Water Color Rain Painting

We have been blessed with so much rain these past few weeks; God has been pouring His love upon us. I believe He has answered all our prayers in regards to the drought. In this project the children used a stick of wax to draw their rain lines, which they couldn’t see, until they were revealed with the water colors of blues and purples. I loved seeing their eyes widen when they revealed the marks. -Mrs. Monica

Cherry Blossom Paintings

The children learned all about the Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshida. He was a 20th-century Japanese painter and woodblock printmaker. We looked at his works, specifically the piece titled “Avenue of Cherry Trees”. I also shared real life photos of cherry blossom trees in the landscapes of Japan. 

The Huntington Library currently has several cherry blossom trees in full bloom just out front of their Chinese garden. I encourage you to visit them and have your child smell them. This makes for a great family photo, too. 

Here are a few photos of the children painting their very own tree. 

-Mrs. Monica 

Fall Wooden Collage

The older pod rooms 1 and 2 created collages using miscellaneous wooden pieces along with small pine cones. They then painted the artwork with a fall palette and finished it off with a dash of glitter for spark. A resemblance of Rauschenberg’s art style and process. I personally loved each one of the pieces.

Art time with Room 3!

Room 3 along with the other rooms at school have been exploring their creative minds with Ms. Monica the past couple of weeks. During their time with Ms. Monica, the children have a blast unleashing their inner creativity through the different art activities that are planned for them. As the year goes on, the children will explore different ways to use their creative minds to create art pieces that allow us to take a peek at their vast imagination.

Abstract Sand Art

This was a great art project for creating line forms through an unconventional method. The older pod children learned what a line is in art. They then used the glue as the tool for making the lines across their paper. To trace our glue lines, they then used their fine motor skills and pincer skills to sprinkle the sand and retrace their lines. They loved it for the process and the sensory experience!

The younger pod also created this art project, but for them it was much more of an exploratory art project. Allowing them to just dig in….
These make a great abstract line and movement piece. Enjoy!

Painting Elmer The Elephant

In the art studio this week we looked at the story “Elmer The Elephant,” by David Mckee. This book has agreat message: although we may all look different, we all have the same hearts and feelings. It also reminds us that we shouldn’t exclude those who are different. It celebrates in a beautiful way individuality. Although God made us all to look different, we all come from the same creator. What a great reminder to start the new school year. YAY! 

The children then learned about patchwork and painted their very own “Elmer” using sponges as a painting tool.