Apple Pumpkin Days

October has been filled with lots of harvest fun! We’ve explored apples and pumpkins all month long and got to celebrate harvest the last 2 days; Apple Pumpkin Day!

We incorporate fun apple pumpkin activities during small group such as exploring what breaks done pumpkin faster: Dish soap, water, or tea.

Small group and free choice activities throughout October

Apple Pumpkin days were filled with Apple explosions, pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, apple pumpkin building and apple pumpkin fingerprints!

Thursday the Children wore red!
Friday the children wore orange!

Hello, from Room 2!

Hi guys! It’s been a long while since we’ve last checked in! We hope this finds you well and enjoying the first day of February! (Can you believe it?!)🤗💘❄️

Room 2 has been busy transitioning back into the rhythm of learning and having fun! We’ve been hard at work practicing our counting, letter recognition, and have been intentional about getting our hands into some science experiments!

Room 2 had the awesome opportunity to learn about worm anatomy!🐛🐛🐛🐛🐛😱😆 It was quite the experience!! We were so excited to see our friends be excited to learn! We loved learning about how worms help to keep our earth healthy, so that things are able to grow nice and strong in the ground! They are nature’s littlest farmers! We also learned about salt and how salt affects ice! Our friends had an amazing time seeing the salt melt ice and we added some fun colors too, and tracked the salt! It was so fun!

Small groups continue to be a blast for both friends and teachers! We love getting excited about learning! We have also been working hard on our numbers and letters, using fun things like salt and buttons to practice!


We love what we do here. God is so faithful and good and his love is always present, shaping us in our heart and guiding our learning. It’s the most precious thing in the world to see God in the lives of each of our Room 2 friends. That’s the real treasure here, and we can’t believe we get to see it all happen. Wow.

One last thing, we’ve been really intentional about talking about obedience this past month and what it means for us and for God when we choose to obey. The Bible tells us in Luke 11:28 that Jesus said that those who hear the word of God and obey it are blessed. We’ve discussed obedience every day at school and have been intentional to really explain to our friends that the choice to obey God, parents, teachers, and just good and healthy authority ultimately brings us good things; God’s goodness. We encourage you to ask our friends about obedience and keep the conversation going at home. God loves when we obey, because it shows maturity and it shows that we are ready to be trusted with more of the blessings he wants to give us. So good!

We hope to be more frequent with keeping you in the loop about our happenings here in Room 2! Thanks for checking in and we’ll see you around!🤗❤️


Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team

P.S. Some extras! Enjoy!

Room 2 Check-In: Fall!🍁🍂

Hi friends! Welcome back to Room 2’s blog post! We hope this finds you well and enjoying the fall season. Here in our classroom, we’ve really been enjoying all the fun activities and learning that comes with the fall season. God is so good and he’s been so faithful in our classroom.💫< b>< b>To start off, our small groups have been going wonderfully! Our friends have really been working hard at each activity, and have already shown lots of growth in their ability to focus and stay on task. Friends have been practicing their prewriting skills and have even given letters a try!📝We are SO proud of our friends for being so willing and excited to try and to not give up, even when the writing or drawing gets hard to do. We are working together as a team to continue building up our friends’ confidence to learn and take risks! One of our fun and risky activities this past week was digging into and dissecting a pumpkin!🎃It was so fun exploring a pumpkin’s insides and feeling all of the textures! Lots of friends stepped out of their comfort zone and went for it! So fun!😊We’ve also had so much fun during our outdoor times! One of our favorite activities was playing with a giant parachute! We loved seeing so many colors in the sun and Gavin our friends jump and dance. It was so beautiful!🌈
br>< so, today was an exciting day on our campus! We had our annual California Shake-Out! Thankfully, things went smoothly as we practiced our drills to prepare us for an earthquake. Our friends did so well! We are so excited for what’s ahead in the coming weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday! We know God is present and continues to lead us with grace and love as our friends grow and learn in their classroom. It’s been such a gift to watch them take the lead and grow more confident and more able. The last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about and memorizing Psalm 91:1. It’s so important to us that our friends really internalize God’s word and understand it to the best of their ability. We know that true identity of self is found in God’s word, so we want to continue to encourage growth in our classroom in this area as well. It’s pretty amazing, and we know that equipping them in this is a tool that they will have for the rest of their lives. We encourage you at home to join us in putting this to practice with us!
📖☺️ Until next time, everyone! Blessings and we’ll see you around!❤️

In His love, 

Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team.🍎

P.S. Enjoy the extras!📷🤗

Hi Friends!🤗

Welcome back to Room 2’s blog post! It’s so great to be back and check in with you on what we’ve up to in Room 2! 

It’s been amazing to get into our rhythm as a classroom! Above is a picture of our friends at Chapel. Every Wednesday, we go up to the “big school” and join the big kids for a time of worship at Chapel. We always have an amazing time singing our hearts out to Jesus!

This week was our first week doing small groups and curriculum in our classroom, and we must say, things are off to an excellent start. Friends worked on Journals, their alphabet, and also experimented with science, as we set up an activity involving cornstarch. It was a ton of fun!😃

Our kiddos loved seeing the process of the cornstarch turning from a liquid to a solid, as well as the slimy consistency. Pretty fascinating stuff!

We’ve also been very intentional about learning some bible verses with our friends! So far, our kiddos have memorized John 10:11 and John 14:6. We encourage you to ask them about it at home and practice it together as a family. We’re really proud of our friends, and we hope you’ll help us at home by continuing to encourage them with us. Next week we will be memorizing Psalm 23:1. It’s so beautiful to learn God’s word together! 📖 ❤️

We are so happy with the way our friends are beginning to make this classroom their home away from home, and we are very thankful to have each one of them with us. They are a huge blessing to each of us and seeing them thrive is our heart’s desire this year. We are continuing to draw nearer to The Lord as we take each day, one step at a time. We know God’s heart for Room 2 is that each friend would grow and learn each day, not just academically, but in their heart, character, and identity in Him, and we are continuing to go after that everyday. 

We look forward to more adventures as we get ready for Fall! Keep checking back in with us, and we’ll see ya next week.☺️

In His Love, 

Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team 🍎

Welcome To Room 2!❤️

Hi there, friends!

We are SO excited to officially welcome the 2017-2018 PreK-2 class to Room 2!🍎😊

We are blessed beyond belief to have started our year so strong already! We’ve had a fantastic week getting acquainted with each one of our new friends, and our hearts are elated at the thought of how God will move in our classroom this year. We are so expectant to see Him do amazing things in the lives of each Room 2 friend, as they learn and grow. 

It’s a sincere privilege and honor to be back into the swing of things here. We simply wanted to take a minute to send out this quick message as a reminder that this blog is and will continue to be a fantastic way to stay connected with us each week. We will try to post weekly so that you are in-the-know of what goes on in our classroom.

We want you to know that even before school started we as a team prayed over our Room 2 friends and their families, and we will continue to do so as the year progresses. We hope to become like family along side you, as we get to both teach your children, as well as lead them closer to Christ. What we want and hope for is to be a team with you, to ensure the most successful year for our Room 2 Friends. 
Because it’s our first week, we didn’t have much of an opportunity for very many pictures, but here are just a few that we managed to capture. We’ll check back in next week!


Miss Wendy and the Room 2 Team❤️
P.S. Enjoy!☺️