´╗┐Fall is Here!

Fall is my personal favorite season, and because I’m bias, we tend to do various seasonally-based art projects during this season. We ┬álearn all about the different leaves and we investigate the process of the change of colors of the leaves. We also talk about how it gets darker earlier in the day, how it begins to get a little chillier, etc. For this seasonal project, the children painted a beautiful fall tree painting using water colors. Others painted a pile of leaves…

– Mrs Monica

Fall is Here!

In the studio, we learned all about the season of fall. We questioned why the weather changes, why it gets darker earlier, the changes of the colors in the leaves and we also talked briefly about the other 3 seasons. We then looked at all the different types of trees. And talked about how every tree has different types of leaves. Unique to each tree type God has created. They then painted their very own fall tree watercolor painting…

-Mrs. Monica

Recycled Art

We had fun creating collages using recycled various plastic pieces. Some were buttons, marker caps, colored rectangular pieces and we even used bottle caps. We talked about what “abstract art”, is and the meaning of the word. I shared with them that it’s all about color, shapes and movements across a surface. I even pointed out what a “loud” piece looks like and what a “quiet” pieces looks like. I hope you find a great place in your home to display their art. 

Mrs. Monica