Preschool Campus Update 10.2021

As many of you are aware, Pasadena is dealing with an increased bug population. These tiny pests are, unfortunately, flying, crawling, and worming their way onto our campus and into our lives. Currently we are working with ECOLA, our personal pest management company, to reduce these pernicious creepy crawls as much as possible.

This Friday, October 15th, ECOLA will be treating our play yard and surrounding areas. Attached to this email you will find the specific fact sheets related to what will be used on campus. It is always PCS’s goal to balance safe and effective measures when treating out environment.

Mosquitoes and Us

For those of who are still trying to find ways to deal with the ongoing mosquito issue, please check out this information shared with us by the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control in the link below.

Vector Control recently visited our site as well as the surrounding houses/apartment buildings. While they didn’t find any breading hot spots, that doesn’t mean that mosquitoes don’t continue to be a nuisance and issue for many of us. For more information and resources you can visit

Site Update: October 2020

As many of you are aware, we have been dealing with an ongoing bug issue here at the preschool. The mosquito population has grown rapidly over the last few years in Southern California and schools, business, and home owners are all trying to mitigate the impact of these pesky pests. The preschool/school has regular monthly visits from a pest management company that sprays the exterior of our campus with a bio and student friendly bug deterrent. This year, however, we have found that the situation has worsened and after a visit from Vector Control, the campus has decided to take extra measures. This Friday, October 23rd, after the campus closes for the day, we will be spraying a new bug spray around the exterior of our campus. Below you will find the specifics of the compound that our Environmental Services team has elected to use.

We take the safety of our students, families, and staff very seriously and this includes both their exposure to bugs as well as the means to eliminate them. We are grateful for our Environmental Services team and the diligence that they pursue their responsibilities with.