Fall is Here!

In the studio, we learned all about the season of fall. We questioned why the weather changes, why it gets darker earlier, the changes of the colors in the leaves and we also talked briefly about the other 3 seasons. We then looked at all the different types of trees. And talked about how every tree has different types of leaves. Unique to each tree type God has created. They then painted their very own fall tree watercolor painting…

-Mrs. Monica

Recycled Art

We had fun creating collages using recycled various plastic pieces. Some were buttons, marker caps, colored rectangular pieces and we even used bottle caps. We talked about what “abstract art”, is and the meaning of the word. I shared with them that it’s all about color, shapes and movements across a surface. I even pointed out what a “loud” piece looks like and what a “quiet” pieces looks like. I hope you find a great place in your home to display their art. 

Mrs. Monica 

Art & Literacy

The children listened to the story, “The Giving Tree”, by Shel Silverstein. This story has simple words and drawings but displays the meaning of unconditional love in a big way. We talked about how the tree was always there for the little boy, ready to serve as best as she could. We then talked about our project and how every material we were using comes from a tree. The paper, the popsicle sticks, all comes from a tree. They then created a collaged still life of apples in a basket. The compositions varied, as some had their apples inside the basket, others had the apples outside with a few inside. And one even created a spilled basket with apples rolling out. There was even a composition of “apple popsicles”. 🙂 The imagination and movement in every single piece reflects all the possibilities in this still life project.

Enjoy! Mrs. Monica

Water Color Rain Painting

We have been blessed with so much rain these past few weeks; God has been pouring His love upon us. I believe He has answered all our prayers in regards to the drought. In this project the children used a stick of wax to draw their rain lines, which they couldn’t see, until they were revealed with the water colors of blues and purples. I loved seeing their eyes widen when they revealed the marks. -Mrs. Monica

Cherry Blossom Paintings

The children learned all about the Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshida. He was a 20th-century Japanese painter and woodblock printmaker. We looked at his works, specifically the piece titled “Avenue of Cherry Trees”. I also shared real life photos of cherry blossom trees in the landscapes of Japan. 

The Huntington Library currently has several cherry blossom trees in full bloom just out front of their Chinese garden. I encourage you to visit them and have your child smell them. This makes for a great family photo, too. 

Here are a few photos of the children painting their very own tree. 

-Mrs. Monica 

Fall Wooden Collage

The older pod rooms 1 and 2 created collages using miscellaneous wooden pieces along with small pine cones. They then painted the artwork with a fall palette and finished it off with a dash of glitter for spark. A resemblance of Rauschenberg’s art style and process. I personally loved each one of the pieces.