Jesus Loves Me Party

Room 2 celebrated Valentine’s Day with our Jesus Loves Me Party! We enjoyed a festive valentine fruit parfait and passed out our valentine cards. Ms. Monica stopped by for a special reading of Love by Eric Carle and passed out cross necklaces to remind us who loves us the most—JESUS!

“For God so LOVED the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Chapel – February 2021

February Chapel is always a great time to talk about love and specifically, God’s love.

For this chapel we read 1 John 4:7-13, which discusses how much God loves us and the role we play in sharing God’s love with the world.

Image result for 1 John 4:8

Our focus song was G.O.D. is L.O.V.E. based on 1 John 4:8 & 16 and we learned how to spell it out using American sign language.

We also enjoyed reading the book Because God Loves Me! Below you will find the link to Mr. Tim’s YouTube version of the story.

We concluded chapel by brainstorming how we can show love at the preschool. The most popular answers across all the classrooms were…share, give hugs, say “hi”, and give cards.

We are so grateful for the love of God and the ability to share that love with the world.

Northern Lights Watercolor Painting

The students learned all about the northern lights and even got to watch a real time lapse of the lights. Many of the students commented that it looked like water waves of color in the night sky. So inspired by the real images and colors they saw, they were excited to get painting and make these beautiful night sky’s. -Mrs. Monica, Art Teacher

Snow Days!

Hello Room 1A Families!

Here is a recap of our Snow Days! It was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time in the snow using sleds, building snowmen and making snow angels. We are so glad they were able to enjoy some snow! Please enjoy the photos below!

Room 1A Prayer Circle

Hello! We wanted to share with you one of the activities we did last week! It was a circle prayer. We were learning about the importance of praying for others. After reading the Bible story associated with the topic, we talked about a few things we could pray about. We asked them to pray for the friend next to them. I want to say, they did AMAZING! They showed so much love for their friends, family and teachers! You should all be extremely proud of them! Please enjoy the video below!

To extend our lesson on our Bible story “How to Pray” and the importance of prayer, we also read “What Happens When I Talk to God?”. To end the week, we talked to God through singing and dancing during worship time.

So much snow!

Day 2 of Snow Days was as greatly anticipated as the first! We had so much fun going down the slope. So many friends went down together and even the teachers took a turn!

Friends and teachers enjoyed the snow!
Riding along with friends!
Making snowballs!
Group photo time!
We came in and had hot chocolate and a couple marshmallows and then had fun playing in our classroom.

Thank you Pasadena Christian Preschool for snow much fun!!! 🥰⛄️☃️