Alma Woodsey Thomas Inspired Art

Alma Thomas was an artist and teacher who lived and worked in Washington D.C., for 38 years she worked as an art teacher in the public schools and built an outstanding art program which integrated all types of learners. Her work was loved by President Obama that he had her piece “Resurrection” purchased and had it displayed in the dinning room at the White House. The children loved seeing samples of her work, learning about her life and fascinated by her use of color. Some of the children felt she used rainbow colors in her paintings. The students were encouraged to use many colors in their own paintings. -Mrs. Monica; Art Teacher

Jim Dine; Heart Inspired Art

Jim Dine, an American painter, graphic artist, sculptor and poet from the Pop Art period was famous for his series of heart paintings. When asked what his fascination with the hearts, “I have no idea but it’s mine and I use it as a template for all my emotions/feelings. It’s a landscape for everything.” The students were asked “If your heart could have many colors, what would it look like?” They also talked about what makes your heart feel happy and what actions can we do to show our love to someone. -Ms. Monica

Northern Lights Watercolor Painting

The students learned all about the northern lights and even got to watch a real time lapse of the lights. Many of the students commented that it looked like water waves of color in the night sky. So inspired by the real images and colors they saw, they were excited to get painting and make these beautiful night sky’s. -Mrs. Monica, Art Teacher

Louise Nevelson Inspired Art

Louise Nevelson was an American sculptor known for her single colored monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures. Her sculptures appeared puzzle-like, with multiple intricately wooden cut pieces. The students looked at samples of her work and learned about her life. This projects purpose was to create a monochromatic puzzle like wall piece inspired by Nevelson’s artwork. They did a fabulous job. – Ms. Monica; Art Teacher

A Christmas Gift from the Art Studio!

Hello preschool artist! I wanted to share this package filled with art projects, stories and songs you can do and explore over winter break. Wishing you a safe and wonderful Merry Christmas. I can’t wait to see you in the New Year 2021.  –Ms. Monica

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.”

Anni Albers

Fall Art Explorations

This month has been so much fun and busy. We’ve created many different artwork in art studio and under the double trees that’s found in the play yard. From fall sculptures, gourd rolling paintings to nature collages, tie dye magnet turkeys and cinnamon art. Much was explored and discovered…. Happy Thanksgiving to all our wonderful students and families. -Ms. Monica, Preschool Art Teacher

Pumpkin Patch Painting

We looked at different pumpkins and gourds. We talked about the different characteristics we saw and colors. I also read them the story “Hello Fall”, by Deborah Diesen. This sweet little book celebrates all the wonderful things found in the fall season. They then painted their very own pumpkin patch painting. Enjoy! -Ms. Monica, Art Teacher