Special Visitor Today!

Today we had the extreme privilege of a visit from B.G. Hennessy, the current author of the Corduroy books, as well as over 35 other children’s titles. She is the proud grandmother of two of our own preschool kiddos who were extremely proud to share her with us. Each classroom was blessed with an individual presentation by Mrs. Hennessy. The kids from Room 5 to 1 sat in rapt attention as she shared her fantastic and whimsical stories with us. We can’t thank her enough for her visit and sincerely hope she comes back soon.

1st Preschool Chapel of the Year!

We had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord together during the first chapel of our 2019-20 school year. Where better to kick off the year then in Genesis 1 with the Creation Story and our favorite creation song, “Hip, Hip Hooray!”

In the beginning God made the seas and the forest full of trees. He built the mountains up so high, on the very top He placed the sky. God’s fingerprints are everywhere, just to show how much He cares and in between He had loads of fun. He made hippo that weighed a ton. Hip, hip, hip hippopotamus. Hip, hip hooray He made us!

A Bouncy House and Water Play!! Ooohhh Yaaaaa…

Is there a better way to close out the first week of the second summer session then a bouncy house and water play?? The answer is “no,” there is not. We have had a BLAST jumping and splashing our way through the day!

Time to get our jump on.
This thing is amazing!!!
Ready, aim, fire!
Taste the rainbow…jk, please don’t lick it.
Down at the car wash, car wash…
What a day! Hip, hip hooray!!


God has blessed us with an amazing summer! From the weather to the activities, each day has been a wonderful adventure. Today we had the pleasure of gathering together to worship the Lord as a group in Chapel. We had a fantastic time singing songs and delving into the Word of God. Our focus for today’s Chapel was on the obedience of Jesus in the face of temptation from Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus in the Desert. We learned that God is always there to help us and that we can carry God’s word in our heart to help us make good choices when we are tempted to do the wrong things.

Bible Story Time

This week’s Bible Verse:

“God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out.” 1 Cor. 10:13

Worship rocks here at camp!

Fun in the Sun! Week 7

It’s hard to believe that we are so close to the end of summer camp but what a summer camp it has been. This week was full of fun and adventure from the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana to our amazing ventriloquist. Thank you God for blessing us with such a fantastic week. Seven down…one to go!

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Fun in the Sun! Week 6

What a wet and wild week it has been here at Summer Camp! This week we enjoyed learning about Prayer in Chapel, creating exotic creatures in art, questing with “Go Diego Go!” on popcorn and movie day, devouring delicious hot dogs for our Friday feast, and capping off our adventure with water slides and bounce houses! We thank God for blessing us with so many amazing experiences and look forward to what’s to come.