Insect Inventions

Hi all!

We have been studying, exploring, experimenting, observing and documenting all things, insectely speaking. Your blessings now know everything there is to know about Praying Mantises, spiders, Honey Bees, ants, caterpillar-chrysalis-butterflies, ladybugs and metamorphosis! Whew! I’m tired thinking about all those facts! A few days ago we brainstormed wondering if God allowed us to create for a day, what new type of insect we would bring to life. We discussed color, size, shape, number of legs, feet, antenna, eyes, mouths and what they would eat. This pow-wow led us to our very own creation (cue drum roll), the amazing Goo-Goo Chomperbug!! He eats big, big, giant sandwiches and bubblegum. He sometimes lives in a huge log in a river and other time in an undisclosed location 😉. He can fly but don’t make him angry because he will turn into a giant LOL doll! Oh my!! Below are some rare up close pics (drawings actually) of Mr. Chomperbug. Check him out! Please save the date of April 26th, Open House, when you can come and see all our bug explorations and hard work up close. Come one, come all, bring a friend!