V is for Volcano

The kids had a great time learning about the letter V while learning about Volcanos. We read books and watched videos about volcanos. At the end of the week, Ms Mayda helped the kids make a volcano out of play dough and erupt the volcano with vinegar and baking soda! The kids had a great time!

Snow Day was a Blast!

The kids participated in a lot of Winter activities to help prepare them for Snow Days. They made snow, snowmen, winter trees with snow and science experiments with ice! When Snow Days arrived, it was wonderful to see our outdoor area blanketed in snow and watch the kids play ❤️!

The Moon at Preschool!

The students learned about Lunar New Year and how the celebration lasts 15 days because it follows the phases of the moon. This prompted the children to become very interested in the moon. They started to notice it more when we were outside. We quickly changed our curriculum to learn about the moon using OREO’s! It was a hit! The kids made moon sand, learned about the phases with the moon by using/eating Oreos and the letter “M,” for Moon! Sometimes we still find the kids making phases of the moon with their ritz crackers or in the sandbox!

Winter In Room 2

January was full of winter activities! The kids had a great time exploring ice and doing Winter themed activities. We did science projects by making snow and experimenting with salt and ice! We read Winter stories and about how trees change during the Winter and art projects to follow.

Cafe Room 2

Our specials this week were Pancakes with a side of blueberries and strawberries topped with whip cream or syrup! All the guests who attended loved their meal. Some were even interested in helping to prepare it while others just waited for their meals to be ready. Some guests ate so fast that the servers couldn’t get the guests their sides in time! Thank you to all the wonderful hands that helped prepare it and the wonderful donations that made it possible.

Happy Stone Soup days!

We had a wonderful time celebrating God’ gifts to us through our Stone Soup days! We began our days having wonderful parent volunteers come and read our story Fox Tale Soup. We then had fun filling in what we are thankful for on our craft! We also worked hard using our fine motor skills to cut and chop all our veggies for our soup! During our outside play time, our soup cooked and cooked, and at lunch we tried it and we LOVED it! Yum!

Thank you to our amazing parent helpers who came and helped assist in the festivities and those who brought ingredients to share! You made thus year a success!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving reflecting on all God have given in His perfect provision!


your Room 2 teachers ❤️

“Give thanks to the LORD for He is good. His love endures forever.” Psalm 118:1