Chapel – April 2021

This April’s chapel focused on the “Good News” of Christ resurrections. While Easter is a few weeks behind us, we aspire to celebrate Jesus’ love, power, and promise everyday.

We also learned the words and Mr. Tim’s hand motions to Lord I Lift Your Name On High. Below you will find a YouTube link to a fun version of the song and a preschool favorite.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: 
While we were still sinners, 
Christ died for us. 
Romans 5:8 (NIV)

We revisited the details of the Easter Story by reading from our Rhyme Bible. It was a great way to recall everything that happened on that incredible day. He is risen!

The Rhyme Bible: Toni Goffe, Linda J. Sattgast: 9780880708296:  Books

Butterfly Observation in Room 1A

A few weeks ago, Room 1 had a few tiny visitors stay for about two weeks. During the first week, we observed these tiny visitors and watched them grow! Boy, do caterpillars grow fast! From one day to another, we saw the caterpillars transform into chrysalis. After a few days passed, we noticed the chrysalis wiggling and giggling, as butterflies began to emerge from the chrysalis! Once the butterflies were ready, we released them into the wild. Such a beautiful experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the butterfly life cycle.

Mountains and Valleys

The Room 3 friends love to play in the sandbox and in the wood chips. Each has their own draw and inspires different kinds of creative play.

One of the things that the Room 3 teachers like to do is to refer to a persons bottom as a biscuit. So when the friends are asked to sit down, they are asked to sit on their biscuit. They have taken this word and applied it to their play.

In the sandbox they like to dig holes and then sit in them. Then they call it their biscuit hole. A hole for their biscuit!
The deeper they dig the more they sink!
In the wood chips we have started to build mounds that we call our mountains.

Every day we find new ways to build and create and use our imagination!

He Has Risen Room 1B

During the past few weeks revolving around Easter, the children have been learning about how Jesus died on the cross and then resurrected. How he came to wipe away our sims. And how the Holy spirit was sent to help us make good choices and guide us in showing us the way God would want us to go.

We also had our Easter egg hunt. Thank you to are our wonderful parents who made our Easter parties a success.

Our Room 1B March Madness

We had so much fun celebrating St Patrick’s Day in class. From yummy green snacks, to video story time, to an office field trip to make our hats with Ms. Joy. This week we also learned about blue prints and designed a leprechaun trap. We then built it and waited patiently to see the results of our hard work. Check it out.

Week of the Young Child

This week has been a blast! Every day has had a different theme and it has been so much fun dressing up and seeing what the friends were going to wear.

Tuesday was crazy hat and sock day. There were so many great socks and hat combinations.
We also love posing for pictures with or without our hats.
Wednesday was Pajama day. So many great p.j’s!
Thursday was summer fun and we had so many friends with cool sunglasses.
On Friday we had popsicles when we were in the yard to celebrate a birthday!
Then we went inside and ate delicious fruit. Thank you everyone for all the fruit. We had so much we couldn’t even eat all of it!
We had a pizza lunch and we sang Happy Birthday to one of our friends!

All in all it was a pretty busy week and we can’t wait to see what next week will bring!


Big Field! ( and a little more)

This week has been a quiet one but still a fun one. The big school is on Spring Break and while the cats away the mice will play! We got to go to the Big Field on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

We took our blankets and had a nice snack on the field and Ms. Sheri read us a couple of stories and then we got to run and play!

Pinkalicious is always a favorite book to read. Ms. Sheri also read Baby Beluga and The Poky Little Puppy.
Red Light, Green Light is a favorite game for the Big Field. Although sometimes we forget that red means stop.

We also just like to run and chase each other. I don’t know who is more tired at the end, the kids or the teachers.

This week we have been very focused on birthday parties. So in the sandbox we have decided that it is everyone’s birthday and we had the biggest party ever!

While this week has been so much fun, we can’t even imagine how much fun next week will be when we celebrate The Week of the Young Child. Each day will have its own exciting new theme!

Easter is Coming!

Easter Sunday is on April 4th and what better way to celebrate but with a party!! We danced,ate snack, wore bunny ears, made crafts and read from the Bible.

After we do morning meeting we pray before we head to snack!
We had festive tablecloths and fun snack and one little sweet treat!
We decorated big eggs and made crowns!
Outside we painted fake flowers and one of the teachers brought their pet bunny. Hello Pancake!
We loved wearing our bunny ears inside the classroom! Thanks Ms. Sheri!
We danced until we dropped!

We had such a fun time with the eggs and the bunnies and the chicks but we all know that the real reason we celebrate Easter is because of Jesus and his never ending love.

We are so fortunate to be able to celebrate in all the big ways and little ways too! Happy Easter to all!