Let The Apple Times Roll

Room 2 had so much fun with our Apple Pumpkin Day activities we continued today! Let the good times roll!

We put our chef’s hats on to create mini apple turnovers!

Thank you to our Room 2 parent volunteers for bringing all our ingredients!

A Smashing Good Day!

Happy Apple Pumpkin Day! Our friends in Room 2 had a smashing fun day!

We enjoyed a fun and festive apple graham cracker delight!

Check out some of our beautiful apple and pumpkin themed art!

Today, we dissected a pumpkin together! We explored the seeds and pulp for a sensory experience. We also cut out some shapes to create a jack-o-lantern. We named him Jojo!

Pumpkin pounding was a great way for us to build some fine motor skills!

Oh My Gourdness! We had a blast doing some indoor pumpkin and gourd bowling!

September in Room 2

September has been a blast! We’ve been hard at work in Room 2. Check out some highlights from our month together.

In small groups, we’ve done fun things like drawing our family portraits, shape sorting, making “shape soup,” creating shape sun catchers, apple sorting to recognize the letters Aa and Bb, dot counting, color mixing with play dough and more!

On Wednesdays, we walk over to the elementary school where we get to enjoy “The Big Field.” We get our bodies moving with gross motor activities that build coordination and cooperative skills.

As we play, we’re building friendships, gaining knowledge about the world around us, using fun materials that help shape us into thinkers, artists, engineers, storytellers, caring family members and so much more!

Most importantly, we’re learning God’s word! We love singing our Bible memory verse songs. Having God’s word in our heart is the most important and most effective way to grow socially and emotionally. It’s the roadmap we use to navigate how we interact with God and with others. We highly recommend singing along at home to: Steve Green’s Hide ‘Em in your Heart Vol. 1 and 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqe4xkD6FVk&list=PLnBE6CMNMLh01KgWRc9lseCt-34_AnlQc

We’re so happy to see our friends growing together. As we head into a new season, we’re excited for all the fall fun ahead!

A Day in Room 2

We are off to a great start in Room 2! Our friends are acclimating nicely to their new classroom, getting to know some new friends and reconnecting with classmates from last year. Check out some highlights from our first couple weeks together.

At morning meeting, we pick classroom helpers, discuss the calendar, sing songs and pray together.

We read our Bible and interact with exciting props to solidify the concepts and themes in the stories.

When we play—we’re thinking, building, creating, problem-solving, socializing, developing language, using negotiation skills and exploring the world around us!

Small group time is a great opportunity for us to practice attention maintenance, following directions and learning how to engage in fun learning activities pertaining to language literacy, fine motor development, color concepts, shapes, sorting, patterning, science exploration, gross motor development and much more!

We even get to enjoy “the big field” at the elementary school! We do gross motor activities and play fun games like Red Light, Green Light and What Time is it Mr. Fox?

We’re already making huge leaps in our ability to connect print and storytelling! Check out this video of some Room 2 friends using our writing center white board to recreate some familiar stories. AMAZING!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year together!

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1

New Tree Logs in the YP Patio

Today, we introduced new tree logs into our outdoor patio play! Our younger pod friends felt on top of the world, as they climbed, balanced, stepped and jumped off. Check out our big smiles and our BIG gross motor skills!

Also, are you seeing these social skills?!? We’re taking turns, being patient, sharing space and encouraging each other! Look at us letting our light shine for Jesus!

Please, keep our outdoor classroom in mind if you come across fun natural materials or recyclables. We love to integrate the two–nature and play!