Happy Birthday Jesus!

Hello Room 1A parents! Here it is – The moment we have all been waiting for, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS PERFORMANCES! They turned out GREAT! Their wonderful personalities are showcased throughout these videos! We performed Baby Jesus, We Love You and Bethel’s Little Drummer Boy! They practiced so much for these performances, you should all be extremely proud! We know we are! 🙂

There are two videos available!

This video includes our M-W-F friends.
This video includes our T-TH friends.


Stone Soup Days

Hello Room 1A families! We wanted to share these memories with you! We had two wonderful Stone Soup days! Stone Soup is all about understanding the importance of sharing and community. We strive to teach our students to be selfless and kind. It’s all about coming together as a team to accomplish our goals! They loved helping to make the soup. They shredded chicken, cut celery and carrots, watched the soup cook and, the best part, enjoyed the soup for lunch! We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them! Thank you to everyone who brought their Stone Soup items and the Tavey Family for donating the cutest Thanksgiving bowls!

Farm Days

Our kiddos got to pet ducks, sheep, goats and a HUGE horse! Our friends did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job at using gentle hands, calm voices and walking feet. Thank you to all the parents for participating with bringing our kiddos all dressed up as farmers!

We also had a sheriff in the house! 😍 We encourage all of our parents to engage in some discussion with your kids about their experience!

Here are some questions that can get you guys all started:

1. What was your favorite thing about Blondie the horse?

2. What kind of food were you feeding the animals?

3. What is something new you learned about animals today?

We hope you enjoy the pictures! Happy 3-day weekend!

POP! Popcorn Experiment!

Popcorn! Who doesn’t like popcorn!? We had a wonderful week of studying corn! We studied the different parts of the corn along with the different ways corn could be used. And of course, we had to get some kernels to make popcorn! They used their 5 senses to describe the popcorn. It’s amazing how you can incorporate all 5 sense into popcorn-making! The popping sounds, the white-ish and yellow-ish colors, the buttery smell, the soft yet bumpy texture and most importantly, the delicious taste! We were able to record most of the experience for your enjoyment and appreciation!

Round Two of Eruptions… Pumpkin Eruptions!

We Love Worship Time!

Preschool isn’t all about letters and numbers, worship is also an essential part of our curriculum! We worshipped with one of our Room 1 favorites, “Oh Hallelujah“ by Jana Alayra. We are able to incorporate music and movement while focusing on our spiritual growth. After worship, we had a moment of prayer, where our prayer helper lead us in a wonderful prayer!

The Best Apple Trees Around!

Introducing Our New Library Space

We wanted to take a moment to thank our wonderful director, Ms. Kohar for the library makeover! It is a blessing having a classroom where dreams and ideas can become a reality. Our library now has a couch, rug and even a beanbag! The best part? We are not done with remodeling just yet! Some of our kiddos enjoy starting their day in a quiet space so they come to the library to read! Plus, reading is fun!

Apple Eruption!


We experienced eruptions in class today! The art table had to be evacuated! We had active apple volcanoes using vinegar, baking soda and glitter. Can’t forget the glitter! There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing some safe chemical reactions!