Butterfly Observation in Room 1A

A few weeks ago, Room 1 had a few tiny visitors stay for about two weeks. During the first week, we observed these tiny visitors and watched them grow! Boy, do caterpillars grow fast! From one day to another, we saw the caterpillars transform into chrysalis. After a few days passed, we noticed the chrysalis wiggling and giggling, as butterflies began to emerge from the chrysalis! Once the butterflies were ready, we released them into the wild. Such a beautiful experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn about the butterfly life cycle.

Rocket Experiment in Room 1A

Hello wonderful Room 1A families! We wanted to share a snippet of our rocket experiment with you. 🚀 We used a simplified version of the Scientific Method for our experiment. The kiddos were able to make predictions from their observations. They created a hypothesis and we eventually put those predictions to the test. After that, they recorded their results and we were able to discuss what went right or wrong with our experiment. Our students are all so intuitive and observant. They love asking questions and love having their questions answered. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we did. We’ve attached a few videos to help showcase how excellent our little scientists are.

Before we conducted our rocket experiment, Mr. Sam recapped on the discussions they had at the beginning of the week.
Rocket experiment with our TTH friends.
Rocket experiment with our MWF friends. Room 1B also joined in on the exciting rocket experiment!

Room 1A Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Heart Waffles

Our Valentine’s Day parties were a success! Our kiddos all enjoyed the delicious treats you all contributed with. Nothing puts a smile on a kid’s face like 2 heart shaped waffles, mixed berries, syrup and powdered sugar. This Valentine’s party was not just about having some sweets and exchanging gifts. We focused on the importance of showing kindness towards others and praying for one another – lots of meaningful discussions this week. We hope you enjoy the videos and pictures that accompany this blog. Happy Valentine’s Day Room 1A!

Wednesday’s Waffle Party

Thursday’s Waffle Party

Snow Days!

Hello Room 1A Families!

Here is a recap of our Snow Days! It was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time in the snow using sleds, building snowmen and making snow angels. We are so glad they were able to enjoy some snow! Please enjoy the photos below!

Room 1A Prayer Circle

Hello! We wanted to share with you one of the activities we did last week! It was a circle prayer. We were learning about the importance of praying for others. After reading the Bible story associated with the topic, we talked about a few things we could pray about. We asked them to pray for the friend next to them. I want to say, they did AMAZING! They showed so much love for their friends, family and teachers! You should all be extremely proud of them! Please enjoy the video below!

To extend our lesson on our Bible story “How to Pray” and the importance of prayer, we also read “What Happens When I Talk to God?”. To end the week, we talked to God through singing and dancing during worship time.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Hello Room 1A parents! Here it is – The moment we have all been waiting for, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS PERFORMANCES! They turned out GREAT! Their wonderful personalities are showcased throughout these videos! We performed Baby Jesus, We Love You and Bethel’s Little Drummer Boy! They practiced so much for these performances, you should all be extremely proud! We know we are! 🙂

There are two videos available!

This video includes our M-W-F friends.
This video includes our T-TH friends.


Stone Soup Days

Hello Room 1A families! We wanted to share these memories with you! We had two wonderful Stone Soup days! Stone Soup is all about understanding the importance of sharing and community. We strive to teach our students to be selfless and kind. It’s all about coming together as a team to accomplish our goals! They loved helping to make the soup. They shredded chicken, cut celery and carrots, watched the soup cook and, the best part, enjoyed the soup for lunch! We hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them! Thank you to everyone who brought their Stone Soup items and the Tavey Family for donating the cutest Thanksgiving bowls!

Farm Days

Our kiddos got to pet ducks, sheep, goats and a HUGE horse! Our friends did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job at using gentle hands, calm voices and walking feet. Thank you to all the parents for participating with bringing our kiddos all dressed up as farmers!

We also had a sheriff in the house! 😍 We encourage all of our parents to engage in some discussion with your kids about their experience!

Here are some questions that can get you guys all started:

1. What was your favorite thing about Blondie the horse?

2. What kind of food were you feeding the animals?

3. What is something new you learned about animals today?

We hope you enjoy the pictures! Happy 3-day weekend!