POP! Popcorn Experiment!

Popcorn! Who doesn’t like popcorn!? We had a wonderful week of studying corn! We studied the different parts of the corn along with the different ways corn could be used. And of course, we had to get some kernels to make popcorn! They used their 5 senses to describe the popcorn. It’s amazing how you can incorporate all 5 sense into popcorn-making! The popping sounds, the white-ish and yellow-ish colors, the buttery smell, the soft yet bumpy texture and most importantly, the delicious taste! We were able to record most of the experience for your enjoyment and appreciation!

Round Two of Eruptions… Pumpkin Eruptions!

We Love Worship Time!

Preschool isn’t all about letters and numbers, worship is also an essential part of our curriculum! We worshipped with one of our Room 1 favorites, “Oh Hallelujah“ by Jana Alayra. We are able to incorporate music and movement while focusing on our spiritual growth. After worship, we had a moment of prayer, where our prayer helper lead us in a wonderful prayer!

The Best Apple Trees Around!

Introducing Our New Library Space

We wanted to take a moment to thank our wonderful director, Ms. Kohar for the library makeover! It is a blessing having a classroom where dreams and ideas can become a reality. Our library now has a couch, rug and even a beanbag! The best part? We are not done with remodeling just yet! Some of our kiddos enjoy starting their day in a quiet space so they come to the library to read! Plus, reading is fun!

Apple Eruption!


We experienced eruptions in class today! The art table had to be evacuated! We had active apple volcanoes using vinegar, baking soda and glitter. Can’t forget the glitter! There’s nothing more exciting than witnessing some safe chemical reactions!

Pumpkin Investigators

We put on our investigator caps and studied the mysterious pumpkin. We needed to investigate the length of the pumpkin, describe the characteristics of the pumpkin and explore what was hidden in this so called pumpkin. Let me tell you, we were amazed with the discoveries made! We used cubes to measure the length of this pumpkin. We had a wide range of predictions as to how tall the pumpkin was. Soon after we concluded that our pumpkin was 11 inches tall, which was the equivalent to 15 cubes. We used some descriptive words like: large, big, higher to reach, rounded, small stem and lines. The most exciting discovery was learning that seeds sink! Who knew! Our Pumpkin Investigation was a success!

Special Guest in Room 1A

We had a very special guest today! Most of our friends got to see a very familiar face! Mrs. Gen! Some of our friends came from Room 3. This was an exciting time for them! They were able to enjoy Mrs. Gen’s Felt Board Ghost Story once again! The friends who came from Room 3 last year immediately remembered the story and those friends who heard and saw the story for the first time, will never forget it! Thank you Mrs. Gen, you rock!

Day 1 of Happy Apple & Pumpkin Day in Room 1A!

Let’s Keep Our Bodies Clean and Healthy!

For Personal Hygiene Week, we wanted to teach our students about the importance of keeping our body clean and healthy. Our activities were based on Ben Magleby’s Sugarbug Doug: All About Cavities, Plaque, and Teeth book.

Reading the story allowed us to follow sugarbugs (bacteria) as they destroyed teeth by building houses (plaque) and creating cavities. We learned that sugarbugs love when we eat sugar and dislike when we eat fruits and vegetables. The only way to get rid of sugarbugs is when we brush and floss our teeth in the morning and night. The following day we discussed, “What is a Cavity?” and “What Can We Do to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and Clean?”.
We drew our interpretation of cavities and healthy teeth! Some of us drew teeth full of sugarbugs that were creating cavities. Others drew what they could do to have clean teeth, like brushing and eating vegetables. We did an amazing job sharing our interpretation and listening to others!

After having a discussion about dental health, we were ready to practice brushing! Each student was given a styrofoam cup that was colored in yellow watercolor. This signified a dirty tooth with plaque and it was our job to brush our teeth and clean away the yellow stains. We each received a toothbrush with toothpaste and brushed away. This was our favorite part! Afterwards, we were shown what happens when we brush and rinse with water. The cup was put under water and rinsed away the yellow on the cup. The cup (tooth) was now squeaky clean! Yay!

We also read The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist, Teach Your Dragon Good Hygiene, and Germs Are Not for Sharing. To end our week, we had a large group discussion and visual demonstration of how to wipe correctly when we go potty. The dos and don’ts of using toilet paper.

What an exciting week we had, we learned how to keep our bodies clean and healthy! Amazing work, friends!