Rocket Experiment in Room 1A

Hello wonderful Room 1A families! We wanted to share a snippet of our rocket experiment with you. πŸš€ We used a simplified version of the Scientific Method for our experiment. The kiddos were able to make predictions from their observations. They created a hypothesis and we eventually put those predictions to the test. After that, they recorded their results and we were able to discuss what went right or wrong with our experiment. Our students are all so intuitive and observant. They love asking questions and love having their questions answered. We hope you enjoy this post as much as we did. We’ve attached a few videos to help showcase how excellent our little scientists are.

Before we conducted our rocket experiment, Mr. Sam recapped on the discussions they had at the beginning of the week.
Rocket experiment with our TTH friends.
Rocket experiment with our MWF friends. Room 1B also joined in on the exciting rocket experiment!