Snow Day was a Blast!

The kids participated in a lot of Winter activities to help prepare them for Snow Days. They made snow, snowmen, winter trees with snow and science experiments with ice! When Snow Days arrived, it was wonderful to see our outdoor area blanketed in snow and watch the kids play ❤️!


What an amazing bunch of kids we have in our class, they enjoy story time, dancing, art, puzzles and cooking. Singing and praying is always a favorite in our class.

All the kids have caring and loving hearts, they show it with hugs and kind word. We learned a new song in our class and is called “H E A R T, “ sang to beat of “ B I N G O. “

Valentines Day

Valentines Day has happened and it was all about love! ❤️💕💖💜 Loving each other, loving our families and loving God!

We still have ice in our yard from snow days! We have been playing with that still!
We decorated with hearts, hearts and even more hearts!
We made heart shaped pizza’s that we got to eat with our lunch.
The pizza’s were so good! 😁
The tables were pretty and the friends loved the decorations.
We enjoyed the pizza and the rest of our lunches!!
Two days of pizza! 😋

We enjoyed the pizza parties so much that on Wednesday we asked the teachers if we could make more pizza!!

Thank you all for everything you did to make our party days special!! We loved it all! 🥰

The Moon at Preschool!

The students learned about Lunar New Year and how the celebration lasts 15 days because it follows the phases of the moon. This prompted the children to become very interested in the moon. They started to notice it more when we were outside. We quickly changed our curriculum to learn about the moon using OREO’s! It was a hit! The kids made moon sand, learned about the phases with the moon by using/eating Oreos and the letter “M,” for Moon! Sometimes we still find the kids making phases of the moon with their ritz crackers or in the sandbox!

Summer Camp 2022

Summer Fun Clip Art - Fun In The Sun Clipart, HD Png Download , Transparent  Png Image - PNGitem

We are thrilled to announce that our 2022 Summer Camp Registration is now open. If you are interested in participating in this year’s camp, please check out our registration packet below. Our program is first come first serve and spaces fill up quickly so be sure to submit your forms in ASAP.

We are looking forward to another wonderful summer together and hope to see you there.

2022 Lunar New Year

We introduced Lunar New Year to our class by reading some books, listening to rhyming songs in Chinese and tried to guess what song it was playing in English. The kids made lanterns, dragons and cooked fried rice. Thank you parents for supporting the class by bringing the items needed to cook. “GUNG HAY FAT CHOY”

Snow Days!

Snow Days were so much fun! We got to throw snowballs at each other and go sledding and even made colorful snow. It was a blast and here are a few pictures of the fun!