

Tuesday, August 23 – First Day of School 2017 – 2018