Pollock Paintings Preschool Style

The children in the younger pod learned about Jackson Pollock and his approach in painting. He is an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionism movement. He was known for his unique style of drip painting and never touching the canvas with the brush.

We used 3 golf balls to create a similar look, and in the end the children had the chance to drip paint for their final touches…

Wayne Thiebaud Creations in the Art Studio… 

This week the children were introduced to the American painter Wayne Thiebaud. Wayne is widely known for his colorful use of pastel paints in depicting commonplace objects such as cakes, pastries, hot dogs and ice cream cones. The children created their very own cake. They put their imagination hats on to become a pastry chef while painting in the colors that Wayne would have used. Wayne lives in Arizona and is 95 years old.


Autumn Nature Walk

Room 2 friends enjoyed an autumn nature walk on the PCS campus this past week. After a blustery night before, there were oodles of fall ‘goodies’ to be found…seed pods, (almost) colored leaves, sticks, and more! The children picked up several bags of natural items, then came back to create beautiful fall collages. It was a perfect fall day!