New Tree Logs in the YP Patio

Today, we introduced new tree logs into our outdoor patio play! Our younger pod friends felt on top of the world, as they climbed, balanced, stepped and jumped off. Check out our big smiles and our BIG gross motor skills!

Also, are you seeing these social skills?!? We’re taking turns, being patient, sharing space and encouraging each other! Look at us letting our light shine for Jesus!

Please, keep our outdoor classroom in mind if you come across fun natural materials or recyclables. We love to integrate the two–nature and play!

Leaping into Learning

We know that active play is an important part of a child’s development. Our Room 1 friends stay active in our outdoor classroom by running, leaping, climbing, jumping, and spinning! Gross motor skills are put to the test as the children leap onto a colored mat, but not before making a prediction. They shout with determination, “I’m gunna’ get red!” Then, they leap with all their might (sometimes falling short of their expectation but committed to trying again). We are building strong muscles, improving coordination, fostering cooperation, encouraging self-esteem, and learning colors…all while having a blast!